Tip of the Day: How to downgrade from iOS 5 beta back to iOS 4


Wondering how to downgrade from iOS 5 to iOS 4? Maybe you rushed out to test your app on the next big thing but now have to deal with a bug in the here and now version, and you don't want to buy an additional device, or maybe you just don't have what you need yet and you'd prefer to wait for a later beta. Either way, it is possible to go back to iOS 4. Last year we showed you how to downgrade from the beta version of iOS 4 as well. I am pleasantly surprised with how good the first beta version of iOS 5 is, but if for any reason you need to go back to iOS 4, we'll show you a couple ways after the break!

I don't recommend downgrading firmware unless you really need to. It can be a painful process that most people won't like dealing with. But if you need to, it is completely possible.

Downgrade via XCode (Mac Only + dev license)

Downgrading via XCode is probably the easiest way to roll back to a previous version of iOS. The bad part is that it can sometimes put you into a never ending DFU loop. You can typically use iRecovery to kick you out of it.

  1. Download the firmware version you'd like to downgrade to. For most people, this will probably be iOS 4.3.3 so simply find and download it via *iClarified*.
  2. Open XCode and from the top select Window and then Organizer.
  3. You should now see your device. Under software version, it will show you are on iOS 5. Choose to restore from Other Version.
  4. You can then navigate to the iOS bundle you'd like to restore to that you downloaded and saved in step 1.
  5. Let XCode do its thing. If you're lucky, you're done. If not, go to the next step. (aka if you get any error message or get thrown for a loop via DFU craziness.)
  6. You'll need to use a program like iRecovery which is linked above. I use Faster iRecovery as opposed to the original. Also, download the libusb files for Mac as well. iRecovery uses these.
  7. Simply run iRecovery after you'd downloaded the libusb files and it should throw your phone out of recovery mode.
  8. After this, simply restore in iTunes and you should be downgraded. The first time you may get an error, simply restore again like you normally would and it should downgrade successfully.

As a side note, PC users can also use iRecovery and libusb if they get stuck in a DFU loop.

Downgrade via iTunes beta with TinyUmbrella (Mac and PC)

You need iTunes 10.5 beta for this, which is also available via Apple's dev portal (and maybe elsewhere if you scan the internet)

You also need TinyUmbrella

This is the route PC users will have to take. Mac users may also choose to do it this way if they don't have XCode or the SDK. Start this process with your device NOT connected to your computer.

  1. Install iTunes 10.5 beta and TinyUmbrella
  2. Then open TinyUmbrella and click on Advanced.
  3. Uncheck the box that says Set Host to Cydia On Exit.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Now plug in your device and turn back on your computer.
  6. After your computer restarts, you'll need to go into iTunes. It may bring up error messages again. That's okay. Just ignore them for now.
  7. You'll need to put your device into DFU mode. Refer to our DFU mode instructions if you're not sure how to do this.
  8. If you don't do it correctly, just try again. When you get your device into DFU mode correctly, iTunes will pop up and tell you the device can't be used until it is restored.
  9. You can now restore your device like normal.

If you downgraded successfully using one of our ways (or a different way), let us know how it went in the comments! If you need additional help, check out our TiPb jailbreak forums.

Tips of the day will range from beginner-level 101 to advanced-level ninjary. If you already know this tip, keep the link handy as a quick way to help a friend. If you have a tip of your own you'd like to suggest, add them to the comments or send them in to news@tipb.com. (If it's especially awesome and previously unknown to us, we'll even give ya a reward...)

Allyson Kazmucha

Help and how to editor for iMore. I can take apart an iPhone in less than 6 minutes. I also like coffee and Harry Potter more than anyone really should.

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ericg1840 says:

Will these methods work if you tried to install iOS 5 with out a developer account? For example the way to get iOS 5 that was shown the other day with the emergency call method

Jason Skoland says:

So i tried downgrading from the author's suggestions and now I am stuck with the apple logo on my phone and xcode sating waiting for device

Jason Skoland says:

all you have to do is enter DFU mode and restore. I had snowbreeze still, entered DFU mode and restored the 2.4.8 iOS. To easy. Using the authors suggestion did not work

Stynkfysh says:

Yes, downgrading still works. You can also pay to have your device's UDID registered with a developer account to run iOS 5. People are selling them on eBay and can be found on Goog. Once your UDID is registered, you can register your device from the device and without iTunes. If you don't know your UDID and can't get into your device, go to where your iTunes device backups are stored. The first bunch of random looking characters before any dashes in the folder name(s) is your device's UDID. In Windows 7 it is at: C:Users[windows user name]AppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSyncBackup

Y020 says:

i really don't understand... shouldn't apple just still be signing 4.3.3 firmwares since this is the legitimate firmware?

