Give away: Appigo Todo for iPad brings task management to the bigger screen

Appigo has just released Todo for iPad, and like Apple themselves, they've used the larger canvas for a more real-world inspired interface. Binders, pages, and pockets, oh my! For fans of Appigo Todo for iPhone, rest assured all your favorite features are here, they're just bigger than ever before. Appigo Todo for iPad currently on sale for $4.99 so if you've been waiting for it, jump on it now. [iTunes link]

All the features come fully loaded:

  • Sync with iCal (Wi-Fi required)
  • Sync with Outlook (Wi-Fi and Outlook 2003 or newer required)
  • Sync with
  • Task reminder alerts (Wi-Fi or cellular data network required)
  • Projects and Checklists (subtasks)
  • Full Landscape Support
  • Notes on tasks with clickable phone numbers and URLs
  • Manage multiple tasks at once with multi-select
  • Full Calendar View for choosing Due Dates
  • Drag and Drop sorting
  • Contact, Email, SMS, Phone integration
  • Full Task Searching including notes
  • GTD support with Contexts and Tags
  • Repeating Tasks
  • Quick Add Task Entry
  • Task Sharing via Email (Import back into Todo)
  • Customizable App Badge
  • TextExpander touch snippet expansion support (SmileOnMyMac, LLC)

The great folks at Appigo have also been kind enough to give us a couple promo codes to pass on to you, so if you want in, leave a comment below telling us what's on top of your iPad to do list. Make sure to use a real email address, it won't be made public but we'll need it to send you a promo code. Also, promo codes still require a US iTunes account (Apple's rules, not ours).

More screenshots after the break!

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Reader comments

Give away: Appigo Todo for iPad brings task management to the bigger screen


The top thing on my Todo for iPad is to get the app once I have some extra money. Using it daily on my iPhone and I would love to have it for the iPad as well.

On top of my to-do list: Read TiPb, of course! (Not that I really need a reminder.)
Now if that's not worth a promo code, I don't know what would be! ;)

Finally find that Franklin Planner that I've been storing in my garage as a backup just in case an app like this didn't come out!

The top thing to do on my todo list is to unpack my iPad once it comes... then get a good todo program to make it a usefull tool

Buying a new stand for my iPad is at the top of my to-do list, because I'm growing tired of using a business card holder as a makeshift stand.

I'm really excited to see this app come to the iPad. I use it daily on my iPhone, it's great

My ipad to-do list most certainly includes getting the camera kit, so I can upload my pics on the go! Shortly below that, I would Luke to shop for a new case for my ipad. Perhaps on tipb? ;)

The top thing on my list is find a job. I've been looking for awhile now since I graduate soon but it sure is tough to find one these days. I could use this to organize my schedule for interviews

The first thing that's been on my to-do list since I bought my iPad is to find a To-Do app that would function well and not be priced so outrageously. If I don't win, I may just buy this one.

  1. Getting a better iPad case than the Apple case.
  2. Figuring out how to clean iPad smudges better (Purell?)

My first ToDo for when I get my iPad is:

Start syncing and organising photos for my 365 Project.

Todo will help me complete these as will hopefully remind me when I need to take my next photo - As well as logging what I've already photographed...
More organisation on my iPad means better photos for everyone! :D

On the top of my to do list, check my mailbox for the MusicSkins case I won. I need it so I can finally take my iPad outside my apt.

Top of my list is to find a good native printing app, and a decent mobile printer, so I can print patient records at work.

I need to get a to-do and/or note taking application so I can start using my iPad for meetings at work, as well as for at home for those tasks that the "big" boss gives me!

my first todo is to finish this comment!
then i'll wait by the email box for my prize!
in the meantime, i might go mow the lawn...

On top of my todo list is a new case for my iPad and a program to keep track of what was second on my todo list. This would do just nicely. ;)

The top of my to do list is to get soemething to track my tasks so i don't get fired from my job.

The first item in my to do list is to buy a book from iBooks. Slim pickings so far but getting better.

Top of my to do list is to use my iPad to make a new theme song for iPad Live on Sunday nights!!

The top of my to-do list today are two items to write documentation, two sets of meeting notes, deploying 30 servers and monitoring updates.
I use my to-do list like other people use food. It is the only way I can stay on task and make sure my projects are done on time.
This app has been on my wishlist. Please make my wish come true!

The top thing on my to-do list is to buy a to do app, but they are all so expensive right now! :(

Top of my list: email Steve Jobs and find out why it's impossible to find an iPad case weeks after it came out. Maybe he needs ToDo more than I do.

1 on my list : Find nice gifts for both for both my wife (upcoming 18th anniversary), and my middle daughter (birthday). Of course, the kids's birthday takes priority.

