Facebook reportedly wants to deliver your news with Paper

If there aren't already enough ways to get news focussed content on the web and our mobile devices, it looks like Facebook might be set to get into the space as well. According to re/code, Paper is Facebook's answer to Flipboard, and it could be with us as soon as this month.

The product is known as “Paper,” according to a source familiar with the matter, and it is similar to Flipboard, a buzzy mobile-focused news reading app. Paper looks to be either a standalone mobile application or a Web experience suited to mobile devices, according to this person. Facebook could launch the app before the end of January, this person said, though the timetable could change.

News content, with updates from your Facebook timeline thrown in for good measure. The question isn't so much what, but why?

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Reader comments

Facebook reportedly wants to deliver your news with Paper


Why? Remove clutter from our feeds, but also encourage higher prices or more active promoted stories. Those using this app will likely be more engaged, and result in better eyes for Facebook to market.

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But why should we use it. Making money for Facebook isn't what I meant...

For example. Why would I want to be reading my morning news and then see that an old school friend got a new dog?

Good points. I would think it would remove the Friend news feed. For example, it may include links from pages I like, news sites I like, etc. versus what my buddy in Orlando had for lunch. A less intrusive, yet more direct, way to get the news out if the noise.

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If it is good, sure, I'd try it. Surfacing news for quick access is a good goal. If they do it well I'd use it. Yahoo Digest is currently what I'm using and I like it quite a bit.

The problem for me is that if I take News Feed as an example of what Facebook can do I don't see how I can trust them for news. I end up seeing posts from last year or memes from people I don't talk to over posts from local organizations that I "Like." I don't have much faith in that service.

I'm just hoping that it won't clutter my feed too much or at least it's on a different page that I have to navigate too. It would be kind of confusing if it will all be mixed up on my main timeline/news feed.