Facebook for iPhone updated to 3.2.1 to fix bugs, deny Places to those outside US

Facebook 3.2.1 for iPhone

Yesterday saw the launch of Facebook 3.2 with Places support for iPhone, and today sees Facebook 3.2.1 with bug fixes and the explanation that Places is being rolled out slowly and is currently not available outside the US.

If this update solved any problems you were having, or clarified any confusion -- did it give you Places?! -- let us know!

[Thanks @shlov1]

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There are 73 comments. Add yours.

Glenn#IM says:

Oh yea, my update only said bug fixes. No note stating what.

MikeD says:

No NOTE on mine either...

elementbt says:

I never dloaded 3.2 because of all the claims of it not working for most people.. Figured since now its 3.2.1 they had fixed it.. Upgraded, now it doesn't work at all.

Megaman says:

Nope didnt fix my problem,
Cant even login. Says unable to connect to facebook.

Whatsupchia says:

FB update does not work for JB users especially if u use biteSMS. U will have to go to sbSetting and disable biteSMS. That's how I got it to work!

TT says:

Upgraded 3.2 yesterday and it worked for a few hours. Then had issues logging back in with error message, "Login Failed" Unable to connect to Facebook. Please try again later" Several attempts with uninstalling/reinstalling to 3.2.1 and rebooting the Iphone4 were unsuccessful.

attathomeguy says:

places not working for me on 3.2.1

elementbt says:

@Chiapet If we disable biteSMS we will not be able to use it correct?

Whatsupchia says:

@Element that is correct I uninstalled it and emailed biteSMS to report the issue. Their email address is help@bitesms.com make sure on the subject line you write NOT FAQ or otherwise you will get an auto reply! Good luck. This pisses me off!! 

Chris says:

I'm currently traveling in the USVI, the I was able to download the update this morning, but the new feature is not available here either. And this is a US Territory!

Carlito says:

If u disable bitesms under sbsettings mobile substrate that disables quick reply and quick compose for bite which is the best part of that app.. Pfff

elementbt says:

Anyone know how to downgrade? is it possible?

haveacoke says:

I am in the US, and I can't use Places.. I get the error: "this feature will be available in your region soon." grrr

Berger says:

I confirmed it, bitesms is the culprit. Location feature still "coming soon".
I live in Fort Knox, KY

Leo says:

Updated...still no places...I live in Orlando,Fl

elementbt says:

@T how do i find the earlier version

cory says:

what does the "places" icon do?

Greg Foster says:

love the new places icon, status update doesn't freeze anymore, neither does post. seems a bit faster and i'm all good to go.

BrianTufo says:

I updated today again and everything still works but still no places in my region (northern California).

egcruzer says:

who has gotten "places" to actually work and register a check-in?

keith06t says:

Places isn't even available in Chicago yet...lame

rlewisphilly says:

loaded fine, but "places" is not working in Philly. Screen says it will "soon"! ;-)

Josh says:

Interesting, when I got this update, it didn't mention places (although I had already found out this morning there was no Canada support :()

Mike says:

Still no dice with bitesms

Freiteez says:

It denies people IN the US also...im in the LA area in California and it says not available in my location lol

mikeymike says:

yep, it broke my facebook. can't even log in.

Stephxieh says:

I'm Jailbroken and i had no issue installing the update, it's simply not in my country yet.

Chance says:

Thanks for the note about BiteSMS....I disabled that in SBSettings & now I can sign in to Facebook. I also emailed their suppose as suggested above...hopefully they'll get it fixed. I LOVE BiteSMS....

Ryan Moser says:

Awesome! Lets just hope it fixes the laggy comments and status updates!!

Steve says:

Working for me. Kind of creepy though.

Whatsupchia says:

Here is biteSMS email REPLY:
Indeed the 3.2 update of Facebook seems to have introduced a compatibility issues with biteSMS. Please remember it's not biteSMS that introduced the issue it's facebook.
Internally in Facebook something is causing it not to work, now without the Facebook source code it's not going to be easy for us at biteSMS to locate the issue.
We are certainly trying hard to locate a workaround, but in perspective it's really going to be a long shot. Please apply some pressure to FB as well.
biteSMS team - Just as easy, but cheaper!

nickhlevine#IM says:

Works fine but now I don't have a facebook icon; it's musta blank white square. Anyone else experience this? Pretty annoying

nickhlevine#IM says:

Also, when I make phone calls it no longer syncs correct photos for contacts. Anyone else having these issues

Alex says:

My facebook no longer works. What the hell!

