Farmville HD for iPad Released!

Farmville by Zynga is finally available to iPad owners, in all its HD farming goodness. First made popular on Facebook, we saw Farmville for iPhone. The iPad version is also a free download and as usual, all your normal stuff from your Facebook profile should come down just like it does on the iPhone version. I'm personally not a Farmville user, but I'm sure Leanna is jumping up and down right about now.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

[iTunes Link]

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Reader comments

Farmville HD for iPad Released!


Seriously??? They should have fixed the ever crashing iPhone app first and before that, they should have fixed the actual game.

OMG first they took over Facebook and now they are invading our iPads? LOL did you know that a large percentage of FB users all play that game? Someday I will just have to find the time...

While the graphics look great and we can use the new 3-in-1 harvest/plow/seeder, i get the "out of sync" message each time i try to take care of my fields. I have a full 802.11n wifi with adsl behind it. Is the apps trying to send too much info to zynga ? So far it''s not a success for me...