Facebook for iPhone not playing nice with Jailbreak, fix coming soon

Facebook 3.2 brings Places to iPhone

If you read the comments on our Facebook 3.2 and Facebook 3.2.1 posts, you might see that the latest version(s) of the uber-popular social networking app is having a little trouble on Jailbroken iPhones. Looks like Facebook is aware of the problems and working on a fix:

If you have a jailbroken device, you may have experienced problems with our latest updates. We've identified the issue and have an update with a fix coming soon. Thank you for your patience.

BiteSMS for Jailbreak is often mentioned as a source of conflict. Until the fix is pushed out, you can uninstall it to get Facebook working, or just use touch.facebook.com to get your social on.

[Facebook, thanks Robert!]

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Reader comments

Facebook for iPhone not playing nice with Jailbreak, fix coming soon


If you read the facebook security post, more users are concerned with other major problems. Spam, highjacked accouns, and so on. I get the impression places is not popular with most users.

Number 1: Jailbreaking is legal. And even when it was a 'shady area' jailbreaking in itself isn't wrong or a rime in any way.
Number 2: I have biteSMS and the new FB update and they're playing nicely... Guess I must just be lucky :)

Funny how mine is JB, and works fine, but my friends brand new iphone 4 facebook does not work.... its not the jailbrea but nice try facebook.

BiteSMS dev will have a version out on monday and has a fix ont now.
Facebook also said they'll have a fix out. As it's not just biteSMS that conflicts with it.
As for the jailbreak talk in this thread, I wouldn't own an iphone if it couldn't be modified. That's always been part of owning a smartphone.

Mines working fine. Jailbroken 4.0 and @niners fan, I wouldn't have my iPhone any other way.

I've got a Jailbroken iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0.1. I don't have bite SMS and facebook worked prior to their update. Sounds like Facebook is using the jailbreak as a scapegoat.

Let's see... biteSMS or Facebook... hmmm.... I'm gonna have to go with biteSMS all day, everyday!!! That app is more valuable than over 50% of the stuff currently in the App Store now and is how Apple should have made their Messaging app! Who wouldn't like to reply to texts from the lockscreen and select ringtones for each SMS contact? I mean... C'MON!!! ;)

Works fine with my jailbreak iPhone 4. What kinds of problems are people experiencing? (I don't have biteSMS installed, so that may be why.)

I have posted a simple fix for this on my site, this means BiteSMS and FaceBook 3.2.1 can co-exist.

I don't think fb is using jb a a scapegoat. They said out right that's in an issue on jb and will fix it on their end. Mine works fine so idc :)

Latest FaceBook on JB 3Gs running 3.1.2
works fine. No issues. Do not want "Places" went in and deactivated it. FB gets more shady all the time. Gotta keep an eye on them and what they "opt you into".

to jailbreak4ever and tulliver and others with the same comment... jailbreaking IS NOT ILLEGAL at least not anymore in the USA, BUT you do loose your warranty with apple....just restore if possible before getting it serviced and you're good. you guys need to read the news a little more.

oh by the way, facebook says they are coming out with an update to their app what will work again for those with issues here soon.

@tulliver, i stand corrected, miss read, but the fool part you know what you can do with it. don´t bother replying i won't be checking this page anymore as it served its purpose.

JB'ed iP4 running iOS 4.0.1 and have biteSMS installed... FB 3.2.1 no worky... Comes up with error when viewing my feed... If I log out can't log back in... I removed the FB app on my iP4 and then resync'ed with iTunes to get the older version of FB reinstalled... I'll have to wait for the fix before updating the FB app again...

PS - I had not backed up my iP4 after installing the updated FB app, so that's why I was able to delete and get older version that was backed up in iTunes.

mine also jailbroken 3.1.2, but nvr got such problems complained by others. ANy versions work fine. Really dont understand what others are complaining.

Wow what a sucker, you drank the Kool Aid thats why you have no other option but ATT for your Iphone. Unlocked phone users excercise their freedom of choice and option. Hahaaaha You clown