Facebook for iPhone down - crashing repeatedly

Facebook for iPhone seems to be experiencing some -- hopefully temporary -- problems as we're getting flooded with users saying it's crashing for them on launch, repeatedly.

So take some solace in knowing it's not you or your iPhone, it's Facebook. Feel free to sound off in the comments until they get it fixed...

Update: As mentioned below, remember Facebook is a website and you can still go to http://www.facebook.com on your iPhone while you're for the app to come back online.

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Facebook for iPhone down - crashing repeatedly


Noticed since last update it doesnt push new posts/replies or check when you open it for new news feeds
I also noticed if you close it down in multitasking it will check next time its opened...... surely they will find a way to fix this...its crazy to expect people to go in and kill it after everytime they open it in order to not have to manually hit the "load new posts" button

For all of you freaking out, remember that there is a web app which is just as good as the actual app. That's what I'm using uniltil Facebook fixes the bugs, and it's working better than the app.

Was experiencing the same thing tonight. I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled, and it works fine now. Not sure if it was just a coincidence, but it works ok for me now. Hope this helps!

Seesmic for iOS4 is also affected by this... it's got to be an API error, given the number of apps affected, and it may related to the fact that Facebook has been having problems for hours with the news feed updating properly on the website.

Good to know it's facebook not the phone. There better be an update within the next few days.
Twitter @n2quared

Oh good. It's not just me. This is the first problem I've ever had since Facebook for iPhone first arrived so I'm not too annoyed.

Omg when is this gonna be fixed! Had no idea tipb were up at this time lol it's a kinda cool!

Crashing also. I heard that there is (was) security problem and this is for our own good.

Yep, Facebook app is down as well. Thought it was my phone but Im glad it isnt!! Did not realize how addicted my friends and I were until we couldn't get on it!! LOL well hope everyone has a great night!!!

Yup miness down as well. I'm pretty sure that the Blackberry app was having issues like this a couple weeks ago. FB might be the worst app on the iPhone. Push is way hit and miss and has never really worked right.

Mine is not working at all right now. It hasn't worked correctly in months though. I can't post on other's walls or update status.

Thanks! Just spent 10 mins fiddling with apps and facebook settings. Glad its not my phone. I'm sad to learn how crazy this made me.

Serves me right for not checking here first. Kept uninstalling & reinstalling, then just gave up. Glad to see it's not just my phone, looking forward to a fix.

This problem goes past just the Facebook app, I tried adding a Facebook column to the iPhone Tweetdeck app. And it causes the app to crash as well....

thats strange that it causes that to crash by you can access it through safari fine...and why not a message that says "facebook is unavailable at this time" or something along those lines.. so people like us dont go nuts uninstalling and reinstalling or thinking something is wrong with their phone

Same issues here; reinstalling does no good. I've also noticed in the past few days issues on the website when logging in from Safari on my MBP. My news feed doesn't always show the latest updates from friends and "liked" pages. It won't even show stuff I've just posted, though those will show up on my profile page. Looks like FB's got some work to do!

It was doing this earlier, then it worked, now it's broken again. Hopefully they're working on it.
Their dev team really needs to jump on it though. They've been kinda slow on updating these past few times and a few new features and UI tweaks would be nice.

Worked all day just fine... Then about 2 or 3 hrs ago it starts crashing!! This sucks because I'm addicted to facebook!! Lol jk

mine keeps crashing.facebook also needs to get there act together if they were a paid app id request a refund!

Mine has been for around two hours, over and over again crashing down. I restarted my phone for around three times and nothing happened. I hope they put their hands on it rapidly.

Thanks for reporting this, I deleted the app and redownloaded it trying to fix it.
Now I can just relax - life is short.

Yep, the Facebook app is crashing all over. Just login to the website, the old fashioned way until they get things sorted out.

The problem is not the app, the problem is on the back end... Something the people at Facebook need to fix because Facebook will cause Tweetdeck to crash if you have it open as a column.

Just started crashing for me about an hour ago. I cant fix it, and I am extremely computer literate. For the hell of it, I'll add that I'm certified too. That means that this extremely frustrating as I have to resort to leaving comments instead of fixing it as I do with all other computer related problems. I am this close to destroying something. Facebook is my most used app and I hate the mobile app. FIX THIS FACEBOOK. NOW.