Jeff says:

Same problem as you guys. I can't login to my account.

stuhFAN says:

Downloaded 3.2 this morning. Worked fine. Places isn't available in my region, though. I think I'll hold off on 3.2.1 for now haha. I'm hoping that in addition to fixing the lag when commenting/updating status, it fixes the lag after you 'like' something.

Jay says:

JB iPhone 4 with SMSBite. Installed FB update and couldn't even log in. Deleted SMSBite, reinstalled FB and still no login. So does this FB update not work with JB iPhone ?? Help!?!?!

iPhreak says:

Lame & Fail!! Another button that does nothing....

gooner21 says:

like the twitter style reload pull down option but notifications still dont push!!!!! is it just me or is anyone else having probs with these ???

P0150N37RY says:

The download works fine for me. The places function is having a bitch of a time finding me tho.

P0150N37RY says:

Wait. Did the Facebook Dev straight up forget to implement the usage of the iPhone's location services? It's not even asking for them. That guy really doesn't have a good track record in terms of updates.

HoosierGuy says:

Working fine, on JB phone too. Just logged my location on FB. Kinda cool I guess. Having NO issues. 3.2.1 was the fix for me. Posts loading faster too.

chippy19977 says:

Everything works great for me. Even places. I'm in central PA.

P0150N37RY says:

THERE WE GO. I had to hard reboot my phone to get the location services to kick in. On a non-Jailbroken iPhone 4 with 4.0.2 FW btw.

Mary Anne says:

I don't have BiteSMS but it's not working for me either. Page won't load error. it does work when I'm in safe mode though so there might be something in the mobile substrate add-ons that conflicts with it. I have irealSMS but turning it off in mobile substrate doesn't correct the problem. Perhaps it has the same problem as Gowalla since I can't get Gowalla to work unless I'm in Safe Mode also.

Steven says:

Places works for me. North Alabama

Gambit says:

Downloaded 3.2 but not 3.2.1 after reading the comments. Places worked in SoCal after I also did a hard reboot.

Gordonw says:

With 3.2.1, FB Places now working for me.

Greg Foster says:

Facebook has been working all day for me, never a glitch! Yay.

eddie says:

i live in australia and i got the update yesterday

Boots says:

Still says its not available in my region lol im in the U.S.

BrianTufo says:

hey places works now! i'm about 45 miles north of san francisco! pretty cool feature IMO.

Crayolaboi says:

Tried 3.2 and 3.2.1 neither worked so I downgraded. Maybe 3.2.2?
I also reported a bug through app store for both versions.

Keisuke says:

Rolled out slowly means FRIGGING NEVER.
Thanks again for a feature only made for the USA!

Dexter says:

BiteSMS or Facebook is not a difficult decision by any means. BiteSMS all day any day! ;)

Coffeegrower says:

Places started working for me after 3.2.1 update and a reboot - Hawaii

Roger says:

3.2.1 Is not letting me login. After I attempt to login, I am blocked even on Facebook.com, it tells me site is down for maintenance.

Tazevil says:

I am in France and the update is available too

Jsan says:

Uninstalling bitesms fixed the issue for me.

iphonemilk says:

Does anyone else know how to get the "Exclude" privacy feature working when you post a status?
I choose exclude but then that's it... who am i excluding??

PirateNinja says:

not working Deutschland, damn you Hoff!!! :D

Jose says:

Just use the mobile facebook site via safari if you're not willing to give up biteSMS (like me). It's an acceptable workaround for now, and places functions just fine.

Achint Chopra says:

I am not able to login on Facebook new version 3.2.1 i am getting an error unable to connect please try again later.
I am using iPhone 3G with 3.1.2 OS Version.
Please help me.

Rod says:

I see others on my friends list that has it working, but when I click on my "check in", it just says "locating you" with the loading icon. Never goes away and I'm never located.... -Chicago-

ABCkid says:

i had to disable my bitesms for facebook. & my places work. i checked in yesterday & im in paterson, nj. anyone know a good quick msging app like bite but without the bugs??

Anne says:

I can't upload mobile pics anymore from the new fb app. Well they load but don't post to my page. Is anyone else having those problems?

Angie says:

After the most recent update, if I post a status update from my phone, it'll show on my wall but not in the live feed. No one can see unless they go to my page. Also it takes forever to upload any part of facebook! I'm definitely not liking the new app at all!

Mick says:

I updated my iphone 3 facebook app yesterday and now it crashes after the fully blue loading screen at the start, I wasn't having any problems so I'm contemplating downgrading it