Facebook 3.0.1 for iPhone -- With Bug Fixes! -- Now in the App Store


Facebook 3.0.1 for iPhone [Free - iTunes link], which fixes some bugs found in Facebook 3.0, is now being served piping hot and ready from the iTunes App Store.

(And wow but can Apple approve fast in some cases?!)

[Thanks Cameron for the tip!]

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Facebook 3.0.1 for iPhone -- With Bug Fixes! -- Now in the App Store


Quick, yes... however! I just uploaded a short video... the video icon shows on my 3GS but when I try to play it I get a pop up saying: Alert - Sorry, Facebook Video is not yet compatible with iPhones and iPod Touches, but we're working on it.

So when was 3.0.1 submitted to the App Store?
The ad-hoc beta testers may have discovered what needed fixing just after 3.0 went in to apple.

I was so happy when I seen this update cuz I just knew it was gonne get rid of that stupid crash when u click on friends.

haha i havent even seen any bugs other than the video one, but apparently thats still down..
JimmyD: Push is when notifications are forwarded or "pushed" to your phone automatically instead of having to physicallyh go into the app to refresh it.. like when you get a new email and the little red number pops up over the mail icon, etc..

There is no in app notification when you get a new chat. Or am I missing something? This update dosent appear to fix the problem.

Hi to all . Well I tried to download the new 3.0 Facebook update but the App. Store is telling me it cannot connect to the Itunes Store... Anybody else have this also.? Thanks

Yeah good job for facebook devs, but the app still has major bugs. Fix it already you lazy bastards. How do you sell a product half finished?? Cmon..

it doesn't work that way, you have to either cancel the app approval (or app-roval if you will), and submit a new one or wait till it hits the app store then add a new version... They will swap a version to a older approved version if a big error exist quickly though...

3.01 there is a bug in birthdays list, for me, in September list appears 3 contacts with different month of birthday

I downloaded 3.0.1 but I still have a bug with the Notifications bar. tapping on it when there is a new notification just brings me to an error screen and the notification appears unread. Very annoying.
Does anyone know how I can roll back to the pre 3.0 release?

I had 3 friends who's entire iPhone crashed during or after downloading 3.0! Two had to go into forced recovery mode & lost most everything (since they didn't backup) and another had to go to an Apple store for them to reset it! I'm guessing these are the real bugs!

I never had any crashes or problems, but it seems a bit snappier now.
Facebook 3.0 is comparable to OS 9 going to OS X. It's by far the biggest update I've ever seen go into any app in the App Store. It went from being one of the worst apps to being one of the best in one update.

So many uneducated people posting comments right now, dang...

  1. The notification errors is a backend/server side bug, it will be fixed in a few days (http://twitter.com/joehewitt/status/3657576064)
  2. v3.0.1 was submitted hours after v3.0 went live into the store - it wasn't a planned release after 3.0, it was a bug fix release for issues found by the masses that wasn't located by the limited amount of beta testers (an Apple restriction). (http://twitter.com/joehewitt/status/3588374432 & http://twitter.com/joehewitt/status/3590689004 & http://twitter.com/joehewitt/status/3600083349)
  3. Push is coming in v3.1 currently being developed (http://twitter.com/joehewitt/status/3461400625)
  4. This app really doesn't have any 'MAJOR' bugs in it, if it's crashing non-stop then it's something screwy with your device. Restart the phone, if that doesn't fix it delete and reinstall the app, if that doesn't fix it I would do a backup & restore.
  5. Do yourself a favor and follow the developer if you use Twitter: http://twitter.com/joehewitt

Surly you guys know that Apple doesn't have to approve bug fixes. I am not certain where I read that and I am not a dev but I remember reading a dev blog and it stated that if you are simply making bug fixes, you don't have to get that approved.

Apple setup an emergency e-mail for devs incase something like this happens, major app just released with a few bugs

Push notifications might be included in 3.1, not 3.01. The Birthday issue is something that 3.01 should fix. Notifications within the app is a server issue and should be fixed by today or tomorrow. Joe submitted the bug fix update on Friday and it hit the app store this weekend.

My entire phone crashed as well just after downloading. Had to bring it in to the apple store to get it reset.

It crashed my phone multiple times with the 3.0 update. It COMPLETELY crashed my iPhone with the 3.0.1 update. I had to completely restore my phone, which meant reinstalling OS 3.0 and using my backups to restore data.
I'm not amused!
I would recommend backing up your phone before updating. I'm deleting it until I'm sure this won't happen again. No app has ever forced me to restore my phone (and lost recent data!)

Joe hewitt said on his twitter page that 3.02 is coming to fix some leftover bugs and add accesibilty

@Russell: i work with iphones all day with troubleshooting before we contact apple if we cant fix it. and it crashed my device also.
@josh: when i called apple the guy already guessed my problem as soon as i mentioned facebook. my device wouldnt stay powered on would come to the apple screen sit for 2 mins and shut off. they couldnt fix my phone and had to replace it.
not just uneducated people having the issue i went to work and heard about all kinds of issues and it had even crashed serveral devices in the office.
unfortunately no apple store for me its 3 hours away so they shipped me a new phone and that was a hassel too.

how do u clear your status in 3.0.1? I haven't found a way and I would think this would be a major feature to leave out,especially seeing as even the original version had a 'clear' button. anyone??

I would like to know when we will be able to watch posted videos using this iPhone facebook application? This is a real disadvantage over Blackberry! Or at least, being able to share those videos if not view them!