Well...i have the iphone 4 and upon selecting facebook app, it begins to load and then just goes back to my main page...frustrated at the moment. Its 9:46pm in Colorado, and im jealous that 11:41pm guy got it working, so if he is on the east coast it must be working its way out west, Fingers crossed, all i can say is WTF facebook :(

If it's facebook, it's not affecting other cell phones (as in the Palm Pre and Pixi) or anything else. So I think we can assume it's apple or the iphone. Sorry, iphone proves again it's not that great

Well mine is working again...i honestly cant think of what happend. Well the only way i can think it only crashed on Iphones is because its an app, blackberrys and other phones just get on there internet, so ofcourse it will work for them. It may be just a malfunction on facebooks app in itself. its small software we download to our mini computers, so malfunctions are bound to happen, with any phone, not just the iphone.

I was able to fix the problem be deleting the app on my iPhone, then removing "Facebook for iPhone" on my Facebook account, and then reinstalling the iPhone app again.

It works fine on everything except the news feed WHICH IS GODDAMN IMPORTANT! I also noticed in the pastdays that when i post or comment on anything the app crashes.

@chanell on blackberrys it IS an app.. my sisters got a blackberry and shes sitting next to me.. no problems for her tho

on a side note.. has anyone been having problems with push notifications from the facebook app? like all day?

The fb website has a link for their 'mobile' version which seems to formatted for the iPhone / smartphones... and it is functioning fine.

Both my iphone 4 and my wife's 3g, running lastest iOS, were out for about 2 or 3 hours. But as of 12am July 14, it's loading up and fully accessible. at least here in BK NY

@elementbt, i have been having problems with push. But at the same time that the FB app was out over the last two hours or so, i was having activesync problems with my work and gmail accounts. all seems good now

Mine is back up here in CT but yea my push notifications are sporadic. 1 out of maybe 5 will actually notify me...let's hope for an os update soon. Not just fb

Glad to know that I wasn't the only one experiencing it. The app seems to be working fine now, but it was down (crashing at startup) for a couple of hours.

FB app sucks / sucked always. Push is slow, can't publish certain things. They haven't even updated for OS 4 or iPad? They are not worried about our little iPhone issues

I think it's late to post this, but when I notice it was crashing I just changed to see only status updates and that worked. Is someone is still having problems try that.

FB app is always sketchy. There is a lot of times I can't upload my pics. In was crashing on me tonight like mention above.

Sign out then in again. Took me a few attempts but it seems to have fixed the problem !!!!

Every since the good code monkey left, that app has been garbage. I'm thinking of replacing with bookmark icon instead. Less hassle. Crappy app.

The app has always been a half working piece of garbage for me. It functions well enough to view the news feed, take 1+ minute to freeze the app while posting anything, and click 'like'...that's about it.

Too bad I didn't read this post last night. My wife was experiencing these issues on her 3GS. I teased her that it was because she was running iOS 3.1 rather than 4 (I was kidding of course). After her Facebook app immediately crashed, I pulled it up on my 3GS running iOS 4 and it worked without any issues. I guess I had good timing because when she pulled it up a little later, it was working again.

That was very annoying....glad to know that it was a facebook problem....so what exactly happened to make it crash on startup like that.

I have the latest OS available(4.0.1), and it is almost like the Facebook app (3.1.4) is nearly incompatible with the new OS. The app crashes, lags, I can sparsely update my status without it giving me "Error could not update your status at this time". I can't load any pictures, and it's kicked me off(logged me off) a few times too. I am glad to know it's not my phone, though.

The problems ARE DEFINITELY NOT FIXED. I'm in San Francisco running 3.1.2 on a 16 gig 3GS. iTunes wont download 3.1.4 for me I guess because I don't yet use a 4G. I STILL have any one or more of the following problems DAILY EVEN WITH OR WITHOUT SOLID WIFI CONNECT: 1.) Freezes so that I can't scroll down or press any buttons like post or even navigate in any way, so I have to hit home key and then re-run app - repeatedly. 2.) no content behind notifications, getting "error" or there is simply no content. 3.) No notifications, but I can see there are obviously new ones because I'm synched to get an email for each notification. 4.) says "error" posting my comment, the when I try again I find that the comment has been posted multiple times even though the error message made it seem as if it wasn't posting. 5.) when I view my friends pages from my list of friends, no recent updates since the last time I viewed their page from friends list. 6.) completely kicks me off ----SUPER FRUSTRATING. I've re-synched to computer, uninstalled and re-installed. Took a poll of FB friends all having similar issues as of today. No avail.

