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How to set up and start using Photos on your Mac

Learn how to set up and start using Photos on your Mac like a pro!

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How to use Markup in the Photos app on Mac

The Markup editor from OS Sierra let’s you get maximum creative with your photography masterpieces!

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iPhone 7 Portrait Mode review: Magic in its imperfections

iOS 10's Portrait mode, Apple’s DSLR-inspired depth of field option for the iPhone 7 Plus telephoto camera, isn’t perfect. But that's what makes it special.

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How to use Memories in Photos for Mac

How do you rediscover all the amazing moments lost inside your library? With the Memories feature in Photos for Mac!

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Best Cases for Shooting Underwater iPhone Photography

How do you take amazing underwater photographs with your iPhone? With an amazing waterproof case, for starters!

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Photos App: The Ultimate Guide

How do you use the Photos app on iPhone and iPad to managed, edit, and share all your pictures and videos? Like this!

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Put some magic on your home screen with these Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter wallpapers

Old wallpapers are not magical, they are sad. Get a shiny, new magical wallpaper. Give our digital wand a wizarding wallpaper it deserves!

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See the world through Snapchat: Introducing Snapchat Spectacles!

Snapchat addicts rejoice! Introducing the latest (and potentially the coolest) Snapchat innovation to date!

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How to use the iPhone 7 Plus camera: The ultimate guide

The iPhone 7 Plus has two lenses: wide-angle and telephoto. Here’s how to use them to zoom, shoot in Portrait mode, and more!

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Here's how people are using the iPhone 7 Plus's Portrait mode in real life

Apple’s Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus isn’t perfect — but that doesn’t mean it’s not already helping people take great photographs. Check out some of our favorite submissions below!

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