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Don't like the default Reminders app in iOS 7? Here are some great alternatives!

Hate the Reminders app in iOS 7? Here are the best App Store alternatives!

The best alternative reminder apps for iPhone and iPad to help you keep on task and get your to-dos done!

iOS 7 brought with it a whole new design language and complete overhaul for several of the built-in apps, including Reminders. While some might enjoy the new, colorful car look, others... not so much. Luckily, the App Store is home to almost a million apps, including a slew of to-do and task-oriented alternatives. But which ones are the best, and most importantly, the best for you? Keep reading!


Clear+ is a universal version of the original Clear app that bundles support for both iPhone and iPad. Not only is Clear+ super simple, it's gesture-based navigation and control system lets you get things done with ease. A simple pull down action lets you create a new task or list. Just keep hitting enter to create multiple tasks inside the same list. There's also iCloud support which means your Clear task lists stay in sync across all your iOS devices. It doesn't get much more straight forward than Clear.

If you don't need notifications and want something as fast as it is simple, get Clear+.


Any.DO gives you options but doesn't demand complexity. For example, you can sort tasks into folders if you want to, but you don't have to. You can mark things as important and share tasks with friends. Any.DO also supports both location-based and timed reminders just like the built-in Reminders app does. All your tasks will sync to your Any.DO account which you can either create or use in conjunction with your Facebook account. It is, however, iPhone only.

If you don't need a reminders app for iPad and but do want something that works well with the web, Any.DO is the way to go.


Not only does Wunderlist have an iPhone and iPad app, but Mac and Windows apps also. You can even log in through a web browser and have access to your tasks from anywhere. Wunderlist has all the features of a traditional task app, but keeps clutter out of your way. For example, you can create different lists/projects but dump things in an inbox to sort later. Wunderlist also has a collaboration feature that allows you to mark up and leave notes on tasks for colleagues and anyone else you're sharing lists with.

If you don't need location based reminders but would like a little more control over sorting and sharing tasks, go with Wunderlist.


Listastic is just as colorful as the iOS 7 Reminders app, but adds a lot more gestures for quick navigation and control. The layout is bold, and intuitive. Your main screen shows you a view of all your lists and a badge count next to each of how many tasks you have within that particular list. Tapping into any of them will show your tasks. Swipe to the right to complete a task or swipe to the left to postpone it until later. Listastic also supports sharing lists with others but that comes at a price unless you want to subscribe to premium.

If you like the built-in Reminders app but simply want more, Listastic has you covered.


With Begin you have two options: do it today or put it off until tomorrow. Use left and right swipe gestures to either mark your reminders as complete or to move them to tomorrow. That's pretty much all there is to it. If you use apps like Launch Center Pro or Drafts, there's third party support for those as well. Unfortunately, Begin doesn't currently have an iPad app.

If you need something absolutely simple to start with, it doesn't get better than Begin.

Your favorite reminder app alternatives?

Not everyone wants a full on task suite. These are our favorite basic reminder apps to help get you through the day with as little effort on your part as possible. If you prefer streamlined and easy to use reminder apps over feature packed with a learning curve, what app are you currently using? Do you use the native Reminders app? If not, let us know what about it made you look for other solutions.

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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There are 50 comments. Add yours.

End_User says:

Anyone know of a Reminders app that will sync with Apple iCloud reminders? I prefer but use the stock Reminders app because I sync a list with my Boss via iCloud and his Mac.

JNGold says:

Many of the Calendar apps like Pocket Informant, Calendars 5, Agenda Calendar 4 integrate iOS reminders into their apps along with the calendar. Most allow creation and completion of a reminder with their app and it sync's with iCloud which is because rye use the native iOS reminder DB.

End_User says:

Thanks I will check it out.

dawggg63 says:

+1 for Pocket Informant... it works well for me.

GuyBey0ndC00L says:

If you use Chrome on Mac has the chrome extension. I use it every day. Hope this helps.

End_User says:

Thanks I will check it out.

Iphonejackson says:


My bad, Omni is not Basic.

EttVenter says:

Anyone else using Due? I like it because creating the reminders is easy, but what I like most is that when a reminder shows up, I can snooze it for later. An hour later, a day later, etc. Can't find another app that does this.

djpatrickb says:

I use this app. I also like the fact that you can install it on you Mac and iPad and sync all reminders.

