When can we expect iOS 4.0.1 and iOS 4.1?


There's a rumor going around that iOS 4.0.1 and/or iOS 4.1 have been delayed by Apple in order to combat potential Jailbreaks.

Firstly, Apple is secretive to the point that no one outside the iOS team and top brass likely knows when they're planning on releasing any iOS update, ever. There are plenty of bugs like the antenna reception, the proximity sensor, 3G speeds, the camera roll, etc. that need to be fixed before it can even be scheduled. Everyone else is guessing or passing on heresy, including Apple Store employees, carrier reps, and internet aficionados.

Secondly, Apple is almost as cyclical as they are secretive, so while we don't know the precise day iOS 4.0.1 or iOS 4.1 will be released, we know when iOS x.0.1 and iOS x.1 have been released in the past.

Neither iOS 1.0 nor 2.0 nor 3.0 were bug-free and while it's easy to forget, users were clamoring for fixes almost as much in years past as they are now. That said, iOS (iPhone) 3.0.1 was released July 31, 2009. 2.0.1 was August 4, 2008. 1.0.1 was was July 31, 2007.

So if Apple sticks to end of July/beginning of August, we have several weeks to go before we'll see iOS 4.0.1, or see if anything has been "delays".

iOS 4.1 is even further out. Heck, iOS 4.x hasn't even gone into beta for iPad yet!

Apple typically releases those x.1.0 updates to coincide with new iPod touch generations at the iTunes/iPod Special Music Events held in the fall, and then follows with an x.1.1 update for iPhone shortly thereafter. iOS (iPhone) 3.1.0 was released on September 9, 2009. iOS 2.1.0 was September 9, 2008 and 2.1.1 was September 12. 1.1.0 was September 14, 2007 and 1.1.1 was September 27.

So if Apple again sticks to the September schedule it will be a few months before Steve Jobs takes the stage to show off new iPods and whatever new features come with the next minor iOS bump.

As of now we're taking any reports of iOS delays with huge, Cupertino-sized grains of salt. Sure, if a Jailbreak is released that will highlight a major security exploit in iOS and Apple will have to patch it. That's been true in the past and will be true in the future. It's why the Jailbreakers often wait until after iOS releases to go public with their exploits.

Other than that, there's been no date other than "a few weeks" that could be delayed, and the usual schedule is far out enough that it's take a while before even internal delays can be guessed at.

Now, with that out of the way, we're free to speculate wildly about what just might make it into a fall iOS 4.1/4.1.1 update -- but we'll save that for weekend post...

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

When can we expect iOS 4.0.1 and iOS 4.1?


Get those updates out there on-time and ready Apple. You can't afford to allow Visterrrr.....iPhone 4 to continue with these shameful issues.

FIRST!!! First with an actual comment, that is :) What's the big deal about being first that makes people act stupid? I'm concerned about 4.01, which will hopefully fix the prox sensor issue is going to be realeased AFTER the 30 day return period is up for those of us who got them on launch day. I know the prox sensor will be fixed eventually, but while I'm not returning my phone, it's kind of a "screw you" to people who love the phone enough to brave the lines on launch day. As much as I live th iP 4, this experience will mean no more launch day buys for me...

This is the result of too many secrets: bugs bugs and bugs!! Now not only software bugs (that you can correct with a new update) but also hardware and design bugs. Apple, you're loosing fans with this iPhone 4...

How about we let them take their time here and get everything working properly, k? Bug fixes aren't as easy as Tweeting how much you dislike Lebron James...

@ Joe McG
How about Apple should have taken their time to PROPERLY test the iPhone 4 BEFORE releasing it.
There's being secretive to protect your intellectual property. Then there's overly secretive to the point where you don't get the hardware/software into enough people's hands to properly test the phone in ways a normal user would use it.
The iPhone 4 is a nice piece of tech, but I've been feeling a tad disappointed with my overly hyped i4. Looks like I have 1 week left to decide to keep it or not.

You know, I was worried about all these proximity sensor, reception, and other bugs even though none of them bothered me. Then bgr ran a story of an iPhone 4 catching on fire, which is the same crap they tried to pull last year with the 3GS. Now I understand that whenever you have a product that does well there will be people who try to rip it down. I'm not saying there aren't bugs that need correcting, of course there are, I'm just saying none of these problems are as huge as made out on the Internet.

the proximity issue needs to be fixed ASAP...I can't count how many times I lost calls because I become on MUTE by mistake wit the other line...I don't even speak on the phone unless ts speaker but then no one can hear ke clearly while on speaker phone...

