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Best external flashes and LEDs for iPhone 2022

Anker Iphone Flash
Anker Iphone Flash (Image credit: Anker)

The iPhone has one of the best cameras in the industry, and the built-in flash is good enough for most things, but it doesn't cast a wide light, and it isn't adjustable. When you need a little more creative freedom, you want one of today's best external flashes and LEDs. These lights work universally with everything from the newest iPhone 13 Pro Max to older model phones.

Go flash someone

iPhone's onboard flash is pretty good, but sometimes you need a little more oomph, and that's why I recommend and use external flashes and LEDs. My favorite model is Anker iPhone LED flash. It has a long battery life, syncs with the flash settings on your iPhone, and recharges quickly.

When you want continuous light, the Lume Cube Bicolor Panel is the one I travel with. The battery holds out 14 hours and the LEDs are temperature and brightness controllable with a switch on the side of the panel.

And if you'd prefer not to carry extra equipment, grab the LuMee Halo by Case-Mate. It has front and back-facing LED lights, and it's also a sturdy phone case.

Jodi Owan works behind a keyboard and a camera. She's a freelance writer for iMore, Android Central, and Windows Central.