Indiana lawmakers consider adopting iPads

Indiana lawmakers are now considering buying iPads for their 50 senators and 100 representatives. Many schools and government bodies have already implemented iPads to replace certain physical media such as textbooks.

Republican State Senator Brandt Hershman says he already uses an iPad for personal and business use and that it may allow for more transparency in the legislative process. It could also allow easier communication and response from local government.

Given I live in Indiana and own a tech based company, it's great to see our local government adopting technology and keeping up with it. Not only does electronic media provide a great way to help the environment by eliminating paper waste but it also shows that technology is an important part of our society. The fact that our local government is starting to acknowledge that and is trying to use it in a more efficient way is definitely a step in the right direction.

[The Loop]

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Indiana lawmakers consider adopting iPads


I too live in IN and think his is a waste of taxpayers money. The law makers already have laptops, why do they need an IPad?