Best external flashes and LEDs for iPhone iMore 2022

The iPhone has one of the best cameras in the industry, and the built-in flash is good enough for most things, but it doesn't cast a wide light, and it isn't adjustable. When you need a little more creative freedom, you want one of today's best external flashes and LEDs. These lights work universally with everything from the newest iPhone 13 Pro Max to older model phones.

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Best flash: Anker iPhone LED flash - External flash

Staff Pick

If you want a proper flash, add this tiny MFi certified LED light cube to your cart now. The Anker is up to four times brighter and has twice the range of the iPhone's built-in flash, and it can sync up and fire when you hit the shutter on your phone. There are two light modes: flash mode and continuous light. The Anker works with all iPhones, the battery lasts more than 10,000 shots, and it recharges in just 75 minutes.


Best value: QIAYA selfie light ring

This year, we named the QIAYA one of the best ring lights for selfies. It's a clip-on LED with 36 lamp beads, and it's controlled by a touch-sensitive switch. This little ring light recharges with a USB cable and puts you in a proper glow day or night.

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Pro lighting: Profoto 901380 C1 Plus smartphone studio light

The Profoto mobile light syncs over Bluetooth with your iPhone's shutter. Twenty LEDs in the C1 Plus mimic natural light, giving you perfect exposure with every snap. The C1 senses your environment, adjusts automatically, and fires with your iPhone when you click the shutter. There's nothing simpler.

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Best panel light: Lume Cube Bicolor Panel

I've used this Lume Cube panel for more than a year with a mirrorless camera and, most recently, my iPhone 13. The battery lasts a full 14 hours and recharges in less than two hours. You select the light temperature and brightness, then direct the light to your subject matter. Easy peasy.

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For iPhone 12 users: LuMee Halo by Case-Mate

If your daily driver is an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, you're going to love the LuMee Halo. It's a durable case with halo lights on the back for forward-facing pictures and illuminated edges on the front for selfies. There's even a dimmer switch, so you can go for the muted look or use a full-on floodlight.

$70 at Amazon
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Our favorite ring light: UBeesize 10" selfie ring light

If you need to illuminate your subject with a steady stream of light, this 10-inch selfie ring and tripod kit from UBeesize is fantastic. It has a Bluetooth remote, allowing you to control the light's intensity from a distance, and a tripod that's extendable to 50-inches. If you do live streams or YouTube videos, this is your best option.

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Best waterproof light: Joby Beamo - External LED

The Joby Beamo is a waterproof mini LED small enough to tuck in your pocket, yet it gives off enough light to film or snap photos in the dark. With five brightness levels and 1500 lumens, you can create anywhere with this portable powerhouse. Even cooler, the Beamo is magnetic. Stick it on a mount of your choosing, on the ground, or to anything metal. The Beamo is waterproof down to 100 feet.

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Best kit: Lume Cube 2.0 portable lighting kit

The six-piece portable lighting kit from Lume Cube comes with one waterproof 5600K LED cube, one mod frame, a warming gel, a softening diffuser, and a mount. The light is waterproof up to 30 feet and brightness-adjustable, allowing you to work with everything from an intense beam of light to a subtle glow. The Lume Cube 2.0 works with iPhone, drones, and today's best digital cameras.

$90 at Amazon
Ivisii G2 Render Cropped

Steady your shot: IVISII G2 pocket RGB camera light

The IVISII G2 is a pocket LED light, tripod, and selfie stick in one. The steady lighting works as a fill light and is hue adjustable, so it's perfect for mood lighting or getting more accurate colors out of your photos. The G2 has a rechargeable battery that lasts for three hours.

$70 at Amazon
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Look at these accessories: Movo smartphone vloggig kit V7

This vlogging kit from Movo made our list of the best video rigs for iPhone this year. This full setup comes with a grip rig, stereo microphone, LED light, and a wireless remote. If you shoot video with your iPhone and need all the bells and whistles, scoop this deal up now.

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A simple fill light: Itech universal clip-on mini LED

The pocketable clip-on LED from Itech clamps over the top of your iPhone and serves as a steady-stream fill light. Clip it to the front of your phone for selfies or the back for group or landscape shots. The six LED bulbs add just the right amount of gentle light to highlight your subject without casting shadows.

Go flash someone

iPhone's onboard flash is pretty good, but sometimes you need a little more oomph, and that's why I recommend and use external flashes and LEDs. My favorite model is Anker iPhone LED flash. It has a long battery life, syncs with the flash settings on your iPhone, and recharges quickly.

When you want continuous light, the Lume Cube Bicolor Panel is the one I travel with. The battery holds out 14 hours and the LEDs are temperature and brightness controllable with a switch on the side of the panel.

And if you'd prefer not to carry extra equipment, grab the LuMee Halo by Case-Mate. It has front and back-facing LED lights, and it's also a sturdy phone case.

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