Facebook for iPhone adds account and privacy settings, fixed photo upload bug

Facebook has once again updated their iPhone and iPod touch app, this time adding access to account and privacy settings and fixing a photo upload bug. The new version (3.3.2 for those keeping track at home) lets you access the settings via the Account button at the top left of the home screen, but then simply loads the Facebook.com web page. It's nowhere as good a user experience as if they added those settings to the app proper, but it does mean Facebook won't have to update the app whenever they update those pages (it also means you can use it as a way to move between the app interface and the website without having to jump to Safari).

The photo upload bug fix is nice to see. The "no iPad version" bug persists, however.

If you've tried out the settings, and if photo uploads are finally working for you the way they should, let us know!

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Reader comments

Facebook for iPhone adds account and privacy settings, fixed photo upload bug


Sorry but this is a pretty lame attempt to add this feature quickly. I was actually expecting to see native settings when I saw the update in the app store. Facebook really needs to work harder on their mobile platform. I know they announced that's what they'll be doing, but it's not evident that it's actually happening.

Redth: With all due respect... what would you like to see and, have you contacted them? It sounds like you know more than they seem to at this time.

This update is an example of the mistakes a lot of companies make. Why add this "stop-gap solution"? Why not just take the extra time to add these features natively? Consistency is the key.

What is the photo upload bug? Is it related to your uploaded photos not coming up in the news feed because that's the bug I noticed. Actually even updating your status doesn't show up in the news feed. If I use Safari to change my status, it shows up though.

Groups still don't work either. I was excited to finally be able to use facebook groups with the announcement a few weeks ago, and then excited when I saw the update. I really don't get how a professional app can be buggy like this. Even with all the amateur apps on my phone I'd say only 1 (wordwise pro) is buggier than facebook!

All the more reason they should NOT have their own device... They can't even make an app that doesn't suck 95% of the time. What makes anyone think a facebook UI will actually function as intended? Ha!

The only bug fix on the iPhone they need to do is fix the damn refresh bug! Nearly every time I scroll down to view more newsfeed messages, it resets to the top of the feed. Unusable!

Abear1619. Why don't you try restarting your phone. You can't always just download an app stare at the screen and expect it to work. Have you done anything to fix the problem yourself? Restart the phone, hard reset the phone restore from a backup, restore as new read the owners manual?

Like Chris, I also can't refresh the news feed. I deleted the app, reset the phone (iPhone 3G) and reloaded FB but the problem persists. Most annoying.

I think there may be a problem with the site in conjunction with the app. I've gone thru every permutation of re-booting, re-installing, etc. Sometimes it works, 90% of the time it doesn't. Most annoying quirk is when it decides to upload to the mobile uploads folder but not post, which is what it's doing lately. Really sad.

I'm with the others app 3.3.2 3GS and I can't upload photos to FB, even after the uninstall/reinstall fix. I also cannot "load more photos..." from friend's photo pages.