Spudboy2014 says:

I use Calendar Alarm - CalAlarm 2. It nags me to do things just like my wife does. I can actually get things done. It's less expensive then Due too. Not sure if all features are the same.

Gazoobee says:

I guess I'm an oddball. I don't like what they did to Reminders, but my beefs are more UI related and don't have to do with the colours. I'm also always looking for an alternative, but I don't like any of these, also for functional reasons.

My main beef with all these alternatives is that they treat the making if lists almost exclusively as actionable, time-based items in concordance with getting things done on a daily basis. In other words they are aimed at executives, or at least at people in a business-like relationship with their personal lives. The apps are intended not so much to remind, as harangue the user until they get their shit done.

As an inveterate list maker and friend to many others of the type, I find that while I do want that functionality sometimes, the majority of my lists are not time based at all. I don't need to be harassed, I just need the ability to make quick, easy, sometimes inter-related lists that *sometimes* have a time based component.

Sadly, Apples Reminders comes closest to this despite what I consider to be its UI faults and somewhat ugly appearance.

rkrismcneely says:

I don't know, Clear seems like the right fit for how you use lists...

thedizzar says:

Vesper is exactly what you're looking for.

snookasnoo says:

You can change the colors in Reminders.

4Gramps says:

Try BusyToDo by the same folks who do BusyCal for the Mac.

sting7k says:

Clear is one of the apps I truly missed while I was using Android as my primary phone. It's simple, fast, and looks good.

Lynx says:

Why isn't Finish in this list? I have used a bunch of task managers and my go to one now is Any.Do. I love the chrome extension, its phenominal. Finish would probably be my second favorite though.

Allyson Kazmucha says:

I kept this list to simple and easy to use. Finish is more of a project management/task app than a basic reminder checklist. I do agree it's good though. But it's more in a league with Todo, Things, etc..

KellyNel says:

Interesting, Allyson. Perhaps because I use the comprehensive OmniFocus for projects, I consider, and use, Finish as a basic reminder type app.

Must be a tomato/tomatoe type thing.

FannyCat says:

I use DrawMinder, it have no sync but is the fastest reminder app for me.
And it have location based reminders.

jevalladares says:

Does any body know if these app will sync with other reminders from Google or Yahoo?

jhpphantom says:

I didn't have success syncing these, so I use Weave instead.

snookasnoo says:

You would think that would be in the "article" wouldn't you?

JDRiggs says:

I use Evernote Reminders. They're awesome. Time based or not, your choice and you automatically have any documents, photos, clipping, etc associated with the Reminder. It's almost perfect.

GlennRuss says:

Evernote reminders are great, because they work on all devices.

Sent from the iMore App

ADWtech says:

i use evernote reminders... it's so informal makes me happy

John Gooch says:

Evernote sounds great, but I need a Web interface for my task manager app. My employer blocks Evernote but lets iCloud Web through their filters. That is the only reason I'm sticking with Reminders.

jorincowley says:

I'm using Calendar 5 connected with the reminders app, this way I can still use Siri for adding a reminder. For my location based reminders, nothing beats the Checkmark app.

houselannister says:

Not many people know about it, but I love Swipes. It uses the same gestures as Mailbox, my go to e-mail app. Makes it super easy and fun to use.

kilcher says:

To-do list apps are probably the ones I'm most interested. I had been using Wunderlist, which I love. But it (and almost all other apps I've tried) is missing one major feature - the ability to have a recurring task restart from the date it was completed, not the date it was originally scheduled for. For instance, let's say I want to check my oil every 5 days. But I'm 4 days late in doing so, that means the recurring task will show I need to check my oil tomorrow. That's not what I want, I want to check it in 5 more days. The only one I've found that does that is Omni Focus 2, which is real nice but costs $20. For me it's worth it. If Wunderlist ever includes that feature I may switch back though.

Stephen Atwell says:

I have tried many of these myself, and the To-do list app that has the recurring task set up I like the best is Toodledo - They have web, and iOS versions that sync. The recurring task you can choose if you want it 5 days from completion or every Saturday for example... so if you are a couple of days late from completion you can have it start on Saturday again... love the customization of it.

