Facebook for iPhone and iPad now lets you choose which album when uploading photos

Facebook for iPhone has received a little update, today, that now allows users to choose an album when uploading photos (finally!). Facebook also claims that the News feed and Timelines load and open faster.

Now, Facebook doesn't give any detailed information about how much faster the News feed loads and claims to have "completely rebuilt" Timeline so that it opens faster on your iPhone. No details on exactly what was changed.

So we'll ask you, oh awesome readers, do you agree with Facebook's claims? Does your News feed and Timeline indeed load any faster? And what about album selection when uploading photos? Excited about that addition?

Leanna Lofte

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There are 7 comments. Add yours.

BlackB_G says:

That"s rather surprising. This feature has been on Facebook for BlackBerry for ages mayn. Goodstuff tho.. can't hate.

djayme7 says:

junk! it lost the ability to remove or add people to your newsfeed. downgrade.

Nerfsqueezer says:

Not sure I want Facebook having my photos

Jay Mobile says:

Google+ had this feature from the beginning

RdoubleU says:

How do you do it in the google+ app? I've been trying to figure it out.

sonar_chris says:

Facebook notification sounds are still broken. Not a good update.

rjkolo says:

FINALLY!!! I was able to do this on my BlackBerry ages ago...