UPDATED: Facebook for iPhone sneaks in UI changes in recent update

Facebook for iPhone received an update today, and despite being absent from the release notes, profile pages have received a UI change. The change brings uniformity to the app in that you will find Share Photo and Write Post buttons across the top of profile pages. These are similar to the Photo, Status, and Check-in buttons on the news feed.

Here are the traditionally cryptic release notes that Facebook did include with the update:

  • Various bug fixes
  • Improved security

I am always bothered when Facebook doesn't inform us exactly which of the many bugs have been fixed, so if you've discovered what some of them are, please let us know!

What do you think about the new profile pages?

UPDATE: @SohrobN has let us know that you can now save photos with the Facebook app! Just tap the arrow while viewing a photo and tap Save Photo.

UPDATE: Yet another hidden feature has been discovered: the ability to turn HD VIdeo Recording on or off. You can do this within the

[Free - iTunes link]

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Reader comments

UPDATED: Facebook for iPhone sneaks in UI changes in recent update


Sometimes the previous version of the app would crash if I scrolled up fast... that doesn't seem to be happening since I updated...

They fixed a photo album bug where photos after the 60th didn't load
Also caching issues seeing the wrong photos after posting.

In the previous version I kept getting badged as if I had a new message or comment by a friend when it was the same one I cleared several times. This version seemed to have fixed that bug.

Now in Settings.app if you click on Facebook you get on option to turn on Record HD video and two options for chat. I think they weren't been there before.

Being able to use lists is working again - it was broken for a few months. Now I can see the news feed of just people in particular lists vs. everything.
This was huge.

Facebook app had always been buggy, but it was extra buggy once I started running the iOS 5 beta .. It seems with the update it's smoother now; no longer getting the "no internet connection" screen and I'm finally able to post comments again.

This is the worst up date to date. Although I've noticed it now has copy & paste. Of couse it's unreliable. But my biggest gripe is the news feed is never in the correct order & it changes that order each time it opens.

With this update, I can't post a comment on people's walls now. I thought it was my phone but think that it has something to do with the update on June 29. My screen looks exactly the same as above and looked different before. How do you all post on friend's walls now? Thanks.