Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: 1Password, Dashlane, mSecure, and more!

Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad

The best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad to help you create strong passwords, keep them secure, and use them when you need them!

On the hunt for the best iPhone apps and best iPad apps to help you create, store, and manage all your passwords and logins? Passwords are what keep our stuff safe, from our iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads, and Macs, to the iCloud, Google, Dropbox, Facebook, and Twitter accounts we use on them. Long, strong, unique passwords are absolutely necessary these days to protect ourselves from data theft. However, they're impossible for the human mind to remember. That's why we need password managers. With a password manager you can generate, save, and fill long, strong, unique password for every site and service you use.

You can also use them to fill "security question" fields with additional strong, unique passwords so your security isn't compromised by easy-to-guess answers, and even generate email addresses that aren't easily guessable.

And coming soon, with iOS 8 and the Touch ID API, you'll even be able to enter them with the press of a finger.


Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: 1password

1Password by AgileBits, in addition to tracking and maintaining passwords, lets you easily create new, strong, and unique passwords whenever you need them. 1Password can also store all your wallet items such as credit card numbers, license info, and more. I haven't remembered a password in years simply because 1Password does everything for me. With extensions for every major desktop browser on Mac and Windows, a built-in browser on iOS, and a simple Android app, auto-filling passwords and information can be done with a simple unlock and a few taps. 1Password can also sync with iCloud for iOS-only, or with Dropbox for cross-platform. 1Password for iOS is now a universal app for iPhone and iPad, so one purchase gets you both versions.

If you're looking for an all-in-one password management solution with amazing cross-platfrom support, look no further than 1Password.

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Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: PasswordBox

PasswordBox can store web logins, credit card numbers, secure notes, and also has the ability to generate strong passwords when you need to. Once you create a login for PasswordBox, all your passwords will be kept in sync across any device you may log into. PasswordBox includes a built-in browser that makes logging in to sites quick and easy with one-tap access. Once you've tapped on a tile for the site you'd like to go to you get routed there and PasswordBox will auto-fill your credentials immediately. You can store 25 passwords for free with PasswordBox before having to upgrade and pay for premium.

If you need to store less than 25 logins and identities, PasswordBox is an awesome choice on both iPhone and iPad that will cost you nothing.


Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: Dashlane

Dashlane is an all-in-one password manager and generator with the ability to store web logins, credit cards, profiles, and much more. One of the features I really like about Dashlane is that it tells you in human terms how safe your passwords are. If you store a login that has an official iOS app, Dashlane can launch it and log you in automatically, which is something many other password manager apps can't do. Not only is Dashlane feature packed and easy to use, it's one of the best designed password manager apps available, on both iOS and Mac. When signing up for Dashlane, you get 30 days premium free, after you'll have to pick a subscription plan to continue using the service. One year of Dashlane currently costs $29.

If aesthetics matter to you along with Mac support, give Dashlane a try.


Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: mSecure

mSecure is also an all-in-one password manager app that also allows you to generate new passwords. Part of what I like about mSecure is the customizable interface. With almost 300 icons to represent your different kinds of accounts and logins, it makes it a little easier to pick stuff out in a long list. You can also take a quick photo of something you need to enter later but don't have time to now. mSecure also supports iCloud and Dropbox sync to sync your passwords to other versions of mSecure, whether it be Android, Mac, Windows, or something else.

For a customizable and flexible password management experience, mSecure is worth a look on both iPhone and iPad.

LoginBox Pro

Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: LoginBox Pro

LoginBox Pro is the premium version of LoginBox minus the ads and with an unlimited amount of stored logins. LoginBox works by recording passwords when you use the in-app browser. Once you've typed in your password and logged in, just stop recording and LoginBox Pro will remember for the next time you tap that login. You can also store airline miles cards, loyalty cards, identities, and more.

If most log in to most sites through the browser and don't need help generating strong passwords, LoginBox Pro is a convenient option that's available for both iPhone and iPad.

Your picks for best iPhone and iPad password manager apps?

If you use a password manager to store your passwords, what do you use and why? More importantly, how do you integrate it into your daily workflow? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Note: Originally published, July 2013. Updated, September 2014.

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Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad


As a former Android/open-source fan, Keepass always fit my password needs. When I switched to iOS, the Keepass-compatible apps just don't have the iOS polish. I moved on to LastPass for a few months but found all I wanted later with 1Password, despite the price tags. Now trying out 1Password's Mac Beta and it's fantastic. The only feature lacking is an export format that can import in anticipation for Maverick/iOS7's improved password magement, which I hope retires my 1Password needs.

