Become a god with new iPhone and iPad version of Godus

The development team 22cans, lead by legendary game designer Peter Molyneux, have brought their PC "god game" Godus over to the iPhone and iPad today, and unlike the PC version, this one is free to play.

Molyneux is well know for his previous games such as Populus, Dungeon Keeper, Black and White and many more. Here's a quick description of what you can expect for the iOS version of Godus, where you literally control an entire civilization.

  • Use your touch to physically shape, mold and sculpt every inch of the landscape, making it unique to you.
  • Be loved and worshipped by tiny, devoted Followers. Watch them live, learn, and grow in a fully simulated world.
  • Nurture the growth of a civilization as it rises from the dawn of the primitive age and advances throughout the ages of humanity.
  • Cast miracles of both beauty and destruction: sculpt rivers and grow forests, or throw meteors and spread fires.
  • Uncover a wealth of mysteries and surprises waiting to be found above and below the landscape.
  • Guide your Followers as they embark on regular voyages to new and uncharted lands that hold great rewards.

Godus is free to play, but you know what that means — $4.99 for 100 gems and $9.99 for 240 gems by way of in-app purchase (IAP).

Will you be playing Godus and will you use your god powers for good or evil?

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Become a god with new iPhone and iPad version of Godus


Yes, freemium is becoming standard, but people don't seem to want to buy an app though they will spend hundreds in-app.

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I absolutely refuse to install iap apps. I'd pay $20 for an app if it doesn't have iap. It's annoying and fiscally irresponsible.

free-to-play just means "trick-you-to-pay" game design is ruined by free-to-play. the only goal of the game designer is to get you to need more in-app, crap. I like to call it iCrap. Only when a game is designed to entertain does it work out for the player. Nobody has fun with candy crush in that it is no more fun than being hooked on cocaine. Well, cocaine is probably more fun than candy crush.

Been looking forward to seeing this since the end of that Curiosity cube bashing thing. Looks interesting, might fire it up this weekend!

It's horribly flawed, I could give you a hundred reasons, I don't have the time, peter and 22 will hopefully slink away.

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