Gneo for iOS helps you focus your time and effort on the right tasks at the right time

Gneo for iOS helps you focus your time and effort on the right tasks at the right time

Gneo is a new productivity app for both iPhone and iPad that aims to help you stay on top of tasks by prioritizing them accordingly. Anyone can simply make a todo list, but prioritizing that list is where most of us get stuck. This is where Gneo can help you be sure you're spending your time on the right things.

If you've ever heard of the Eisenhower Method of time management, certain parts of Gneo may look very familiar to you. The Work Canvas section looks very much like an Eisenhower Matrix that separates all your important/urgent and not important/not urgent tasks. The Work Canvas feeds in from your task list inside Gneo, which is what makes it unique from other time management apps. Just add all your tasks, decide how important they are, and Gneo can help you figure out the rest.

The task portion of Gneo is also incredibly intuitive and features lots of swipe gestures that make prioritizing and arranging tasks quick and easy. Tap the checkbox to mark a task as done or swipe left or right on it to view other options. For example, you can push tasks out a few days or add an urgency to them. I particularly like Gneo's method of assigning reminders as there are shortcuts for evening, afternoon, and morning so you can quickly add a time in one tap. If you need an exact time, you can of course add that too.

As far as organizing tasks, Gneo lets you create notebooks so you can separate tasks according to category if you'd like. It's up to you to decide how you want to use notebooks but there are lots of options. On one hand, you could have ones for work, home, and other types of items or you could fine tune notebooks even further and use a project-based workflow. For example, instead of having a general iMore notebook, I may choose to have separate notebooks for different projects such as how to's, app reviews, editorials, and more.

Gneo can also pull in from your Calendar app so you can view all your tasks and events in one place. Just tap the menu button from inside any section of Gneo to swipe between your calendar events, tasks, and Work Canvas section.

The good

  • Easy to use interface that's just as easy to navigate as it is to input data
  • Best execution of the Eisenhower Method of time management I've seen so far
  • Completely useable as an all-in-one task, calendar, and time management app
  • Evernote integration for reminders, tags, notes, and more
  • Cloud backup so tasks are always in sync between iPhone and iPad
  • Built in goals section is a nice bonus area to remind yourself of personal goals

The bad

  • Cloud sync relies on creating an account with Gneo, not a deal breaker but iCloud sync would be a welcome addition
  • Shared task lists are missing, many users would really need this to consider ruling out the Reminders app altogether

The bottom line

There are lots of really great task apps out there but none of them attack the issue of time management as well as Gneo does. If prioritizing is where you fall short, I'd highly suggest giving Gneo a long hard look.

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Allyson Kazmucha

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Reader comments

Gneo for iOS helps you focus your time and effort on the right tasks at the right time


I am interested in this one. I don't like the prospect of yet another account to have to maintain.
The only question I have right now is...
Is the "G" silent as in "nee-o" or is it pronounced "gee-no"?

Sent from the iMore App

@Becjr - Yes, Gneo is spelt with a silent 'G'. It comes from the Irish word for 'Action' because Gneo is all about taking Action with your to-dos! The founder, Anthony is Irish!

Haha! Siri and Google voice search etc. accept Gneo with a "G"... So I will stick to that... But in my heart it will be "neo" with a silent G. I like the meaning behind it!

These apps are becoming more and more in depth with your life making everyday things much easier to do and keeping you on track what with you have to do. It's really great, and that cliche line that once you use a device with these things on it you can't live without out it is becoming more of a truth and not so cliche anymore. Making things that where much more of a pain to do before much easier and actually a joy to do. Great app

Sent from the iMore App

I'm still enjoying OmniFocus for anything to keep me organize. Great app with great features.

Sent from the iMore App

This is especially great for those big projects at work that require strict time management . For simple tasks, I think I'll just stick with Clear+.

Sent from the iMore App

I like this one due to the Evernote integration, but unfortunately that means it's also a curse. On the plus side, all todos are synced to Evernote...I can edit them and manage them there...but it also means I get 2 reminders, 1 form the gneo app, and 1 from the Evernote app.

If I could manage that annoyance, I might use this full time. I am happy with Todoist though.

I don't get why creating a Gneo account would be a bad thing or a drawback. Somebody please explain that to me. I kind of thought it was a big plus...

As to the sharing of Gneo task lists or Gneo notebooks, I did a little tinkering around in Evernote...

Of course we can also share any notebook in the Gneo stack in Evernote... And if we give the person we're sharing with permission to modify the notes within that notebook - whether it be checking the checkbox or modifying notes - those changes will be reflected in Gneo. Haha! That person can also change your original quadrant priorities around.

However, the person you are sharing a notebook with cannot sync that EN notebook to their Gneo, even if it is placed in their Gneo stack in Evernote. If that person is only an Evernote user, fine and well… But if he/she is a Gneo user, unfortunately it cannot be synced there. I wonder if that has something to do with Evernote's API or if it's something that the Gneo team can actually tweak. Right there you would have notebook or task-list sharing capability... Which would be pretty neat, provided that you are both/all Evernote users. Essentially we would be able to sync from one Gneo account to another.

If someone is using Evernote to modify or view the shared tasks, the advantage is that they can see any modifications made by another person in the notification section (on the desktop client). If we were somehow able to sync a shared Evernote notebook in an Evernote Gneo stack to another persons Gneo app, there wouldn't be a notification in the app unless a reminder was set.

Also, if we ever do get a native shared notebook function in the Gneo app... it would be useful to be able to exclude the shared notebook elements from "All tasks" (as an option), so that other people's priorities don't clash with ours in the quadrant view. :)

This is to me one of the most innovative applications out there, I needed something just like this. The app has great potential as we all have more and more tasks, at home as well as work. At the time for work I am using an app that helps me to manage my meetings and it works SO good, I just love it. Gneo would help so much to focus one project while managing my meetings with I would appreciate if you suggest any more apps that deal with focusing your time at one task.