Facebook for iPhone updated

Facebook for iPhone has been updated.

  • Restored the Send button for Comments, Chat and Messages
  • Restored friend lists to the News Feed filter
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused the app to crash

A Facebook update isn't complete without the cryptic "bug fixes" claim. What bugs have you experienced to be fixed. More interestingly, what new bugs have been introduced?

[iTunes link]

Leanna Lofte

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Still Crap...

Jordan Hoffmann says:

There needs to be a "Tweetbot" like Facebook app. That'd be sick. This app is terrible, and it has been for a long time.

Anonymous28 says:

one of the most buggiest app in the world. if only the world knew how bad this app is. the media should really address it, just like they address Facebooks success.

Janis says:

I'd had trouble with box to type in disappearing.

usmc says:

Better yet, the entire app is a bug. The notifications are horrible and never work.

HYss says:

Doesnt work for me..it cant load my recent status n top news..sick

DataCentre says:

Update sucks! Won't update any feeds! m.facebook.com is way better!

Djbk1200 says:

Haven't been able to view updated comments on uploaded pictures for about a year now. Plus you can't "like" comments. WTH? You would figure with all of these geeks diligently writing code day in and day out, their iPhone app would be firing on all cylinders. Instead it is quite the opposite. Fail.

No says:

To view updated comments on pictures click "see all", wait for the thumbnails to load and then go back to the picture. Voila, comments are refreshed.

Ewheeler1976 says:

That works but is ridiculously convoluted

Chris says:

I really wish they would relase a Friendcaster for iPhone. They have an iPad app but it does nothing. The Friendcaster for android does so much more. You can like posts, comments and see who like them. Post on your pages. A lot.

Benjamin Woodruff says:

Might actually be a good time for me to delete FB for iPhone lol. I barely check it on my MacBook and it will never be that good on mobile anyway. Google+ is now my favorite messaging app (huddles), local people finder (nearby), and reader of interesting stuff from people I follow. It's like the best of Twitter, FB and other parts of the web ;-)

Thebairdcave says:

Worst app I have on my phone. It is constantly crashing and never works properly. Maybe it's time to delete it. Sorry Facebook but you suck!

Ez says:

Native app is crap! I use facely hd for fb access and its much better.

Gregz0r says:

No idea what you guys are doing, but the app never crashes for me, before or after the update.

NotHomer says:

I have been having issues with the way that FB for iPhone has been updating. The first update that shows will be from 9PM the night before, followed by a post from two hours ago, followed by a post from 2 minutes ago. It's like it can't sort. Starting to use Hootsuite to review and make posts on my iPhone.

Darren says:

The app likes to not post when I really want to post something or upload a picture. Seriously the one app I have that I can't count on. Hope the "bug fixes" work.

Macktor says:

Doesn't work for me - updated the app and it crashes everytime I tried to load it.

Brian Megilligan says:

Bug fixes? After updating the app, I launched the app and it crashed. Launched again and it crashed. Had to restart the phone to get it to work right.

Makeme1witheverything says:

And where is the long promised ipad version? Wasn't it supposed to be released like weeks ago?

Carl - TheiCloudBlog.com says:

Mine kept crashing when viewing messages. This update has fixed it at long last!

Andy Vuong says:

Mine does the same, every time I click to view a message it crashes! Very annoying!

Dudley228 says:

After the update, there are no notifications. I have the number of notifications before opening the app, but after opening it doesn't let me see them.

Acollen45 says:

via iphone to via facebook mobile..wat da hack?