Facebook holding event on Wednesday

Like our sibling site, Android Central, TiPb has been invited to a mobile event at Facebook HQ this Wednesday, November 3. If it had just been AC, I'd have started wondering about that Facebook phone. Just TiPb and I might have thought iPad app. Both Android and iOS at the same bash and maybe Facebook is ready to make some bigger cross-platform waves. With former Android lead Eric Tseng and former iOS developer Joe Hewitt busy in the mobile division, who knows what they have up their social little sleeves?

Speculate in the comments!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Facebook holding event on Wednesday


It looks like it may be talk about a phone, according to the picture with the string and cone.
I just want them to fix the recent issues with posting comments and liking comments.

I believe that the cone and string on the invitation implies some new take on communication interfaces with a social aspect. While it could be a phone, I doubt it. Probably new communication abilities within their Faebook App on both platforms.
Which I won't use - just like Facebook.

Psh, how is Facebook going to add social networking to cans with strings?! I mean really! ;)

For the cans and string to work, the string needs to be taut. As the string obviously isn't that means it's just a halfassed attempt to create a communications device, which is exactly what facebook will announce on wednesday imho ;)

Rather than a facebook phone could they be moving into voip communications a la skype, with more people using chat and linking up it would seem like a natural progression ? Just a thought.

I like McNessie's idea. I can see a video chat via front facing cameras across different platforms.

I would like them to get a real handle on the problems they already have like privacy, and security issues. Their fixes are too little too late.

@Ciberg: the facebook app has been buggy since the 1st version. Every update fixes old bugs and brings on new ones.