I'm a 1Password user. The feature I enjoy the most is the web plugins. Makes filling in login information a snap as well as payment info, personal contact info, etc. It is also very functional on both the iPad and iPhone and syncs through Dropbox so I have my passwords everywhere I go. I was a little disappointed when they moved away from simple unlocks on iOS devices (used to be a 4-digit code, similar to unlocking your phone) to full passwords but it's more secure this way and the reverts to the 4-digit code (at least on iPhone) for short periods of time after the service is unlocked using the full password.

I use LastPass, Allyson have you done any security audits or know of any to assure that the programs listed here actually store our passwords securely?

I am also a LastPass user on the recommendations of Leo Laporte & Steve Gibson. Apparently Steve who is a Security Expert did extensive testing on this service and has vetted its security. Interesting that it was not mentioned in this article

mSecure here. on my Macs and iDevices. Love it. I see it mentioned in the beginning of the article, but no review?

mSecure. Easy to use and customize for one's need. I use mSecure on my iOS devices and on my iMac. It is the best app I've used in this genre.

OneSafe for me, these guys have been using iCloud the longest & know what they are doing to keep your data secure...

I read their FAQ about their encryption. Scary stuff. These guys do not have a clue what they are doing or talking about. I would stay far from this if my passwords mattered to me!

I've used SplashID by Splash Data since my first iPhone (3G, circa 2008.)
There are iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions. All work and sync beautifully.

Been using eWallet for years. Started with Pocket PC -> BlackBerry -> iPhone5.
Works great keeping MacBook Pro, iPad2 and iPhone5 in sync. Use it almost every day.

Same here. Used the Palm OS version for years; with a couple clicks moved it all over to +Passwords for iOS (Windows). Syncs to the iPhone automatically thru it's own cloud. Simple but works well. From the Docs To Go people

Update: Not exactly a password manager, but DocWallet securely saves and syncs files between devices. It uses end-to-end encryption. We'll see what the next Apple Cloud service will bring; it may be comparable.

pwSafe is a great alternative for those on a limited budget. Great features without the high prices of the apps in the article. It's based on an open source SourceForge project which has a Mac version that is free to download.

Msecure for me. Have it on all my platforms. Windows, osx, ios. Keep it all in sync through dropbox. Simple and convenient.

You have msecure in the Headline, but you cant even do a few words on it. Whats the go with that ??
Anyways, i am a big user of 1Password and have used it for years. They know they havn't been Sherlocked by Apple and they are big on getting the word of security out there. They where even quoted in saying that they are very happy that Apple are finally doing something about security.
With there 1Password 4 coming out soon (beta tester as well) they are just miles ahead of the competition, and Apple wont come close to them, in what iCloud Keychain will do. If you really need top of the line security, they are going to 256-bit key encryption, so with a Brute Force attack on a 8 places for numbers and letters and everything else it would take 111yrs to crack.
Ill be staying with them :)

Important note about 1password iCloud sync, it only works in the same wifi network - in other words useless. But Dropbox works fine :)

1Password! Hands down - the very best. Cross-platform. Reliable! Extremely well protected! Also, the upcoming version, 1Password 4, which every 1Password 3 user will receive a free upgrade to, by the way, should be awesome!

Would like to see a review on mSecure, been using this a lot on all my devices. Works for me and the price is right. So if you mention this, do a review... ;)

I've been using PasswordWallet for years (decades?)... I think back since my Palm days. It's highly cross-platform, and on the desktop pops up a floating window so you can auto-fill just about anywhere (no need for browser plugins). On iOS, the built-in browser can be used with buttons to do the fills, or it can copy to clipboard for use with other apps. It also syncs across platforms.

The only downside (IMO) is that the UI isn't the prettiest anymore... it needs a bit of a modern make-over. But, that doesn't affect the functionality.

I've used SplashID on my Palm, Windows phone, Blackberry and now iPhone and iPad. Syncs wirelessly with my desktop and has been stable and dependable.

I've tried more than I wanted to but I always went back to 1Password. It has/does everything you need.

I used to use 1Password, but they tended to stop supporting older browser versions or older MacOS versions, and I ran into a situation where there was no browser that would work with both my computer and with 1Password.

I use Ascendo DataVault, because ENCRYPTION is sort of important.

Also it has a nice UI & backs up to iCloud.

