Facebook app updated with voice messages, video recording, and more

Facebook app updated with voice messages, video recording, and more

Facebook for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad has been updated to version 5.2 and among the highlighted features are voice messages, video recording, and a new Nearby tab.

Voice messages are billed as a way to add audio to your texts for when you have "more to say".

Video recording happens right in the Facebook app, so you can get yourself, or anything you care to film, online and shared with your entire graph more conveniently than ever. What, if anything, this might have to Twitter's just-launched Vine video service, timing wise is hard to say. However, it'll be interesting to see how Facebook handles Vine-like porn content, should it start cropping up...

And, yes, the Nearby tab got a makeover to encourage you to share where you're at.

As with any Facebook update, it'll be interesting to see which old bugs (and crashes!) get fixed, and which new ones emerge. (Social is hard?).

If you've updated, let me know how it's working for you, and how the video compares to the built-in Camera App or Google Capture. If you haven't downloaded Facebook for iOS yet, here's your link.

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rpol86 says:

theres a new code generator button when you slide to the right and scroll all the way down.

pcdsim says:

Updated, not finding the video recording option. Anyone know where it is?


All these changes and you STILL can't edit a comment if you fuck up.....but Mobile you can, what gives!