Facebook video goes iPhone and iPad compatible with H.264

Facebook iPad 1

Speaking of Facebook, it looks like they've joined the growing list of sites that are now providing HTML5 video for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible playback. UPDATE: As noted in the comments, Faceboo

That list now includes YouTube and Vimeo, TED, Brightcove-powered sites such as New York Times and Time Magazine, CBS.com (in trial form),

Good news for us and for Apple, not great news for Adobe on the video front, as yet another reason for needing Flash bites the dust.

And boy does Hulu look like last-mover these days...

[MacStories via Redmond Pie]

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Reader comments

Facebook video goes iPhone and iPad compatible with H.264


I agree this is good for Apple... too bad so sad for Adobe me thinks.
Just a question about the picture posted, what the heck is that in the top-left corner?
Kick Butt

So you're saying we don't need flash anymore?.
even though, it's a sort of "dying technology" now, since HTML5 and Javascript tools are so widely used and open, Flash will always be needed for certain things, and the lack of it's presence on the iPlatform just shortens our usage range.
Just my 2 cents.

"Needed" is a strong word. What will Flash "always" be "needed" for? I'm trying to think of any kind of technology that we've "needed" indefinitely. Floppy disks? Hard drives? CRTs?

so does this apply to videos being played via the facebook app itself? as i remember it you used to just get a popup saying facebook videos arent compatible yet

Has it already been upgraded?? Am still not able to play videos on Facebook when I browse on my iPad.

"Good news for us and for Apple, not great news for Adobe on the video front, as yet another reason for needing Flash bites the dust."
That actually isn't true.
"...for needing Flash [for mobile] bites the dust."
This might be a bit more true but for the web? No way does this even put a dent into it. HTML 5 needs way more than video.play(...) to compete with Flash video. It'll get there but don't think this is a serious step by any means.

I hope the app get updated soon coz itsn't currently supported in mobile version of safari either.

To bad there isn't a native Ipad app yet. The doubled iphone version sucks. Guess i'll be using safari until they get it right.

I don't think this affects adobe, html5 video is absolutely frustrating on my iPad, it is much worse than flash on a desktop. Performance isn't that great, quality options do not even exist, and we cannot manipulate embed videos or do anythingwith it. This is better than nothing but I certainly doesn't replace flash. Not even close.

İt is not even html5.. They are converting video to quicktime friendly format. Search before you report something please!

Berk is right, they're actually transcoding the video to .mp4, either way it's not a good look for flash...

Transcoding to other formats isn't new. People have done it for years (3gp, mov, etc).
Nothing new here and a poorly misleading blog post. :-/ I expect better research.

Isn't html5 video a misnomer, doesn't it just mean that as long as the browser supports the codec it'll play?
I mean just saying html5 doesn't make the world of video sing kum ba ya

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