MSecure users here. Why doesn't this article discuss the importance of implementation of encryption to protect stored data in password keepers? Or how easy or hard is it to break in to these password keepers once the initial lock screen is broken???

I use Kypass for iOS which uses the same database that the open source software KeePass Password Safe does. The password file is on my Google Drive. Syncing is never an issue. I can update either on the laptop or on my mobile and all the changes are available instantly everywhere. And since it is a "file" based system, I can use my password database with any .kdbx extension supported app/software.

I've been struggling with Keeper for a while. Keeper recently it blew away all my stored passwords after an upgrade and because I didn't want to pay the exorbitant annual subscription fees I lost my database and finally gave up. Now to stop Keeper spamming me...
So I've been looking for something simple with a once off payment.
$20+ a year for cloud storage and sync? Really?
KeePass2 on the PC and Kypass on mine and my wife's iPhones sync perfectly through dropbox.
Is extremely simple, effective and cheap!
Tick, tick, tick!
Thanks for the heads up, ashwindaga1.

I should add KeePass was the only app I found that easily and perfectly imported my existing Password Agent database too, for which there are some uncanny similarities.
Goodbye Password Agent.

I use The Vault - Secure Document and Data Storage By BestApps. Info/data stored on device rather than on server. Really like that any document or picture can be stored. Also syncs to iCloud. Very secure and developer very responsive.

Been using SecureSafe for a couple years now. Similar features to what is mentioned above except I don't think it creates strong passwords for you which sounds like a nice feature.

Have been using Strip password Manager and Datavult by Zetetic LLC. Rated the best in security by Blackhat Europe. Simple, syncs with Dropbox, Google Drive, or Wi-fi. Has a Windows desktop version so you can sync passwords with computer and IOS or Android devices. Outstanding and fast technical support, and they are open to requests.

people do not be naive, do not use a FREE app to store private data and read the agreements with companies like apple and 1password who share data with law enforcement and other goverment agencies like NSA who snowden exposed for perverting privacy, the head of NSA's cyber security worked with apple for over 7 years now google it up , Snowden says Google, Facebook, Apple gave direct acces to NSA DIRECT

So what password manager would you advise to use? I just need a safe and secure manager to hold my account and its passwords..I don't need it to sign me in or anything like that..Just need one to keep up with my logins and passwords. Something as simple and secure like Password keeper from blackberry

As Fat Lip says, any cloud based solution is potentially a way for the big brother (or any other nefarious agencies) to get access to your encrypted data file (even if it is encrypted, couldn't it be decrypted with brute force and infinite computer power?) Best option then is to not use any cloud based solution and instead use the apps that allow you to sync directly amongst your devices in the same home wifi network.

I am currently using SplashId to perform 'across the devices' sync over wifi connectivity. I haven't turned on the cloud backup/sync option on SplashId which is a separate recurring charge feature. Although not that great interface compared to the other apps out there, it gets the job done. And my encrypted password file is stored locally on all my devices and computers and not in the cloud.

Security and convenience are always at the odds with each other - you should pick the best possible mix that suits you. :)

I usually use passwordCaptain ( It allows you to store all the passwords with just one password (like some here do), but what I find the most intriguing is all the templates. It seems to not just be for passwords, but also legal documents, etc...which I guess makes it a little more than a password manager? Some of these are great from how they read, however.

I love 1Pass. Mac and iOS. I wish they'd have a browser option so you can log in to your vault online, and get a text to your phone with a code to let you in after you put your master pw in.

I used to use Keeper. I've been using 1Password for a couple months and I really like.

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I have been using eWallet for a couple of years and am very satisfied. It has 256 bit AES encryption and syncs with the Mac and PC as well as Idevices.

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It always surprises me when I read reviews of password managers that Roboform is often left off the list. I've used Roboform for years and it's always been great. It works great on windows and mac. It will generate passwords, fill in credit card and address info, etc. I'll stick with Roboform until some other password manager blows me away.

I use Lastpass when I switch back to iOS in the fall I will also use iCloud Keychain... Unless with iOS 8 LastPass can make their iOS app auto fill things like it can on Android.

Posted via iMore App

I am a LastPass premium user, and find their desktop software indispensable. Their iOS app lags behind but it is still functional. I had used Keepass for the longest time, but needed something that offered browser plugins, so enter LastPass. The fact that Steve Gibson gave it his seal of approval confirmed that I made the right choice.

