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How to record video, slow-mo, and time-lapse with your iPhone or iPad

The Camera app can take video — up to 4K or 60fps! — but it can also take slow motion, time lapse, and more!

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How to organize photos and videos into albums on your iPhone or iPad

Get your photos and videos organized into albums, so that you're not constantly searching through your entire library!

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How to crop, filter, and adjust Live Photos in Photos for iPhone and iPad in iOS 10

You can adjust your Live Photos exactly how you want them in iOS 10. Here's how!

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How to use Memories in Photos for iOS 10

Relive your memories with, well, Memories (one of the newest feature from iOS 10)!

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How to use the Markup editor on photos in iOS 10

Learn how to doodle, call out, and add text to any photo masterpiece while running iOS 10 – you'll never have to download another basic photo editing app ever again!

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Spruce up your phone with Olympics-themed wallpaper

The Olympics are here... Hoo-ray! Rah rah rah. Cheer your nation to victory in Rio and show your pride with an Olympic wallpaper.

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Olloclip Studio case review: Turn your iPhone into a serious photography rig

The Olloclip Studio case provides a flexible, extensible system for turning your iPhone into the ultimate video streaming machine.

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Best lenses and lens kits for shooting video on your iPhone

What are the best lenses for shooting iPhone videos?

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Best photo effects apps to make your Instagram ... stranger!

Skip the filters and the annoying tweaking and take your Instagram photos to creative new heights!

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We can't wait to show you our Suicide Squad wallpapers!

It's taken us some time but we finally have them. The worst of the worst.

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