Facebook retires Poke and Camera for iPhone from App Store

Facebook discontinues the Facebook Poke and Facebook Camera apps from the iOS App Store

Remember Facebook Poke and Facebook Camera? Don't worry, neither does Facebook. The company has pulled the two apps from the App Store. Facebook Camera was launched in May 2012, while Facebook Poke was launched in December that same year. Neither app came to gain widespread prominence, though they were notable for being the first standalone apps from Facebook.

Facebook Poke was aimed at being a competitor to Snapchat. The app allowed users to to not only 'poke' one another, but also to send private messages, photos and videos. You could give each message an expiration, up to ten seconds, just like on SnapChat.

Facebook Camera on the other hand wasn't competing with any apps per se. Sure, it had some very Instagram-like filters, but it was useful for allowing users to upload multiple photos at once. Something you couldn't do in Facebook's app at the time.

Will anybody out there miss these two apps?

Via: The Verge

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Facebook retires Poke and Camera for iPhone from App Store


I actually USE Facebook Camera since I have two pages...and the fact the Facebook app is so damn slow! (The app is linked to one profile; iOS and Paper is linked to the other...)

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