Facebook 3.2 brings Places to iPhone

Facebook 3.2 brings Places to iPhone

Facebook's iPhone app has been updated to version 3.2 and, among other things, brings support for the new Places service that lets you see where your friends are and what location-based social activities they're up to. (At least in the US, when I tried it it said it wasn't yet available in my region.)

What else is new?

  • You can set the privacy of individual status updates.
  • See all recipients of inbox messages.
  • (iOS 4) Upload photos and videos in the background.
  • Fixed a delay when commenting on a post or posting a status update.
  • Fixed some Notes display bugs.
  • Fixed some reliability bugs in News Feed.

Places will also offer integration with existing location-based apps like Gowalla.

If you've tried it out, let us know how Facebook places is working for you on your iPhone...

Update 1: How to prevent your friends from checking you into Places.

Update 2: And here's Facebook 3.2.1 with bug fixes.

Update 3: And here's Facebook's statement on known Jailbreak conflicts.

Update 4: And here's Facebook 3.2.2 to fix the login issues.

[iTunes link, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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There are 80 comments. Add yours.

arin.failing says:

Hmm... weird. My App Store is showing "All apps are up to date". Maybe the app hasn't hit the Pacific Northwest region yet?

Swingphone says:

IPhone 3GS 4.0
I just upgraded it and it wouldn't load anything. So I logged out and tried to log back in. It won't log me in "at this time". Hope there's a fix soon. Anyone else having problems?

Boots says:

Says it's not available in my location yet...

Deran says:

Not available in my location... North Carolina.

Tim says:

Hows about making it a Universal app.? Facebook in safari is way better than 2x'ing the app on the iPad.

droidoesnt says:

not availabe in my region yet...............BOSTON, MA

Raygan says:

Not available at launch in New York? In NEW YORK?
I consider that a FAIL.

Matt says:

The new app was available for download in the Midwest. Places integration not yet up and running though. The icon looks different though.and if they fixed any of the previous "reliability" issues, then the update is a welcome sight for sore eyes. Additionally, one cool thing I did find is that if you're navigating around the app and you'd like to go back to the home screen, you can simply tap the FaceBook logo at the top of the app.

Hardy says:

Just downloaded and installed. They updated main home screen buttons but the places button says not available in my region yet. I am in the Pacific northwest

pcSLC says:

Says not available yet... Utah.
Also, I like how it's pull down to refresh like the official Twitter app.

Swingphone says:

@ Tim
Forreal! You would think that that would be one of the first apps to go universal. Would be nice rather than use safari.

sting7k says:

Feature not in my area, coming soon.

JP says:

Not available in Oregon yet either. Way to "launch" Facebook.

JhonnyC says:

California, available but everything says "unable to load" ...
I was afraid that would happen.

Swingphone says:

@ JhonnyC
That's exactly what's happening to me.
Florida Panhandle

Mike says:

Available in the Canadian App Store now. Just installed it, opened it, Unable to Load.
Logged out -> Unable to login.
Facebook Win.

Whatsupchia says:

@JhonnyC mine says the same thing...I cant load anything!

M says:

Can download it in Australia, but the places icon isn't working here yet.

Got2bjoey says:

Freaking updated and now I can't even log in. Says it's unable to connect to facepoop!! WTF!!! Works fine on my kids iPod 2G but won't work on my iPhone 4. I even deleted restarted the phone and installed it again. Still wont work.

Mike says:

Lol even though it's broken & I am logged out, I just got a push notification.

Rich says:

Not available in my location: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pennsylvania

JhonnyC says:

Well here's hoping for facebook 3.2.1 soon.

dloveprod says:

I might post more status update now that I can control who can see them

BrianTufo says:

I updated and everything "works" fine. I like the update so far. Places says "Not Available In My Region" just north of San Francisco. I don't get why they would add a feature already that obviously is NOT ready yet! Overall good update though.

Juan says:

Not available in my region. South Texas Area

Juan says:

Not available in my region. South Texas. but my friend got it on his iPad. he lives like 2 miles away. weird

George Hale says:

Not available in South West Wales, UK yet.

Sanchai says:

After upgraded to 3.2 on iPone 3.1.2 firmware, I cannot log in to Facebook.
After entering username and password, it started to log in and end up with Login Failed: Unable to connect to Faceb ook. Please try again later"
And comment or the same experience as I found? Or it is just me who have the problem

a.j. says:

unable to connect to facebook after updating -_-
and they said that Places will only work in the US

Nick says:

Same !!! I can't login after update 3.2!!! Florida WTF!!!'

Sean says:

San Antonio here. After updating Places wasn't working here either, now I can't log in at all.

P0150N37RY says:

Not available in California.

JC says:

If your jailbroken, just use istallous to install an older version if you can log in...

Timeflies says:

from the sinful iPhone forums:-
its because of iphone delivery service
go to sbsettings - more - mobile substrate addons - disable iphone delivery
that should do it
bite sms also seams to be causing this problem

interqd says:

am in indonesia got an update..
but after installing... cant load anything other than photos....

Mattshall says:

Is places available in any region? Not here in Atlanta

Agge- says:

i´m in Sweden with a 3GS iOS4 and after the update it only said "error" after phone restart i can´t even log in at all!

Iain 117 says:

This might seem silly, but how on earth do you upload videos through the app? The description says I can load them in the background now, but I can only upload pics??

Jc says:

If you have bitesms open sbsettings then go to more Then to mobile substrate addons then disable bitesb

Tim says:

You could click "facebook" to go back to the app homescreen before this update too

Emre SUMENGEN says:

This is utterly silly... How on earth does BiteSMS or iPhoneDelivery result in Facebook app not to load? Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!
Going back to an earlier version :(

Mike says:

Yep disabling bitesms in mobilesubstrates fixed it.
Oh and places are unavailable in Saskatchewan.

