Free Wallpaper Friday: Colorblind Mashup Edition


Friday is finally here, which means you get to download free wallpaper and complain about how gay they look. Just kidding. You go right on and criticize - I love your feedback.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to put on my red dress and carry a purse. Enjoy the goods.

waterfall.jpg vista-aurora-gradient.jpg taffy.jpg seventies-swirls.jpg hot-rod-car.jpg blue-lake-sunset.jpg beatle-kid.jpg apple-parchment-leather.jpg


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There are 8 comments. Add yours.

Carlos says:

the second one looks like the windows" vista" backround

admin#IM says:

It's one of many variations floating around the internets.

Uri says:

these are better but how do i install em?

FJR says:

download them to your computer, then sync them to your phone via itunes, then choose them as your wallpaper from the settings menu

iCoty says:

I just stumbled upon this blog tonight and I must say that it provides some good reading.
I have also "made" some iPhone "optimized" wallpaper from the Tiger (OS 10.4) wallpapers - basically converts for the iPhone. Check em' out if you like:
Are the wallpaper above your making or are they downloaded from elsewhere?

Bitcher says:

Looks like either you're gonna have to ad more admins or drop the blog.

William says:

"complain about how gay they look."
wow, I didn't realize that people actually still use gay like that after 7th grade

T.dollas says:

James,The only problem is that it wasn't long enough.could you please download it