Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: 1Password, Dashlane, mSecure, and more!

The best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad to help you create strong passwords, keep them secure, and use them when you need them!

On the hunt for the best iPhone apps and best iPad apps to help you create, store, and manage all your passwords and logins? Passwords are what keep our stuff safe, from our iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads, and Macs, to the iCloud, Google, Dropbox, Facebook, and Twitter accounts we use on them. Long, strong, unique passwords are absolutely necessary these days to protect ourselves from data theft. However, they're impossible for the human mind to remember. That's why we need password managers. With a password manager you can generate, save, and fill long, strong, unique password for every site and service you use.

You can also use them to fill "security question" fields with additional strong, unique passwords so your security isn't compromised by easy-to-guess answers, and even generate email addresses that aren't easily guessable.

And coming soon, with iOS 8 and the Touch ID API, you'll even be able to enter them with the press of a finger.


Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: 1password

1Password by AgileBits, in addition to tracking and maintaining passwords, lets you easily create new, strong, and unique passwords whenever you need them. 1Password can also store all your wallet items such as credit card numbers, license info, and more. I haven't remembered a password in years simply because 1Password does everything for me. With extensions for every major desktop browser on Mac and Windows, a built-in browser on iOS, and a simple Android app, auto-filling passwords and information can be done with a simple unlock and a few taps. 1Password can also sync with iCloud for iOS-only, or with Dropbox for cross-platform. 1Password for iOS is now a universal app for iPhone and iPad, so one purchase gets you both versions.

If you're looking for an all-in-one password management solution with amazing cross-platfrom support, look no further than 1Password.

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Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: PasswordBox

PasswordBox can store web logins, credit card numbers, secure notes, and also has the ability to generate strong passwords when you need to. Once you create a login for PasswordBox, all your passwords will be kept in sync across any device you may log into. PasswordBox includes a built-in browser that makes logging in to sites quick and easy with one-tap access. Once you've tapped on a tile for the site you'd like to go to you get routed there and PasswordBox will auto-fill your credentials immediately. You can store 25 passwords for free with PasswordBox before having to upgrade and pay for premium.

If you need to store less than 25 logins and identities, PasswordBox is an awesome choice on both iPhone and iPad that will cost you nothing.


Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: Dashlane

Dashlane is an all-in-one password manager and generator with the ability to store web logins, credit cards, profiles, and much more. One of the features I really like about Dashlane is that it tells you in human terms how safe your passwords are. If you store a login that has an official iOS app, Dashlane can launch it and log you in automatically, which is something many other password manager apps can't do. Not only is Dashlane feature packed and easy to use, it's one of the best designed password manager apps available, on both iOS and Mac. When signing up for Dashlane, you get 30 days premium free, after you'll have to pick a subscription plan to continue using the service. One year of Dashlane currently costs $29.

If aesthetics matter to you along with Mac support, give Dashlane a try.


Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: mSecure

mSecure is also an all-in-one password manager app that also allows you to generate new passwords. Part of what I like about mSecure is the customizable interface. With almost 300 icons to represent your different kinds of accounts and logins, it makes it a little easier to pick stuff out in a long list. You can also take a quick photo of something you need to enter later but don't have time to now. mSecure also supports iCloud and Dropbox sync to sync your passwords to other versions of mSecure, whether it be Android, Mac, Windows, or something else.

For a customizable and flexible password management experience, mSecure is worth a look on both iPhone and iPad.

LoginBox Pro

Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad: LoginBox Pro

LoginBox Pro is the premium version of LoginBox minus the ads and with an unlimited amount of stored logins. LoginBox works by recording passwords when you use the in-app browser. Once you've typed in your password and logged in, just stop recording and LoginBox Pro will remember for the next time you tap that login. You can also store airline miles cards, loyalty cards, identities, and more.

If most log in to most sites through the browser and don't need help generating strong passwords, LoginBox Pro is a convenient option that's available for both iPhone and iPad.

Your picks for best iPhone and iPad password manager apps?

If you use a password manager to store your passwords, what do you use and why? More importantly, how do you integrate it into your daily workflow? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Note: Originally published, July 2013. Updated, September 2014.