John Gooch says:

I used Toodledo religiously for a couple of years, and then left it as the interface was too complicated. I also found that it was overkill since almost all of my projects only had 1 task. Plus I dislike monthly fees, no matter how small.
Right now I use Reminders because they have a Web interface that my employer does not block( iCloud ) and there is no monthly fee for access to all of the features.

csd says:

I prefer Reminder apps that merge tasks and calendars in one app, like Informant.

daf_dafydd says:

I know it is going to sound like an advertisement but it is really honest. Actually, I couldn't find a to-do app that would be quick enough for me so I decided to create my own and now I am pretty satisfied. The app is called Say&Go (video: app: and it can be used as a voice note taker but also as a to-do list. Creating a to-do requires you just to 1) open the app, 2) "say" a to-do, 3) close the app. I use it all the time when in a car, when walking and moving from office to office.

Personary says:

I use Alarmed. It can import from the Reminders app and let's you set up intervals for it to nag you. So say you have something urgent, and you know if you get an alert you might ignore it or miss the notification. In that case you can set it to nag you every minute, hour, or day. You an also snooze reminders.

Tunnelrunner says:

For the past 3-4 years now, ALARMED has been, IMO, the best of all the iOS reminders apps. Can't tell you how much it's changed my life as a daily tool. It had highly robust customization features, it's reliable (it will keep bugging you into infinity) and best of all, it has offline capability (for those of us who don't always have a data connection).

2BTs4Me says:

I use Alarmed. I like it because it nags me and is highly configurable.

You can use Siri to add something to the Reminders app and it will be imported into Alarmed too.

jagfan2 says:

Mobislenotes - my most used app. Very simple and not overloaded with features. Best of all, it syncs across all platforms, devices and PC. Almost forgot, it is also free.

Polyphonie says:

I'm using both Due and Begin.

I love Due because of the great UI (despite the old iOS 6 look although the iOS 7 should be out soon) but more importantly for the persistent reminder/notification. I use it for my dog's daily medication (he has chronic allergy). I also bought the Mac version. I'm looking forward to the iOS 7 update.

I've also started using Begin. It's free but I paid the $0.99 regardless.

Sent from the iMore App

Mareile_T says:

as a graphic designer, there is only one feature that i would want:
being able to make a task bold and/or bigger.
and add color. the things i would do i i write myself a todfo list by hand or in a simple text editor. any simple app that does that?

chirmer says:

Todoist lets you bold and italicize your task text. You can't add color to the task, persay, but you can also set priorities in Todoist, which fill in the task checkbox with a color.

Jimmidish says:

CARROT is fun, but it lacks good filing / automated sorting features.

BetigaLabs says:

I am using Beja. Perfect for me. here:

Cristian Baluta says:

No alternative was good for me so i decided to build my own. It's ultra fast with minimum steps required to set a reminder, it reads facebook and Calendar and it is aware of other reminders people near you made public. Quick Reminders

Guillermo Velasco says:

Hi! Answering the first question "End_User says: Oct 17, 2013 at 10:50 am - 7 months ago
Anyone know of a Reminders app that will sync with Apple iCloud reminders?" I just discovered "Taskio", that integrates with Reminders but have a nicer interface and tags. Take a look.

GiacomoGustatil says:

Interesting top. I do use Reminders but not as a stand-alone apps. I use Beesy, an all-in-one app for productivity (( ))that syncs with the Reminders app from iPad. Before using Beesy I used to use Reminders only, but it is very limited when you want to use your iPadd as a real predictive tool.

Alethia23 says:

Listastic has been great for me so far. Simple, fast and matches with the new iOS 7 UI. I was a long time Wunderlist user, what drove me to uninstall it was that it just didn't match the new UI. Great features, but I don't want to look at something that isn't appealing on a daily basis.

Anthony Tietjen says:

I built a checklist app for iPhone called Lightning List. You can create multiple levels of sub-lists to keep your items categorized. Please feel free to send me a comment with any feedback. Thanks!

madreliz says:

As someone with ADD, I need a reminder app that will keep bugging me until I do certain tasks, like check my dogs' water, and renew my antivirus software. I use Due, which you can get free and is super simple. You can set it to remind you daily or weekly or monthly (which is great for bills). But recently it uninstalled itself, and I didn't know it, and all the reminders I have come to rely on quit, so my bills went unpaid, my plants and my dogs died, and my computer got a virus. (Just kidding. I doubt anyone will read this far,...) but I really use this app!