Rob, have you checked out the Apple discussion forums?
89 pages, and over 1300 responses, about 98% of which are some form of "Me, too!" Maybe I'm misinterpreting, but your comment seems dismissive of those of us who've had significant problems. I love my iphone 4, but the prox sensor problem necessitated buying a BT headset so I could use my phone for its primary function. I'm happy for you (honestly) if you're not having problems. I'm willing to bed that most iphone 4 users have no problems at all, but there are likely tens of thousands of us who have problems severe enough to make us wish we'd waited...

The proximity issue isnt just related to the iPhone 4.
My 3g & 3gs both have those very same issues after updating to 4.0
I'm sure we'll see an update in the upcoming weeks

Congrats. That whole article could have been replaced with three words "we don't know" and saved everyone a whole lot of time.

Crying over spilled milk I see...
I'm just as frustrated over the iPhone 4 issues. However, if you are going to be an early adopter of a product, you need to brace yourself for early bugs. If you can't handle it, don't stand in line for the iPhone on launch day. Plus, you will have more free time since you won't have to cruise around the Internet incessantly complaining over and over about the same problem...

The funniest part is I have had none of these problems on my iPhone it has great mobile coverage and it's a very slick phone

Why don't you guys just restore your phones as a new phone. Fixed my proximity issue.

This antennae issue as well as the other aforementioned must apparently skip phones b/c I picked up my iPhone 4 on release day at a local Wal-Mart & it's been fantastic!!

rene, why do you report on rumors? cmon man lets start getting some hard facts up in here.INVESTIGATE,its what reporters do,not just sit back and wait for the rumors. im not rippin ya,but cmon dude.

It would be funny to see a video of Steve walking out to his car and Renee charging him, sticking a microphone in his face and asking when the iOS update will be out. Then all the black turtlenecked security goons tackling him and carting him off to scenes unknown.
Might make it rough on the timing for the next podcast though.

When were the first jailbreaks for the new iOS released previously? Were they all after the x.1.1 updates?

Dan- I did the various network/phone resets, hard and soft reboots, and restore as new phone. I still have the problems...

I'm having no problems with my iPhone, so if you are having problems with yours take it back. Stop crying over small issues.

Jeez guys, Tipb is trying to do folks a favor by going over iOS update history and intimating that 4.0.1 and 4.1 updates are likely to arrive in late July, early August and late September, early October respectively. Give them a break! This is a good post.
He should have said that those updates will not fix all bugs! Even purported bug fixes won't solve the problem on all iPhones, just most of them. It's the nature of the beast.
The mob hysteria is all too disappointing. It's expected for every Apple product as it's the nature of mob behavior (the Internet), but the disappointment still comes.

despite all the the issues that the iphone 4 is having its a great little device that has come along way from the original 2g model.

Is it possible that there are slight differences between the white and black phone and apple wants to get the white phone out to determine if their fix works?
This makes sense to me.
After all, wouldn't you fix the issue on day one?
Maybe that is part of their plan. They know that guys want black phones and will find problems. Girls want white phones and do not know ant better and issues will not he uncovered.

What do you think this is? CSI?? Cold hard facts??
Dude, this is a blog. If you haven't been following the last year or so, some(and most) of the juiciest stuff was rumors or future anticipations. He's a blogger, not a freaking detective.
Geez....people these days....

This is getting out of hand. It has come to a point where I have 3 iPhone 4's in my household and we've all owned every previous generation until now.
Not only have we never had any service or reception issues, we all have almost reached our boiling point of patience with Apple taking their sweet time to publish a patch while I can't have a solid 15 minute business call without getting disconnected twice & accidentally conferencing in a fax machine via my right cheek thanks to this crummy proximity sensor.
Steve; please take your head out of your rear. Lock the doors in Cupertino & tell the precious iOS4 team that no one goes home until 4.0.1 is ready. I mean, common' guys. At this rate, I'll be out of business and won't be able to afford the iPhone 5. And don't tell me some cockamamie answer Steve, like "it's not your phone, it's your clients". A word of advice: sometimes people respect a man's solid apology more than a solid hunk of crap for an answer. I can't believe your official response has been 'don't hold it that way'. Either you take your several million iPhone customers for idiots or you just are in utter denial.
Admit it.
Fix it.
Move on.

1,300 complaints out of 2 million phones sold. That's 0.00065%!
Sucks for those with problems but not really such a big deal when you actually work it out is it?

Running ios4 on 3GS. Only issue I have is I don't get notifications for aim or fb anymore. Thinking about downgrading.

Mephisto- Wow. A) It's .065%. Admittedly still a small number. No need to minimize those who are having problems further. B) I already said it's not most, but when you can't use your iPhone as a phone, that's a significant issue, is it not? I'm willing to bet that a majority of people experiencing these problems are not posting on the Apple forum. They likely just fill out a bug report and life goes on, as it should. That doesn't mean we should be dismissed. Thanks for the daily dose of niceness.