Nick says:

Yeah!!! Deleted bite SMS and sbs settings. Worked!!!

chikanozboy says:

iphone delivery is causing the login failure, once disable the options im able to use facebook apps again. perhaps have to wait for iphone delivery/bitesms to release with an update to solve the issue.

Martin says:

So Cal. the update is working just fine with me. in fact, it's a bit faster i feel. places says the not available thing though.
@Matt: the facebook top bar thing has been there. once you hit it, it takes you the home screen. after that you can tap anything else like notifications and when done. tap the facebook (or whatevers on top) again and it takes you right back. pretty awesome huh?

Peter says:

Does not work anymore after update. Use 3g with fm 3.1.2. Cannot log in anymore!

Adam says:

I just updated this morning and stumbled across a new feature. They've add an update feature for the news feed that works just like the one used in Twitter for iPhone (formerly Tweetie 2). I really like just being able to drag the screen down and releasing for an update! Places seems to be working fine in my area (Cape Cod).

Sanchai says:

My iPhone was jailbroken but no BiteSMS and in SBSettings no iPhone Delivery service there
So how can wer make Facebook 3.2 work as it should be?

Agge- says:

If you have Facebook and bitesms installed this can be a working solution....
disable "BiteSMSsb" under "Mobile Substrate Addons" in SBSettings then Respring.
WORKS for me!

mark says:

can someone explain what this "feature explanation" (from the app-store description) means:
"See all recipients of inbox messages."
last i checked, i'm the recipient of inbox messages. by definition, an inbox contains messages for me. so, what can they possibly mean by "all recipient"?

Chris says:

This app has sponked up my facebook pipes. It didn't work when I was automatically logged in. I logged out and now I just get a "Login Failed" message with "Unable to connect to Facebook. Please try again later"...
Anyone else having this issue?

Hammo says:

Mark , the 'See all recipients of inbox messages' allow you to see if a message in your inbox has been sent to more than just you , like a group message to a load of friend , beacuse if you reply to these everyone in the recipients list see's what you have replied .
Chris , i cant even log into my facebook app now since this update !! gutted

parabel says:

@mark: Messages can also be sent to several people, and now you can finally (!) see them in the iPhone app, which wasn't possible before.

Agge- says:

Problem with facebook iphone app? got bitesms installed? - Solution: http://pastebin.com/r4dn7czA #facebook #bitesms #iphone #apple #ios4

JF7FSU says:

iPhone 4 not working here. No bitesms installed.

TrinMan says:

This update would be GREAT if it WORKED!! I can't get my feed at all. Everytime i try it says, "ERROR"...uggh....

Victor says:

Sweet snap to refresh too

Charlie says:

Has anyone else noticed that under the privacy settings on status updates, there isn't an option to turn on or off individuals.. All it has are generic options like friends and friends only. Aren't those the same thing?

Ani says:

Same just updated and now it says unable to login. And I don't even have bitesms

Josh says:

@Agge Wow thanks! That fixed it! You're great!

ArtVanBurenBoy says:

Why delete my posts, dude? :twisted:

Hitman says:

@Agge - same here, disabling BiteSMS fixed the issue. Thanks so much as this was driving me insane!!! Now to the BiteSMS forums to let them know they need to update their app.

Shaun says:

after I disable bite sb everytime I send a text, bitesms closes itself as soon as I hit send. Anyone else have this problem now after turning off bitesb?

iphonemilk says:

guys how do you set the privacy level and Exclude people?
I choose "Exclude" but then nothing else happens.

Ryan Taylor says:

I'm in Los Angeles and my "region" is not available yet. Really?? Patience....patience.....

Tal says:

Facebook app 3.2 is not updating for me either. Blank Live Feed and Status Updates. Why in the heck would they release Places if no regions are available? I'm not surprised Dayton isn't covered yet but LA?

LuisPr says:

@Agge Wow thanks! That fixed it! You’re great! (+1 :P ) bitesms incompatibility

Shawn says:

Alberta, places not working. But rest of app is working fine after I rebooted my phone.

Håkan says:

If you have Iphone delivery installed you get the same error.
If you want facebook to work you have to disable that two in sbsettings.

Whatsupchia says:

What's happens when biteSms is disabled? We can't use it? That's the whole reason y I JB! This is BS!!!!!!

elementbt says:

Anyone know how to downgrade? is it possible?

ajmac says:

If you Disable the BiteSMSsb then it will no longer be your Text Messenger App. You can still use the App to send text, but you won't get your Quick Replies or the Next Format when you get a text.
You can downgrade your FB App by deleting it on your iPhone. And on your PC/Mac, just resync it. If you updated it through iTunes, then the old version is probably still in your recycle bin. Just put it back in iTunes and Resync.

ajmac says:

oops, ment NICE format when you get a text.

mark says:

@hammo: thanks! (awkward and unclear, the way they worded it.)

Sanchai says:

Thank for your suggestion. I have uninstalled Facebook 3.1.4, install BiteSMS from Cydia, install Facebook 3.2 from App Store.
The installation process go fine. Then I go to SBSettings, and disable BiteSMSsb under Mobile Substrate Addons, respring
Result: Still I cannot login to Facebook. I have to reverse the whole process to get 3.1.4 back

Carlo Costanzo says:

Great info on the bitesms issues but I think I'll wait for facebook to fix the issue on their end. BiteSMS is too good to disable.

Kick Butt Applications says:

Is it just me or does the idea of Places scare the you-know-what out of you too?
Amazing what technology can do for us, or what a pain in the butt too!

Dr Sanjay says:

Guyz i am having an iphone 3 GS and i downloaded this facebook application and i am not able to see the live feed of facebook and it closes every time i open this appkication!!!!!! give a soln

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