Facebook for iPhone 3.1.3 hits iTunes App Store

Facebook 3.1.3 for iPhone

Facebook for iPhone has once again been updated, this time to version 3.1.3. Here's the update list:

  • You can now watch Facebook videos.
  • You can now view and write on walls of events.
  • Uploaded photos are now 720px wide.

And the bug-fixes:

  • Could not comment on photos accessed from Notifications
  • Could not upload photos smaller than a certain size
  • No more than 2 notifications were highlighted as unread
  • Status updates appeared out of order in News Feed
  • Broken photo album links in News Feed
  • Birthdays view had months in wrong order
  • Last section of friend list was incomplete if you had fewer than 8 friends
  • Notes with non-ASCII text were cut off at the end

Nothing on iOS 4 compatibility, still no universal binary for iPad? From the world's biggest social network, we're holding hope for both soon.

Did you update yet? Let us know how it's working for you...

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Reader comments

Facebook for iPhone 3.1.3 hits iTunes App Store


Got the update, about friggin time they put out an update. However, what's with taking 8years for me to post something on my wall? It's like the share button gets stuck or something. That's really irritating.

I can't belive they still didn't update for iPad? I mean the full site is great on the iPad but you can't actually upload photos.

Lol The Palm Pre has all this for well over 6 months, via over the air update, you robots. Apple. Lol

@FDOIII yeah but if i remember well (from my nast Palm Pre experience) notifications, videos and that stuff went out like a couple months ago (not 6) and photo notifications are still beta. Besides WebOS's Facebook app is slow as hell... even slower than this one.

The gyro? Really? That's your response. Wow. Having experience with both phones, I'll say that I'd take Synergy over a gyro any day. And that's not to say there's not fault to be had with the Pre... there's lots of it. But the lack of a gyro is really not where I'd start.

The probLem I had with my pre was the crappy design flaws. After 2 months I went through 3 units. Unit one was defective out of box with the "oreo cookie" flaw. Unit 2 did the same thing but also had a gap between the halves of the phone. Third unit was worse than first two with same type of glitch.
My point. Software is great but it does not make up for palm's poorly executed design.

Im just sayn. Its all trivial. Each phone has its weak pts. My point, comparing phones is pointless. None are perfect

It's still useless. Can't post anything unless you have 5 minutes to kill. Absolute joke. Deleting AGAIN.

About time. Off fb topic, just got an email from radio shack stating June 24 get iPhone 4 at the shack. Clicking on the site says coming soon.

@Greg: I had the exact same problem and (ironically, last night before the update came out) I decided to delete and reinstall the Facebook app. Deleted it on iPhone, but still showed installed. Had to sync (and play with various things) to finally get it deleted. It freed up 50MB of drive space, but the app is only 3.1MB in size!!!
Anyway, long story short is that the Facebook app now works beautifully. I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one with the lag problem. It made the app unusable for replying to emails and commenting on threads, but seems fine now. Try and delete/reinstall and see if that helps.

When are they going to fix the problem with the news feed? I hate seeing anything but status updates in the news feed, as it gets too cluttered with all the stupid farmville posts and the like. However, every time I leave the news feed or shut off the app for more than a couple hours, it's changed. This didn't used to be the case, but there seems to have been a regression starting around 3.1 or so. Any ideas if this is a feature or a bug, and if it is a bug, when will it be fixed?

It's about time they ended that stupid boycott of the app store. Funny that I can't find the old articles about this because of so many articles about people "boycotting facebook", but FB stopped updating their app because they were upset over app store approval policies. This, of course, hurt no one but US - their user base.
HA! I just made an FB post about the update, then tried to comment on my own post and got the "your comment cannot be posted at this time" error. I could comment on posts made with the previous version, but not the new one! LOL! great. Guess they'll fix that next year.

You can hide the farmville etc crap on the main website and it won't show up on the iPhone app.

I find it amazing that a website as big as Facebook can have such buggy mobile apps. The last iPhone update was full of bugs and took them almost a year to fix it. The Android version is even worse. It's especially bad since the majority of my friends use Facebook mobile more than the website, and hate how crAppy it is...

I removed Facebook 3.1.2 for one single and simple reason: I keep some contact data of people who most decidedly would not approve of finding their names and addresses including secret mobile numbers etc within the FB data storage or the FB community.
It is a scandal that the FB app on the iPhone sends the entire address book.
As long as FB does not correct this, there will be no FB app on my iPhone.

take out all periods cept where they belong
iphone 4.0 on 3gs….ur welcolme!!!

@ Art: I know, but others do not.
@ Boots: maybe a laugh to You, but there ARE people wanting to keep their phone numbers private. So stop sneering.

A correction or two to previous comments. Facebook did not stop updating their app due to frustration with the app store approval process, but the lead developer (the one who originally created both the web and mobile app version of facebook for the iPhone) Joe Hewitt did move to other project/s due to his own frustration.
Another developer/s is in charge of the facebook iPhone app now and it took nearly 6 months to get this one update out. Although it has bugs, it is still the best mobile version of facebook on any handset. If you doubt this, play with a friends BB or Android phone. Hopefully, we will see updates more often in the future.

I agree, the FB app for iPhone is great. As a former iPhone user, it kinda pisses me off that they haven't made the apps for bb or Android up to par with the iphones FB app

Video works...kinda. It redirects to the youtube app, which it didn't before, so that's kinda nice. Would rather it play inside the FB app itself and thought that's what they meant by video now working. Ah well...it's a step forward I guess.

have you experienced some errors like you can't go to your profile after updating to 3.1.3?

i accidentally deleted my facebook 3.1.2 app. my iphone is Unlocked 3.1.2 firmware. Will the 3.1.3 facebooks new app work with my iphone. i heard that it might Locked the unit. im just anxious about trying to upload the new facebook app or not, cuz it seems that i couldn`t get back the old 3.1.2 app already.
help help help!!!

Why can't I reach my apps from my previous posts??? For example I cud go bak to my previous post on amora or horoscope n it wud take me to the app so I cud see today's post but now I can't!!!!what happened?

Since I updated, I'll get notifications about comments made, so I'll click on them, and it will just show me the original post with none if the comments! I have to go to my profile and click load new posts (sometimes several times) and then click on the comments there. It's getting pretty annoying...

Btw, I've deleted/reinstalled and turned my phone off and on a few times...
And why haven't they fixed the bug that shows your previous employer? My profile still won't update my new employer. I've seen complaints about this for 2 years!! I understand it may not be the #1 priority, but 2 years?!

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