New Facebook Messages isn't an email killer, but will you use it?

Facebook Messaging

Facebook held a press conference earlier today to announce their new messaging system. Many believed this would be an email killer to compete with the likes of Gmail and Yahoo! Instead, Facebook is launching a revamped messaging system that unifies all communication through email, IM or SMS into an aggregated messaging stream. "It's not e-mail" said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the press event this morning.

The new messaging system is composed of three parts: seamless messaging, cross-platform conversation history and the social inbox. The latter is an inbox for filtering the messages you want, organized by the people you care about. It’s designed to highlight conversations with your real friends and be spam free.

Facebook will also be assigning individual email addresses under the email domain which correlates to the Facebook username in question. The new messaging system will be rolling out to select users over the next couple of months.

What we're curious about is if the update to Facebook Mobile for iPhone late last night had anything to do with the announcement this morning, or will we be getting another yet another update shortly to enable it? And most importantly, will you be using it?

[Facebook via Mashable]

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New Facebook Messages isn't an email killer, but will you use it?


What's the difference between the new mail system and the completely crappy one they had before? And why would anyone want a separate client to access mail? And lastly, since a lot of companies, including mine, block Facebook and other social websites, why would anyone use it? You would have to access their mail system on your iPhone/etc. I'll pass.

It is just a fancy private message that's not so private. I would think fb users would use it the same way they send private mail now. I do not see it as an email killer.

Not really. If I want to send something not so private I'll post on my friends wall, other wise i'll message them, text them or give them a call. (yeah. People still use phones kids)

Facebook will end up just like MySpace — abandoned by way of something better that is sure to come along.

Facebook has been riddled with privacy protection disappointments. I'm not interested in consolidating more information with them. So, no thanks.

Facebook just got a huge rush from the movie. Upto 500 million now. And now just recently seem more daily traffic and hits than Google. So it's going to be a while before it goes anywhere.

I will never use FB for anything private. They sold us out. So now I use them casually for conversations that aren't important. Mundane conversation. Anyhing important I will do by calling, emailing, or texting.

@Maria, you really think a social network had any sort of privacy in the first place? That's like saying you're disappointed because you no longer feel privacy at a local Starbucks. C'mon I'm all for giving Zuckerberg a good ZING, but the first word in social network is "social". You want privacy - unplug your NIC.
But it's all good. I still like you. We can even party because my parents are out of town! [starts popping tops of high life bottles and hands them out to Derek, Maria and GreysonIP.] WOOOO It's a party!!

Recently Messmo has launched new version with 2 new features- Voice message and Real MMS. Now you can send a voice message to your friends, no need to spend money on making calls. Really Messmo is the best in the world.