Casting calls going out for Facebook for iPad commercial

Facebook casting for iPad app commercial?

If this casting notice is accurate, Facebook is looking to throw some marketing muscle behind their upcoming Facebook for iPad app.

Lily . Lead. Female / 25 to 40 / All Ethnicities. Lead actor in a web commercial showing the benefits of a Facebook app by using an iPad. The character is stylish, moderately tech savvy, and sociable.

Quite the turnaround from Mark Zuckerberg saying iPad just wasn't mobile enough to warrant it's own app, isn't it?

[Thanks Ashley!]

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Reader comments

Casting calls going out for Facebook for iPad commercial


I've been using the iPad app for Facebook for weeks, looks pretty complete and still not sure why it hasnt been released yet

When Zuckerberg blew off the question, I'm pretty sure it's because he didn't feel it was a good question for a mobile event.
But he never actually said they weren't making one.

This is fake. I've been to apple auditions and one thing they do is code name the project. Another thing is the project doesn't even pay sag scale, which means theres no way it's a national commercial. Unless they plan on using this for Internet only, fake fake fak.