Facebook for iPhone updated with Find your Friends

Facebook for iPhone has been updated with the ability to stalk find your friends.

  • Find your Friends on Facebook using your phone
  • Add your phone to your profile
  • Bug fixes

Apple was rumored to have been working on Find my Friends, did Facebook just beat them to the punch?

Anyone else wish Facebook would explicitly list which bugs have been fixed? If you've noticed any fixed bugs (or the arrival of new ones) let us know in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Facebook for iPhone updated with Find your Friends


Actully I have find my friends on facebook for android and all it is is a service where you can have facebook search your phones contact list to see if any of them have an account on facebook. From there you can add them and if they don't have a facebook you can invite them to facebook. Its not a GPS thing or something like lataude.

this is different than the Android version, it's more like what's on the Facebook website. It should actually be called "People You May Know." It's just a list of people who Facebook thinks you may know.

Its the same thing. Trust me, we got the update before you did. Facebook is tring to make both apps sort of the same.

Find your Friends isn't used to locate your friends location, it's just to find your friends who are using Facebook. It works the same as the feature on the website has always worked.

Exactly. I could see Apple doing a four square deal but it wont work for everyone plus I don;t like the idea of automatically checking someone in. (I mean how would it work in malls? You maybe in the food court but it checks you in Macy's a few doors down)

Not true, lt looks for people on your phone's contact list that are on FaceBook. The flaw is; it doesn't check to see if they are already one of your friends.

It won't. Facebook wants their app to run on mobile devices, and they say the iPad isn't mobile enough - not as mobile as a phone anyway. So, they won't just yet.

Hoping this fixed the photo upload bug. Anyone on here have that? It tells you to save the photo and try uploading later, but "later" never comes. I always have to delete the app and redownload it to get it working, but it only works for a day or two before it stops uploading my photos again.

The only solution I've had is to turn on the location services for the facebook app through settings-general-location services

Not sure about putting the iPhone or iPod Touch in my profile. Reference find my friends, it is usually apparent who is on fb based on the time line on comments, or post. If you just posted, 2 min ago, you are most likely still on. I guess it is good for friends signed in, and are not posting.

i dont know what they meant by bugs fixed but still cant see my facebook status updates not entering live leed

Mine never show up either. I really think its less of a app issue than it is with my account because the iPhone for Facebook app no longer shows up in my app list on Facebook. Thus I have no way to see or change app permissions.

When loading comments through notifications it seems to lag. Or even just not load. Have to completely close the app and even close it for the task bar most the time to get it to load

Does anyone else have problems with peoples profile pictures not updating once they have changed them for the profiles that are made as favorites on the main screen??

Yeah, it will say "blank" has changed his profile picture, and the thumbnail looks different. If you click the pic to full size it remains the old picture (for a day or two).

I wish Facebook would implement a landscape main screen like in the Android version. It gets annoying having to flip back and forth between portrait and landscape.

What bug fixes?
I still had "no internet" issue on my news feed over 3G connections. Everything's fine eccept the news feed. And i'm back to v3.3 again.

How bout picture comments? I don't know how many times I get notified that someone commented on my pic and then nothing is there when I click on the notification.