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Been using 1Password for a few months now and I have to say it's really the best password manager I have tried in the AppStore.

Have been using 1password for few months. No subscription required which I like.
Take my money at once and then don't bother me time and again.

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iPassSafe user, let´s me safe all my password including pictures, in 1Password I can´t save pictures, so it´s a no go for me...

Why does eWallet from Ilium never make these lists? There is no subscription fee, and has client software for iOS, Android, WinPhone, classic BlackBerry, Windows and MacOS. Purchase price is low and Even though I bought it several years and versions ago, I don't think I ever had to pay for an upgrade.

Syncing between devices is done over your home WiFi through the desktop or through Dropbox.

Like the other items in this list, it keeps paaswords and logins, credit card and banking info, lhone numbers, etc in an encrypted database. It has a password generator.

Would it be more secure to write all your passwords on the back of your device in permanent marker? This way you know that only one person can access your passwords at a time.

They are quite secure. For a login that isn't critical to you, using a password generated by Safari and saving with iCloud Keychain is perfectly fine.

For accounts which are more important to you (e.g. those linked with payment systems, or those critical to your everyday workflow), then I'd recommend using a third party product to randomly generate a much stronger and longer password. There are plenty of great password generator apps on the iOS App Store, and also plenty of web services which will encrypt a password and send it to your browser. Although I'd be careful with these - make sure you're using a trusted service, and not generating passwords from a shady site.

Personally, this is the system I use. I use long, pseudo-random passwords generated by a third party, but save them in iCloud Keychain for convenience.

Hope this helps :)

I use Safe in Cloud and I'm really satisfied with it. It has memorable passwords and Cloud sync using Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. It also alerts you with crack time of your potentially weak passwords...

I just remember the passwords. If I do forget it is not a problem though, as all the services I currently use have support in place to cover that unlikely event.

LastPass, FTW! Why is it not mentioned here? I know more users of LastPass than any of the other products you mentioned.

iCloud Keychain works just fine for me, and has for nearly a year! And of course, I also enable 2-step auth whenever I can.

I lock my iPhone 5s and MacBook Pro with a super strong alpha-numeric password and let that act as my "master password" for iCloud Keychain, and it's a password which has never appeared on the internet (well, linked to any of my accounts), so I'd say it's fairly secure.

I understand the significance and importance of a password manager, hence why I use iCloud Keychain, but I just can't justify $80+ (in Australia dollars) for 1Password when iCloud Keychain works fine for me as is.

I use STRIP (by zetetic) - it offers AES-256 encryption using the open source SQLCipher - probably one of the best and brute-force attack-resistant password managers available for iOS, Mac OSX as well as Android & Windows.

Anybody trie Enpass? It's cross platform, looks secure, the price point is good and does the job to me. Looked on the website, and the security looks OK to me, but I'm no security expert.

Does anyone on here know where I can download that wallpaper? Grey and orange? I'm a 1password user it is a awesome app! Well worth the $10 I don't think there is a nicer password app on the market. I need to try some others to see how they are as well. I'm sure they are nice too. I just personally prefer 1password.

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The fact that Lastpass is not even mentioned, especially now that it has an extension for Mobile Safari, completely invalidates this list and makes me skeptical about all current and future list by this writer and possibly the site itself. Very disappointing.

What about "Intuitive Password" online password manager? It's completely web-based, and it works on all devices without installation required.

Remember pen and paper? The safest way to keep your passwords is to write them down on real paper and store that away in a safe or other trusted location. I lost 64 passwords with 1Password. It simply didn't sync with iCloud. AgileBits was of no help. I was told by AgileBits not to trust iCloud for syncing passwords. Fortunately, I had 44 of my most important passwords in an email folder. What upsets me most, is all the work and time it took to enter 64 passwords in 1Password. I honestly thought that after restoring my iPhone as new, I could just log in to 1Password and see the passwords, like you can see photos when you log in to Dropbox. All those password apps don't work that way. And syncing with iCloud did not work. I paid $9.99 for an app that is useless for me. Lesson learned!

I like aMemoryJog. It has features of the password managers listed here but it also has a self-destruct feature. If your iPhone or iPad is lost or stolen, you can log into their website and set it for self-destruct. If the thief tries to log into aMemoryJog, it automatically deletes all of the data from the iPhone or iPad. You can restore it from the cloud once your buy a new phone or recover your old one.

If you are looking for a password manager that works on all devices without installation, try "Intuitive Password". It's a great web-based password manager ever!