Stynkfysh says:

They didn't with the last major OS update, at least not when the near-final beta came out.

Crunch says:

This is hardly a near-final beta. In fact, it's the first and yes, Y020, of course 4.3.3 will be signed until after iOS 5.0 is officially released. This is still MONTHS away as we found out at WWDC. All they said was "This fall" referring to when it would be available.

SpidermaNuMbErS says:

Does it also downgrade the baseband?

Justuseitunes says:

thats all i did too.... nice and easy

JR1ZZ says:

I want the beta version of iOS 5 how do i get it?

Ajonesma says:

you have to get a developer to add your UDID to their account, for you to be able to activate it with cellular service meaning be able to call text etc.

JR1ZZ says:

Thanks unfortunately idk what all that means =[ looks like I'll have to wait until the fall.... Sigh

Stynkfysh says:

You can also plug into a computer with an older version of iTunes and hit 'Restore' from within iTunes.

Austin says:

Anyone else having trouble with the Netflix app on iOS 5? Mine will load the app but not load my Queue or load any videos when I tap Play or Resume.

Schrutefarms says:

Can someone please tell me if I can use windows to do the beta? As of right now I do not think thats possible and would like some confirmation.

Ajonesma says:

Thats also all I did. I think this is how the author did it and maybe she didnt know about that option

Schrutefarms says:

Is it possible for the beta to be installed on my iphone with Windows?

Schrutefarms says:

I thought my comment did post... Oooops!

iphoneblogr says:

You don't need to use either of these methods. Apple is still signing 4.3.3 so there's no need for TinyUmbrella, all you need to do is throw your device into DFU mode and hit restore. Simple as that.
Source: I've done it 4 times already.

victor says:

ok I have version 5 if I dowgrade to v4 I will be able to unlock and jailbrake the phone to use in any carrier even overseas? what tunes should I use? to dow to 4 and to brake?

iphoneblogr says:

No, downgrading your firmware does not downgrade your baseband, and you can only downgrade firmware if you have your SHSH for the firmware you want to downgrade to.

Kenneth Bokor says:

I did same it was easy dont think you need this long process.

Crunch says:

Thanks for another great write-up, Allyson! :)
I agree on the really amazing stability of iOS 5's first beta. I haven't come across one thing that would cause me to want to go back on my iPad 2. Great news, too, is the fact that it's jailbroken already, albeit tethered and with an existing exploit.
Finally, something for my iPad 2. I wouldn't have iOS5 on it if there was a jailbreak available. However, I would still much prefer the latter. :D

Bucky says:

I downgraded back to 4.3.3 after running iOS 5 for 24 hours. For a first beta, it's quite good but not stable enough to run on my primary iDevices. Yes, I'm a developer and have one lonely app developed, which is a free app. So I do not have the $$$ to have dedicated devices just for testing. This is why I installed iOS 5 on my iPad (original iPad) and not my phone. First of all, I'm running Windows 7 and iOS 5 is available for Windows. It's not in the primary download area in the Dev Portal- you have to look for it. I found the Windows downloads easily enough by scanning the developer forums.
Any way, I opted to remove the beta because a.) it's slow b.) My favorite video apps don't work (ie Netflix) and c.) Airplay crashes EVERY time I try to stream a video from my device or too my devices from my Home Share. I understand a 3rd party app not working, but Apple's own iOS components not working is unacceptable to me.
I didn't have to go through the process listed in this article. Just restored 4.3.3 like any other firmware. What sort of pisses me off is I can't get rid of iTunes 10.5 beta. When I uninstall 10.5 and reinstall 10.3 the 10.3 installer cannot proceed and exits because my iTunes Library was created with a higher version. 10.5 is unstable on my system due to several gui issues.

Guest says:

Go to your itunes folder (placed where it is installed) and change the file to iTunes Library to iTunes Library.itl then 10.3 will work

Guest says:

I'm sorry, could you clarify that? I don't understand what you mean.

Opdoraya says:

as per ur instructions done successfully .Thanks. because of tiny umbrella not required exit recovery

Opdoraya says:

after downgrading to 4.3.3 & restoring as per ur instructions all 3 part apps are crashing how to solve this

spidermaNuMbErS says:

When you downgraded, did it also make the battery better?

adeeezy says:

i had to go to apple. to get a new iphone. i could not put 4.2.8 back on my iphone.

