How's your iPhone data speed with iOS 4.1?

iPhone 4 international Speed Test

My iPhone 4 is getting pretty much the same 3G HSPA speed under iOS 4.1 as it was under 4.0.x, how about you? There was nothing overtly mention in iOS 4.1 that should have changed things, but you never know what gets tuned under the covers, never mind what your carrier is up to in your region.

One of our readers, Paul, swears his speed has tanked by a factor of 10 since the update.

So break out your favorite measuring tool (I used the app) and let us know where you are and what your speeds are like.

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Reader comments

How's your iPhone data speed with iOS 4.1?


I notice on my iPod Touch, I am getting more crashes in some apps, and many times cannot connect to iTunes no Internet connection. My wifi is on, and strong. Also get server not responding message at times when on safari. This happened while viewing TiPb yesterday. I read two stories, went to the third, and got unable to load server not responding. The even got cannot connect to the Internet. Did a random search, and it was fine. I tried TiPb again, no luck. Two minuets later it started working. Rarely had this happen on 4.0.

It may be my area (Louisville, Etown, KY), but my download speeds have tanked in recent weeks in my area. Before i'd get at least 2mbps- 2.5 down pretty often. Now i'm lucky to get .8 mbps whenever i check..sometimes its lower.
Not due to jailbreak either on 4.0.1. Same with 4.1. Also same with wife's iphone 4.

it is only a few 1mb quicker on my benchmark but connection is far more stable. under 4.0.x I was getting 'unable to connect to cellular data network' on a hourly basis.... not anymore, don't know if that is Apple or Vodafone UK's doing!
iPhone 4 16gb
Vodafone UK

Getting 3.1 mbps down and 1.5mbps up (I'd post a screen shot if I knew how lol). Not sure if that's changed since 4.1 though... I don't really have any problems with ATT's network in Columbus Ohio (except for where I work, which is a cellular dead zone regardless of carrier)

Frankfort KY, where i usually have fast speed is slow, but nothing i can do about it. 1552 download, 1257 upload

Mine is the same. It's faster in the area within the last month because a new tower just got turned on. Just test and got 3400/900kbps. Pretty good IMO. I'm about 30 miles north of DC.

On AT&T in downtown Washington DC:
Down: 2125 kbps
Up: 200 kbps
On Wifi:
Down: 10017 kbps
Up: 16338 kbps
Conclusion? AT&T sucks.

Okay philly suburbs here. First test was messed up:
218 down, 1127 up... uhhh what?
Second test 1364 down, 1033 up.
And this is at my desk, where reception jumps between 1 and 3 bars moving 6 inches across the desktop. 3G is on and available.

Everytime I see these screen shots of someone with fantastic upload / download, I get a little bitter. Me and my little at@t iphone 4 just clocked 338.4 kb/s down and 148.1 kb/s up. with full bars!!!!

Central NJ. iPhone 4. 2761 down, 711 up, more or less the same. Happy with AT&T. My iPad is incredibly laggy using wi-fi lately. I'm wondering why.

Just upgraded from 3GS to 4 yesterday. I'm in Bloomington, IN.
3GS: 1309 down, 226 up (repulsive, right?)
4: 2316 down, 1246 up.
I'm super impressed with iPhone 4's speed.

2 to 3 Mbps down, 1 to 1.5 Mbps up. That is during off peak. During peak hours I will get .5 to 1 Mbps down and .3 to .8 Mbps up.
Central Portland, Oregon (Lloyd center area).

Also, this is my first phone (iPhone 4) with AT&T in 8 years. I have been happy with the AT&T coverage, performance, and customer service. I had both TMobile and Verizon before this (had an iPhone 1 on TMobile) - and neither of them were any better than AT&T. I went to extreme rural Eastern Oregon this last weekend, hours from anywhere - and still had coverage in unexpected areas. And anywhere near a major highway or town I had good coverage.
Over all, I think the uproar about AT&T is probably misplaced (at least in the areas I have travelled, including much of the northwest in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and southwest in New Mexico, Arizona and the mid south around Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, and Arkansas)

Speeds seem about the same: 1-4Mb/s down and .7-2 Mb/s up. At it's best it is twice as fast as decent DSL. It is pretty great for 3G IMO. I sell Clear and sometimes turn the wifi on and off for speedtests. Sometimes I forget to turn wifi back on. The ClearSpot 4G in my car gets used for my kidss Touch and PSP and my laptop, not my iPhone. Glad to be grandfathered in for unlimited though......

Just outside of DC in Maryland: Down: 417 kbps, Up: 46 kbps - iPhone 3G running iOS 4.1
I'm getting destroyed here

2.39 Mbps down, 0.98 up. This is with mostly 2, sometimes 3 bars in the southwest 'burbs of Chicago where I work. I get better speeds at home, like 4.10 Mbps down & 1.35 up. So not too bad here...on 4.1 iOS.

Five Tests:
Up: 2661 Down: 1153
Up: 2999 Down: 1616
Up: 3715 Down: 1565
Up: 2528 Down: 909
Up: 2203 Down: 1496
Results. Still all over the place, but overall I'd say I typically average around 2500-3000 down and 1000-1500 up. Overall I'd say there has been no change.

I don't think the update did anything since I would get speeds like this on my phone depending where I am.

My speeds stayed the same. 2.5 Mbps down .5 up. But it seems like my battery is niot lasting as long. Anyone else? I wonder if gamecenter uses more battery life.

Mine have tanked recently... but I'm in a university town and expect it due to the start of the Fall semester. All those college students coming back always has an interesting effect on various services.

2485 download and 3849 upload here downtown Toronto with Telus. Strange upload is always way faster.

A simple fix for those who are experiencing 3g network problems is to go to on your iphone. You have to change your phone's APN for your specific carrier, so all you have to do is choose your carrier/country and create the new APN profile (this can always be deleted from you phone so no worries). Once created, your 3g connectivity issues will be non-existent.
I went from having NO connection to a steady 2-3k download and 2-4k upload.
Something with the phones coding does not update the APN of the phone when prompted to download the new carrier settings. This in turn does not allow access to your carriers 3g network.
BTW, I am from Canada on FIDO's 8.0 network!