What battery issues?


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Jason Harrison says:

That guy looks familiar...(scratches chin)...hmmm. :)

websyndicate says:

My iPhone 4 hasent been acting so well. To me my battery drains way too quick. :(

fastlane says:

Unless one is homeless, with no vehicle, there is no excuse for a phone to be dead. None.

kingweb says:

That is the most idiotic thing I have ever read here.

Jason Deno says:

Oh I don't know.. Most soup kitchens have places to plug in.
But I don't typically carry a home, vehicle or soup kitchen when I go rock climbing for the day. I'd prefer to call an ambulance after a fall instead of trying to throw my dead phone at a passing train.

fastlane says:

Don't climb, don't fall. Problem solved.

jbrandonf says:

You must be great at parties.

Bill Poff says:

How much time do you spend on your phone wile climbing? My car only uses gas when I'm driving it. Too bad I don't get 200 miles to the gallon. Luckily I can just shut it off and SAVE it..

kch50428 says:

A responsible outdoor person would have a solar charger to keep their devices topped off.... #justsayin :D

d2globalinc says:

Guess thats one way to have a spare battery :-)

No1hotpapi says:

I wish apple would get it right why would you put a phone out saying 8hrs of 3G surfing and not test it yet on iOS 5????

ethanwc says:

What's weird is my battery was way bad after the update...but after letting it die once, it fixed itself. Now it's back to normal! I can't handle the roller coaster emotions!!!
iPhone 4S 64 gig with 5.0.1.

Bobby says:

Posting how much space you have doesn't have anything to do with battery.

BeltBuckleBuck says:

Grow up! And leave the confines of your wife's basement!

BeltBuckleBuck says:

Grow up! And leave the confines of your wife's basement!

Hunterbarrett says:

Don't you mean "mom's basement?"

Chainmail311 says:

My most sincere apologies, Bobby. I'm just giving stats in the unlikely even that it MIGHT have something to do with it.
But in your case, I'm telling you because I'm proud I can afford the highest amount of space.... ;)

Morac says:

I let my iPad 2 drain to 0 (shut off) and charged it to 100% (a/c symbol). I unplugged it, closed the smart cover, opened the smart cover and it was at 96%. Restarted the iPad, still at 96%. Plugged it in and it jumped to 100%, unplugged it and it stayed at 100%. Seems like a percentage calculation problem as opposed to a battery problem.
My iPhone 4S reached 2 hours and 54 minutes of usage, with 2 days and 14 hours of standby time, with 38% charge remaining.

tuffy100 says:

I am having no problems with iOS5.0.1

tuffy100 says:

I am having no problems with iOS5.0.1

jerome g says:

The first "man purse, battery charging case". Beats the heck out of that Moshi crap !

lawls says:

my ip4 is doing fantastic with the update. i have yet to even hit 20% with normal usage. even a full day listening to music, using maps, in and out of wifi zones, twitter, texting and some games and i'm golden

Omari James says:

I'm using a 3GS with iOS5. Every now and then I reset the network settings and it seems to do the job. 8 hours of constant 3G web surfing would be perfect though.

marc couturier says:

i never had battery issues with my 4S, its even better than my 4 used to be

Jerry Ng says:

had my phone at 40% , offed every single application and placed on the table . Went to bed for like 8 hours . Woke up , not even a single percentage of battery left.
40% to be drained out while i am sleeping . no calls or sms was received.
iphone 4 - running on os5.01.
explain that maybe?

Gronk62 says:

Nearly every night I have my phone at 100% before I go to bed.
EVERYTHING on. Push, notifications, 3G, Bluetooth, wifi, .. Everything I can think of.
I lose at most 5% overnight.
If it turn it too airplane mode I lose at most 1%
iPhone 4 ios 5.0.1
Gotta be happy with that :)