Facebook opens on my 3GS iPhone then goes back to app pages after about 4 secs! Been doing if for 11 hours now what's going on???

I am having the same issue. Facebook app starts up and as soon as it starts getting latest update it crashes, it simply vanishes from my screen and I get the main iPhone screen. I am using iPhone 3GS.

I am still having problems with Facebook and my iPhone 3GS. It started yesterday. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and it is still shutting down after 4-5 seconds. Does anyone have a solution yet?

I am having the same issue to... Tried all tips and tricks and it's not working. This means the issue is not at our end. Let's wait for an app. Update

Wish I would have read the reviews BEFORE I updated the app!! Been waiting for DAYYSS now.. Anyone read those reviews at the app store for facebook? People are soooo angry! I admit to being one of those pissed off people but I'm sure facebook is working on the problems. They don't want to put out another update untill they're sure it's going to satisfy their users. Plus I'm sure once we get a decent facebook update we won't be so quick to downloading a new version!

Same problem, started today Germany. I had not uploaded the newest app, thought it might help, uploaded it this afternoon, no help. Still getting put off as soon as I connect 3-4 seconds! Glad it isn't my phone!!

Still does not stay connected. Thanks, Rene, though for reminding me that (silly me for not thinking of it) I could still get on through the website!!!

I have the same problem. It opens up and freezes then shuts down and go back to the home screen after few seconds. It happened after the latest update of face book specifically 2 days ago. I have iphone 3g and it was working perfect until 2 days ago.

Ditto yesterday everytime I tried to load new status' or click on anything crashed and dissapeared today won't even load! Opens for a second or two and then closes straight away! iPhone 3gs

My Facebook for iPhone on my 3G has been crashing all day. When I open Facebook, after a few seconds Facebook crashes and I get the ap screen. This morning it was a little bit better (it worked expect I could not see my own profile) but now forget it! I have removed and reinstalled Facebook for iPhone 3 times today but it did not help. I must assume that this is a problem with the ap, and hopefully Facebook will get a fix soon!

Thank goodness I'm not the only one..
I uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted the iphone and still it's giving me grief.. Can log into FB via PC or Telstra hub, jsut not the phone..
Now that I've read eveyrone elses.. I'll give it a rest until someone sorts it.

HI All,
Facebook is still creation problem with me... after the update its not working fine.. when r they gonna fix it...

FB will open then freezes only to return to app window. This began to happen when I downloaded the upgrade. Will this be solved soon?

I have the exact same problem. Ever since the last FB iPhone app update my 3GS can't open the app. It crashes about 3 second after attempting to open.

Mine is also crashing. It opens and then after sometime closes the facebook window.. any suggestion pls..

As I said in my post of Nov. 11, I had problems with Facebook for iPhone version 3.3.1. I had deleted and updated about 6 or 8 times in the last 4 days but update was always the same and the problem still was there. It is now Monday Nov. 15 at about 10: 30 AM EST. Just a few minutes ago I again deleted Facebook for iPhone and believe it or not, THERE IS A NEW VERSION AVAILABLE! This is version 3.3.2 and I just deleted 3.3.1 and uploaded 3.3.2 and what do you know! IT'S WORKING! Just letting everyone know. Sandy

same here with me..my facebook keeps crashing everytime i opened it..i have to change immediately from live feed to status update to prevent it from crashing..glad to know that the problem was from facebook..not because of my iphone..

Samma dilmma på min iPhone 4. Loggades ut efter några sekunder. Avinstallation och ominstallation av app fungerar ej (provade ca 10 ggr). Efter timmar av problemlösning hittade jag svar som FUNGERADE!!
Open facebook on your pc and remove the facebook for iphone application from the list of registred app. - Uninstall facebook app from iphone - Then reinstall facebook app in the phone.

Merry Christmas from San Diego, Ca!
I too have just begun to have problems with Facebook shutting down and going back to the 'sign-in' page each time I touch on a FB feature (update, status, etc)... and also...it seems to take NUMEROUS times for my FB to FINALLY open and STAY OPEN! WHATS UP????

Mine just started crashing this morning. Last night it was ok woke this morning and just keeps shutting down when I try to log on. Is this just my luck?

I have an Iphone 3GS and every time i open the facebook app, or click any tabs in the app it logs me out or shuts down. This has been a problem for a month. I believe it's the same glitch as everyone else.

mine the same too..till today still the same thing .. getting very piss off now..:( no resolution at all..

