Flappy Bird: What's your high score?

Flappy Wings: What's your high score?

Flappy Bird seems to have come out of nowhere to become the number one game on the App Store. With graphics that look straight out of Super Nintendo and gameplay that's as simple as it is insanely difficult, it's all anyone seems to be talking about right now, especially if they can get anything over a single-digit high score. Here's how it works — tap to flap and try to avoid the pipes. Touch a pipe and it's game over. No doubt the simplicity and difficulty is what's made Flappy Bird a phenomenon. Nothing spreads by word of mouth faster than the things we love to hate (or hate to love?) I currently max out at 3 (yes, 3!) but I've seen people get double, even triple digit scores. If you've tried Flappy Bird let me know — where does it rate on your love to hate scale? And, most importantly — what's your high score?

(And if you feel the need to improve your high score, don't miss our top 5 Flappy Birds tips, hints, and cheats!

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Flappy Bird: What's your high score?


Yeah, thanks, fixed. My only excuse is that I trained a martial art for 15 years where one of the main movements was "flapping wing palm" :-/

Oh and my score is 37, but I know people that score like 105 and 105, in my classroom I'm just like at the average score haha

My high score is 48 but I agree this game was designed by satan! Btw it's much easier on an iPad!

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I realized that every time I played it I was going to dead anyway, so I give up and deleted it

After playing for a while I usually get between 25-40, my high is 57 though.

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On 32, the game is killing me, get so close to beating my top score but die on like 30 or 31.nothing more frustrating than when you think your going to beat your score.

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NOOO!!! I'm trying my best not to try and play this game 'coz I've heard it's really addicting and I don't want another Candy Crush in my life right now (lol). And now after seeing all the comments, I'm getting more and more interested to try it.

It's fine to try and see how hard it is. I did that and deleted it instantly (about 3 weeks ago) then I noticed it was getting more popular so tried again and it's fun to see how high a score you can get...but unless your competing against a friend the excitement ends there. It won't be like candy crush because there aren't levels. It's a fun way to kill a few minutes every now and then but that's about it.

I got 284...know somewhere where the high scores are posted, I want to know who is number 1....got admit got a little boring after 150 though

The high scores are found by clicking the three orange podium pillars to the right of the play button, you need to sign in with g+ account for future scores to go there. My high score is 171 and I must have died soon after it refreshed because I got a screenshot of me in 59th place =p. I'm thinking today's leader-board gets cleared 12:00A.M. Mountain Time Zone.

There is 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Got up to 5 once, but usually 1-2.

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I didn't even flap my first try. Hit the ground hard. Then I did 6 on my second try. 78! In my third. Now I can't seem to get past 4... So annoying.

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The real question is what's your score on Super Ball Juggling...jk

I got 48. I have photo proof but this game is dead to me already. I don't think I can pass my score. I can almost always start out and get in the 20s. For me it's a rhythm thing. But if the pipes are high and low it can get extremely frustrating since the bird pretty much dive bombs if you aren't tapping.

First thing I did after my brother showed me this game was go to the internet and see if Nintendo filed a lawsuit against them , ha ha.

Didn't realize this flappy bird thing became such a phenomenon even celebs are tweeting about here's a hilarious one from Rainn Wilson. "The nickname my wife gives my penis #flappybird" hahahahaha. Think I'll stick to tiny wings.

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I downloaded after reading your article and didn't stop playing until I had beaten your high score of 3, Rene. Took about half an hour, but finally got 7! :D

I hate this game... People at school are going f-ing crazy over it. When it released I download it but delete it in a few minutes, I don't understand how people like this strange games that appear out of nothing.

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I know at least 5 kids at my school that have got over a hundred. I believe they ranged between 117 and 153

Only 22 so far :( I don't believe these liars who say they've gotten over 400 on twitter lol

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My High Score is 409. I score in the 80-100 range consistently. My score before that was 274 and then I got on a roll and crushed it. I have told people to tell me a score to get and played until I got it and then screen shot that score which also shows the high score just to prove it lol. This game has consumed me hahaha

6. I hate that bird! The part that makes me want to throw my phone is there is no replay button - takes 3 taps to start again. Just a one tap would make it a lot more fun to try. After getting to 1 or 2 I want to dive right back in ;-)

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Been playing for 1 day .. took me a while to get passed 9 . Then a big flukey fly to 44 ... then 49 ... but I always die at 49 ... like 30 times in a row ... am I cursed ? Does anyone else have this problem ...

