Best password manager apps for iPhone

Password managers keep all our identities, logins, and credit card information secure.

Strong, unique passwords are necessary nowadays to keep our stuff safe, but humans tend to rebel against having a different password for each account. Password manager apps for iPhone can save your sanity by generating and keeping track of all your passwords in one easy-to-access place. You can also use password managers to store other important data such as secret question answers, credit card numbers, and addresses. If you're ready to ditch your one-site-fits-all easy-to-guess password and take your personal security to the next level, these are the best iPhone apps to help you do just that!

1. 1Password

Best password manager apps for iPhone: 1Password

Great interface, no upfront cost

1Password uses AES 256-bit encryption and offers the ability to store logins, generate strong passwords, and sync with Dropbox or iCloud at no cost. Other features include two-factor authentication, Touch ID support, and a beautiful interface. The premium version of 1Password costs an additional $10 and adds more login types, including passports and ID cards. You'll also get features like multiple and shared support for password vaults, the ability to organize by tags, and more.

2. oneSafe

Best password manager apps for iPhone: OneSafe

For balance between features and ease of use

oneSafe offers a ton of powerful features wrapped up in a beautifully-designed package. After purchasing the app, you get support for several login types, multiple ways to back up your data, the option to add favorites, secured sharing, and lots more. You can choose to sync between devices and platforms with Dropbox or iCloud (using AES 256 standards of course). Even though oneSafe is incredibly powerful, it remains incredibly user-friendly, which is one of its best features.

3. LastPass

Best password manager apps for iPhone: LastPass

For enterprise support

LastPass offers tons of flexibility for accessing and managing your passwords on your iPhone, on the web, and across multiple platforms. Whatever you need, LastPass offers it. It boasts a lot of the same features as many other password managers, but what sets it apart is enterprise support. If you need great options for password sharing in an organization, it's worth the subscription fee.

4. SplashID

Best password manager apps for iPhone: SplashID

For flexible, secure syncing options

SplashID offers one of the most secure experiences when it comes to password managers due to its extensive syncing options. Don't want your passwords stored in a cloud network or storage service? Use local Wi-Fi sync to keep your passwords in sync using your home Wi-Fi network — and no one else's. SplashID includes tons of great features including AES-256 encryption; many ways to store, generate, and fill passwords; Touch ID login support; customizable login types; and lots more.

5. Dashlane

Best password manager apps for iPhone: Dashlane

A digital wallet at no cost

Dashlane is an easy to use and well-designed password manager: You can store and generate as many passwords as you'd like, all for the low price of free. Dashlane also lets you add wallet items at no cost, either, something a lot of other password managers don't offer. If you'd like the option to sync, back up, and access all your passwords on the web, however, you'll need to pick a Dashlane subscription.

6. RoboForm

Best password manager apps for iPhone: RoboForm

Form filling at its best

If the main reason you need a password manager is for filling out web forms, look no further than RoboForm. While many other password managers can fill out forms for you, RoboForm focuses on making it easy and smart; you can also save passwords and generate new ones from within the app. If you want to sync passwords across devices, you can subscribe to RoboForm Everywhere to add encrypted syncing.

7. mSecure

Best password manager apps for iPhone: mSecure

Customizable password management

mSecure offers tons of features for a small one-time fee. Store passwords, generate new ones, create custom login types, and much more. You can even customize little things like login icons, and sync with iCloud or Dropbox. It is worth noting, however, that mSecure uses 256-bit Blowfish encryption instead of AES 256-bit. It is a faster method, but one that some security experts consider to be slightly less secure.

8. LoginBox Pro

Best password manager apps for iPhone: LoginBox Pro

Secure notes and passwords, one low price

LoginBox Pro isn't as advanced as some of the other guys, but it's dead-simple to use and has a great built-in browser that auto-fills everything for you; the app can also store secure notes of any kind. LoginBox also uses AES encryption and allows you to sync passwords and notes across all your devices. For simplicity with a decent price tag, LoginBox has you covered. There's even a free version of LoginBox that's ad-supported, so that you can make sure it suits your needs before committing to a purchase.

9. Your picks?

Everyone's password and digital wallet needs are different: If you use a password manager to help you keep everything straight, let me know in the comments which one you chose and why!