Pathetic! They obviously don't care that it's not working... This has been a problem for months! I have a 3G aswell but newer versions have the same prob. They should have put a warning and removed the update to Dave us all this bother! Blaugh!!!

So that's what happened to my app, it crashed a couple of days ago. I started loading something and the screen went black and still is black. It is so annoying, please fix it asap, thanks!

just started happenin' to me this week after workin' fine on me iPhone4 for almost a year!
uninstalled recently installed apps, just incase it was them, but to no avail.. =(
any ideas??

I tried installing the update for the Facebook app on my 3G and since then the app won't open on my iPhone. I have tried restarting my phone and plugging it into iTunes to see if the computer would reset it. It still isn't working.

The app is constantly crashing and unusable. It fixed itself for a couple of days, but the problem is now back. Hopefully an update comes out soon to fix the issue.

My FB app only stays open for a few seconds then shuts down for no apparent reason making the app unusable. This just started happening this week. Stupid FB; stupid iPhone

As of July 13th mine is still not working right. Status's are not updating and it's showing status's that are old. Everything else works okay, chat etc. Just the status's are not showing up!!

Is yours still messed up? Mine may say that I posted a comment 10 minutes ago....for hours and showing no comments. Through the app...I can only see them and make further comments on my status through notifications. Have you found a fix yet??

Same thing is happening to me. I have iPhone 3, showing updates that are a few days old. Tried deleting appband reinstalling, still not right! What do we do, anybody?

I have a 3GS....now July 16..for the last week or so if I post a status...it may say 14 sec ago...but it will say that for seeral hours showing no comments. The site is fine...but in the app...I can only see the comments through notifications....I've turned off...logged off...still comes back bad. :( it'll finally catch up the next day.

Mine still doesn't work as of August 4th 2011. It won't load anything and just crashes constantly before I can even see my most recent news...Getting frustrated. I even go on the Facebook mobile site and It still crashes, not as often, but as soon as I try to post comments on anything it just crashes. I hope they fix this soon!

Yes, every time I go to my messages it goes back to my home screen! And when I try to reply it leaves the key pad up so I can't perform any other functions!!
Get it together Facebook!!!!

My daughters FB news feed flashes on & off, then crashes. She recently did an app update, but I did also and mine works fine. This is on AT&T iPhone 3Gs.

I have had nothing but problems w/ this app. Thought it was fixed but then it wouldn't update. I deleted the app 1c again & reinstalled it & now it won't log in. So frustrating!

This is currently happening to me constantly any time I open fb app using 3G on wifi it seems ok. I have deleted and reloaded the app with no change. Any updates ?

The Facebook app on my 3 GS loads up and logs me in great, but when I view my friends profiles or even my own, it won't let me scroll up nor down, it's like it's frozen even though I can still click on the links and scroll through my friends "info" and "photos"
Is that a problem to which other people are experiencing? Or is that just me?

Im having the same problem. I cant scroll up or down on my own profile or my friends profiles either. Getting annoyed with it now!!!

Mine is not allowing me to see my page, it only shows a white screen than some times it will show my facebook page but refuses to let me get any mess or go to profile or any other page

Chadderz I'm having same problem with fb scrolling on app with iPhone4. Ok with Internet - just with app ? Won't let me scroll down on profiles - my own included :-/

I have now joined this club today. I can't scroll down my wall as well as my friends' walls. I have no problem scrolling up and down the info and photos. I did all i can to refresh my screen from logging out of facebook to rebooting my handset.

when I upload pictures to facebook it crashes on the newest update of the app. and I can't use it after it opens and crashes I have to delete it and re-install!!

Everyone can get on my iPhone and log into Facebook but me. I log in and get connection error. Same phone just different accounts. Using the app or on line on Safari. What's going on?! I can see my pic and some statist updates my info but not my page. Grrr everyone else can using my same phone
I can get on my home colored and it works

on 31 dec 2011 i install new facebook for iphone and delete the old facebook,my problem is if i update a status its shows via moble web not via iphone. i need help pls

Finally...a solution!! I deleted the iPod Photo Cache in both places as described by Aayush 08/21/11 and it worked!! Thank you!!

Crashes everytime i open facebook!! I thought it was the new update this confirms it. why do they change a good thing ? Just let it be!!!
white&neonGreen iPhone 4s iOS 5.0.1 Jb untethered LOVE IT