This game really tests my patience. With a high score of 59, this game manages to frustrate me everyday! But I still can't put it down, haha

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This game really tests my patience. With a high score of 59, this game manages to frustrate me everyday! But I still can't put it down, haha

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Current best 24

I was introduced to flapping by 'dear' friends who decided I needed something other than a crushing saga to occupy my spare time. I began my quest in flapping past those wretched green pipes about an hour ago. I must admit my first attempt at flapping saw me face planting with a magnificent score of zero. However not to be defeated I tried again and this time success... I passed the first pipe (all I have to say on that is utter elation!) With each pipe I now pass, I get a slight fluttering right here *points* in the pit of my stomach. I feel a mixture of joy and dread watching my flappy bird miss those pipes by mere millimetres. And then the inevitable happens and I tap once too much or not enough...such is the life of a new flappy bird addict.

I'm at war with friends on this game, however iv just managed to hit 313 on my iPhone! Genuine with witnesses!

i really dont get why ppl cant get over one digit numbers. i KNOW for a fact im not good at this kind of games. only started playing flappy bird yesterday. im now 113. i hear ppl score over 300. anyone know a high score board?

Don't think there's a scoreboard really ;P but the highest legit score i've heard of, is 722. My personal high score is 412 and i'll get higher!

Wow. That's playing for about 30 minutes without a break in concentration. Impressive. I choked at 399 (my high). Thought I was gonna break 400 and just choked. Now I constantly get to about 250 and fugg up. :(

Hey idk what to say here, but im looking for anyone who is legitly better than me at flappy bird.. My previous high score was 271, but this morning i beat that and went all the way to 421. If anyone jas more than that plz let me know so i can beat yu. Thanks

sup jackson, i got 412 this morning which is my high score, my previous high score was 130, never seen anyone with higher than mine, but there you are. now i must beat 421! ;D
i usually get around 200-300, but i know i'll reach 500! i will beat you! i'll post here and let you know if i beat ya

nice man, my highest legit score is 412, whereas my prev high score was 130. went on a mad streak, now i usually get between 200-300, but i will beat you, i will reach 500+ & that's a fact.
i'll post here and let u know when i beat ya, however i cannot film it unfortunately ;/
addictive game is addictive

Just got 114. Downloaded the app an hour before it was pulled from the App Store. Trick is to zone out and not think about anything and don't look at your score.

nice man 399 is tight shit, not far away. been trying to get to 500 for a while now but dayyyyum that shit is rough shit. i usually get around 200-300 then i craash, whereas lag been causing it like 30% of the time ;/ kinda sucks when ur at like 250 then lagspike just fucks me up. i play on the galaxy ace btw.
remember to post here if u ever beat me!

It really does matter what device you are on. I play on a Galaxy Note 2 which has a large screen and a moderate speed. (High is 399 - I choked) My 6 1/2 year old plays on the ridiculously fast version of the game on the iPad and can get 32. So there are no excuses for not being able to get past 3. :) Want difficult? Try ironpants. SCREW THAT GAME!

332! 332! 332! 332!

if u aint got a screenshot of it, u can't photoshop it, which means that u wouldn't of mentioned photoshop in the first place UNLESS u in fact did photoshop which puts u on the suspect side of a cheater.

hmm in that case, well played. could still be photoshoped tho, but i believe ya, since i got 412 as my high score and i know its possible. good job.

My high score is 490. This game is super easy! What is the highest score someone has ever gotten on this game?

My high score is 1294 no cheats, hints, or whatever else out there.
I do play with the colors inverted from the iphone accessibility options.

The hardest flappy bird version -> The Hardest Unhappy Bird.
Yes, it is harder than flappy bird as you have to flap two birds at one time.
Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Guys I have the highest score on flappy bird. Go on game centre and see the person named SteveCrafter9000? SteveCrafter9000 is actually me. I have the very top out of like 39,000,000 people. You can go check who is top if you don't believe me.