Ghorn88 says:

I've tried multiple methods. Right after it extracts the software I get an error that says "This iPad is not eligible for this software"....any help guys?

Hpridham says:

Just depends on your version of iTunes. If you have problems then try an earlier version. iTunes beta 3 gave me consistent problems but iTunes beta 2 was fine.

Thomaskchristensen says:

Im having problems downgrading from ios5 beta 3 using itunes beta 3 (people say itunes beta 2 works? but im afraid that If i uninstall beta 3 and reinstall beta I will lose all my data, backups and so on in itunes?)
Im getting an error 1604 when trying to recover my phone :/
Any ideas? Ive tried the umbrella but same error it seems...

Samast Varma says:

thanks!! this is the only guide that worked for me out of like 10!! ty

Money Lau says:

I'm using Mac OS Lion...
Unfortunately, the libusb does not have 10.7 version yet...

Kevinescorza says:

Can't you just shift click on "restore" and then choose your firmware?

Aro says:

i've tried every possible fucking way on the internet as of this very second, and not one of them work for me..
can someone fucking help me please i am beyind pissed off

vijay says:

I found a simple step this may help full those have facing problem in the above step.

  1. Switch your Iphone to DFU mode.
  2. Connect to itunes.
  3. Click restore.
  4. Popup will ask you to restore & update. Click Restore & update.
  5. Now the latest version of IOS 4 will be downloaded your itunes & installed to your Iphone.
Berza76 says:

Apple is still signing 4.1 so try to restore to 4.1 maybe (4.21) if nothing else seems to work!
If you by misstake installed 4.3.4 .4.3.5 and not saved your shsh blobs its time do downgrade now!
So untethered jailbreak is possible again :)
i seems to get 1015 error everytime now, but use tinyumbrella to exit recovery loop..

yuelu says:

I was trying to downgrade from iOS5 to iOS 4.3.3. I tried restoring through Xcode and iTune. Neither one worked. I got "This device isn't eligible for the request build" for both cases.

rYe09 says:

i followed the steps but there was no option to roll back to 4.3.3

Charlie says:

Also having issues. Is this caused by iOS5 being rolled out due to the release of the 4s? iOS5 is pretty slow on my 3Gs, so looking to roll it back to 4.3.5 (or 4.3.3 if possible).
I cant do the Xcode as dont want to pay $99 for the Dev license.
Running out of ideas!!

William Ma says:

okay, what do you mean by.... "Restore in iTunes and that's it"?

William Ma says:

okay, what do you mean by.... "Restore in iTunes and that's it"?

Fernando Zhu Yu says:

download the file, do the thing in tinyumbrella and then reboot your pc, open the file you downloaded and then hit the restore button

Fernando Zhu Yu says:

download the file, do the thing in tinyumbrella and then reboot your pc, open the file you downloaded and then hit the restore button

Leanna_elizabeth says:

ok, i tried to do this and now it's telling me that "the iphone could not be restored. an unknown error occurred(2005)" and i can't do anything on my phone...help please!

SuffolkOwl says:

Ios 5 and all future upgrades need to have a roll back functionality.

Jonathan says:

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Anthony says:

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edgar says:

so i did everything correctly with the tinyumberela and when i click restore it says its going to restore and update to the newest version ( which i already had ) .. is this how its supposed to be?

Donald Nelson says:

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Puerto Vallarta News, this site offers updated news, information, videos, tips and more for Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerías and other surrounding locations in Mexicohttp://puertovallartanews.com/
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News, information, tips and more from the Los Cabos area, which includes Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, The Tourist Corridor & surrounding locations.http://visitloscabos.net/
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Flamingo Puerto Vallarta Hotel y Spa está ubicado en la Marina de Puerto Vallarta. Hotel muy cómodo, bien ubicado, con vista a la marina y precios muy accesibles.http://www.flamingohotels.com/espanol/puerto_vallarta/default.asp
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Puerto Vallarta Twitter, puertovallarta.net's twitter feedhttp://twitter.com/puertovallarta2
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Enjoy a series of Puerto Vallarta photos on Flickr, a gallery of images and pictures from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. One of the most popular beach destinations in America.http://flickr.com/puertovallartamexico
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Cabo San Lucas Mexico Flickr page, photos, pictures, images from the Los Cabos area, flickr channel.http://www.flickr.com/photos/cabosanlucasmexico
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