Google Drive for Mac adds right-click sharing options

Google has announced the roll out of a small, yet fantastically useful update to their Drive app for the Mac. Since Google Drive has been borne from Google Docs, collaboration and sharing documents and files is at its core. The update rolling out to the desktop app has better sharing in mind, with the addition of a right-click share menu. Files will naturally have to already be in your Google Drive folder, but quick sharing is sure to be appreciated by power users.

Clicking on the share menu brings up the box we see here. You get your link, privacy settings, people to share with and who can edit the file you're sharing. Simple, fast, effective. Google Drive still falls short for many of more established competitors such as Dropbox, but as time goes on Google continues to make it a little bit better with every update.

The new sharing menu is beginning to hit users now, and will continue rolling out over the next few days. Does this add something that you were lacking in Google Drive? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: +Google Drive

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Google Drive for Mac adds right-click sharing options

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Would love to use it...but Google Drive's sync is just WAAAAAAY too slow on a Mac. Dropbox uploads the 7GB in my local Documents folder to my online folder in a few hours. Google Sync needs about several days to get that accomplished. Subsequents delta sync are equally slow in comparison to Dropbox. That's just not workable. As soon as they fix that I'll switch...but for now I'll have to stick with Dropbox.