Topping my iPad To Do list is now trying to buy a second iPad so my wife will stop using mine! My plan to follow the axiom "it's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission" backfired when I bought the iPad without fully disclosing my intent to her. Unfortunately, she now plays with it ALL the time... but really, who can blame her. It's pretty sweet.

What's on my to do list for iPad, handwriting recognition. I am a journalist and I want to go green and stop using notebooks and steno pads, but no one seems to make a decent handwriting app for the iPad that will allow me to do that. The iPad appears to be the perfect device for this application/use.

Top on my list is finish my iPad app so I can send promo codes to others :)
Actually would be a great app for the day to day grind of work, consulting, kids, oh yea school and finally my wife :) (it's our anniversay today so I have to put her last since she is watching me type)

Top of my list: I have an iPad 3G and I've been loading it up with school texts via PDF with annotation (like iannotate). I really like the fact that this tool syncs with Outlook. I would like to see a sync with Outlook's Notes and Evernote as well, as I'm exploring going to the "could". Egretlist seems like a good task integrator with Evernote, and Appigo may want to look into something similar or to work with it. I have still yet to find a product that does all of this in a nice package. Most are just "pieces" of this puzzle. This is my big wish list -- the wholly grail of why iPad is the King!

1 - is a project - FIND A JOB!
I love Appigo ToDo - it will make looking for a job much efficiently!

at the top of my to-do list -- grab bank statement in mailbox before wife does ... so she doesn't see how much money i've spent on apps recently. shhh.

Between my son (diabetes) and me (MS) being newly diagnosed, I am looking for a to do app that ties to calandar ti help manage the new, medical aspects of our lives, not to mention the 'normal' things that still need done. Looking forward to checking out the new app.

Getting married in July. Spent 5 hours on Sunday creating a to do list with 5 people. HORRIFYING. Please let me have a better way... Please?

We (store owners) use ipads now to communiate with vendors and customers. we would love to have an easy way to keep up with purchases, events and other store activities. Mail and website review is very easy with the we just need an easy way to keep our calendar clean and highlight our weekly/monthly tasks.

First thing on my to do list is to enter this contest. Oh, wait. I just did that. Check that off the list. Second thing is to tell all my friends about TiPb and how they have such awesome contests fo their loyal fans.

Give $20 dollars to the guy panhandling off the freeway tomorrow. passed him up today and was selfish.

Top of my list? Get a rubberized solid case so I can feel comfortable when my GF's six year old son wants to play with it!

On the top of my iPad to-do list it to get Todo for iPad... that's when I get the promo code. then check out the iPhone live tonight...

The top of my list says come back and check to see if I won Todo!
Then, I gotta pay my ISP bill to make sure my iPad stays connected...yeah, I was too cheap to buy a 3G - or rather, I could not wait.

I'll be using it to help Chihuahua puppies find good homes (I volunteer at a Chihuahua rescue, and I REALLY need to keep on top of my to do list with).

On the top of my iPad todo list is to find the perfect bag for my iPad. I want to dump my laptop bag for good.

To Do List
1). Create world peace
2). Find a cure for cancer
3). Figure out how Steven Hawking keeps getting new girlfriends

No. 1 on my iPad todo list? Same thing since the I got mine on launch day ... Get a good todo list that syncs between my iPad and iPhone.

The top item on my iPad to-do list is to get a case and screen protection for my new 3G iPad. TiPb has been a great resource. Thanks!

Top of my todo list is to get qualified in my new class as an instructor for a radar system. (I'm an instructor for the USCG)

The top thing on my iPad to do list is to practice my two finger typing holding my hands Just So . . . and to get all of my other tasks and todos into Appigo's ToDO

On top of my ToDo list: Let the peeps at tipb know everyday how awesome they are to share all of their knowledge with us.

Finding a food iPad todo list with cloud syncing ability is number one on my list. Maybe you guys can help with that

I use calendar and email all day. Desperately need a good todo mgr. Top of my list is to dump my outlook todo mgr :)

Oh yeah. I've been using Todo for iPhone for a long time now, and I love it. I can't wait to get this for too long, but a free promo code certainly helps.
Top of my list:
Create a project for re-landscaping the yard. (iPad should come in very handy with that task. Todo will help all the more.)

Coincidence! I was just looking for an iPad alternative to Things. Since summer school started this week, class assignments would be my first test. Hook me up!

  1. Read specific article for assignment
  2. Find a good to-do app that has potential for syncing with popular online to-do apps like Google Tasks or Remember the Milk
  3. Find a good finance app

Top of my Todo List: Find an RSS reader app for the iPad that truly syncs with Google Reader and other GR desktop apps.

On the top of my todo list is to get some protection for my iPad. This app looks like a great addition to the iPad, but I am afraid to take the darn thing anywhere.

my top todo is to enter this contest!
i tried to once already but i don't think it worked...
secondly...i'm gonna wash the car! :)

Just purchased the iPAD and cannot wait to get rid of paper/notebook type planner. ToDo looks like what I have been looking for all day.

I changed my mind. I have to finally put the days down where my wife and two daughters are being visited by the "monthly blues" Yeah, three of 'em, I need an app that lets me plan ahead. If only I could do something about LA traffic to actually leave town!

Top of my list: Use To Do every day to be more focused, organize, and productive at my sales job so I can be a superstar! Love to see printing and integration with Skype on iPad to make it the perfect organizer. Also needs lettering for priorities: A,B,C and a way to enter estimated time required for each task.

Honestly? Right now, on my iPhone version of ToDo, the first item is to ensure my "eyeTV" and my TiVo are both setup to record the session finale of LOST. Hey, you asked :-)

When does this giveaway end? I'm looking forward to getting that app! Too bad the iPhone version I bought isn't Universal... :(

...Find a way to sync my outlook exchange tasks with iPad! I've been looking for the right solution for weeks. :(

Top thing on my ToDo list is to find a ToDO app that has reminders and the ability to keep me on task!
After that, it's probably update my wine blog - i've been travelling and remiss in updates!

My top to do is to implement gtd and clean up my in box! Love my new iPad it's turning out to be the missing link I've been looking for.

Figure out how to integrate ToDo with a calendar app...the one feature it's really missing. I love it otherwise.

Just picked up a new iPad. Love it! Would love to try the to do software. Sorry wrong email address on original comment!

Would love to try this! It would be better if you could see the to-do list in the native calendar app, just like a paper planner. I have no idea why Apple didn't make the Apple Mail ToDo list native on the iPad.

Been looking for a good to do list. With three kids there are to many things to do. Would love to try the app!

Utube reviews look great. Currently using omnifocus which is excellen. But like most I'm always looking at new tools and todo looks worth a look

Sync with Outlook and, ideally, also with Google tasks. ToodleDo sync would be okay until then.

Ironically, getting my Outlook Task list on my iPad is the top "ToDo" on my list right now. I'd love to break away from my Blackberry and the Task list sync between it and Exchange. This is one of the last remaining features the iPhone / iPad is missing.

Looking for a to-do list that will sync with my Outlook, have heard great things about this app. Right now getting a ToDo list on my ipad is top i can have it in front of me at work ALL the time and not miss any deadlines!

Just got my new iPad, and definitely want to get using it for time management, and ditch my old paper planner. Would love a promo code if you don't mind :)

And, btw...actually moving away from the paper planner and onto the iPad IS on top of my to-do list!

Purchased an iPad a couple of weeks ago, and have been looking for something to sync the ToDo list with my Outlook 2007 Calendar syns fine), and would love to give this app a try. I thought the ToDo list would be the easier of the Calendar/ToDo list to incorporate but I don't see anything out there to accomplish this, not even Google.

I'd like to sync my tasks/to-do list from Outlook on my PC/Blackberry to the iPad. This looks like it will do it, but dont want to spend the money till I'm sure. What promo code do I need to try Todo?

On top of my To-Do List is to find a To-Do App for my new iPad. I think this may be the one! I am looking forward to trying it!

From what I can see this app will save me a lot of time and grief. I very excited about using it. My first to do will be organizing my life in my new iPad.

As a project manager task management and synch with Outlook will enable me to function solely with my iPad during customer meetings.

Top on my paper to do list is to find something that might be a good replacement for pimlico datebook which is perfect even though my palm centro is held together with duct tape. Cannot fathom why iPad calendar does not have a to do list included. Hope this will work! Promo code?

I just checked appigo out at macworld 11. Finding a good todo list and organizer is at the top of my list! I like the built in notes app on the iPad, but it doesn't do more than a notepad.

I just got a new IPad2 and I am still exploring ways to be more productive with it; including finding the right app for syncing my Outlook task/to-do list. This one looks like it definitely worth a try

Would love to try the App and see if I can finally sync Outlook Tasks via the iPad2. I'm in a WiFi only MS Exchange environment.

Just bought before you buy. If you are looking to sync Outlook to Ipad they both need to be on the same network. Not very functional when you are out an about with your iPad entering tasks and then must return to the mother ship to sync.

Right now, finding an app that painlessly syncs with ALL of outlook (including tasks) is at the top of my list. This app may just be a winner! It looks beautiful, and I'd love to see what it can do! I'll be very grateful to try it out with one of the promo codes you mentioned above!!

you should check as well Beesy an iPad To-Do and note taking app that integrated notes from meeting in a smart To-Do organizer. Really efficient for those of us of have lots of meeting as it generates tasks in your to-do directly from your notes.
I've been using this for a few days, really efficient though there's a small learning curve

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My first task is to get this app loaded, working and synced with outlook then get organized and more effective