At its core, project management software titles are all the same, especially when it comes to simple tasks like managing to-do lists. Throw in extra features and collaboration, and the differences grow clearer.

From students to freelancers, to small companies and large, Zenkit has become a popular choice for many in recent years. The flexible solution offers a hodgepodge of features that move well beyond to-dos and tasks, including a basic spreadsheet, database, and calendar functions. You'll also find a mind-mapping option.

Once you set up your free Zenkit account (more on the pricing later), you're free to roam your account on various platforms, include the web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. At its heart, Zenkit is a kanban solution, that will remind many of Trello and other project management services. With the launch of Zenkit 3.0 earlier this year, it moves beyond this too.

Zenkit 3.0

Zenkit on iPhone

Under ZenKit 3.0, you'll find a more unified interface across mobile and desktop. In other words, the screen and options on both are now strikingly similar, which is how it should be across different platforms, no? The company also added a feature that gives you the ability to share your content from Zenkit with others -- even those not part of your team. The published Zenkit Collections are sharable via a link or embedded on your website. You can also tweak what content to share with others.

Zenkit is packed full of features worth exploring, starting with its ever-growing list of templates that span multiple categories. These include personal, Human Resources, CRM & Sales, marketing, education, ERP, and many more. Better still, with Zapier integration, you can connect Zenkit with other applications with ease, such as Evernote Slack, Gmail, and Google Sheets.

A free personal account (which can have up to three different users) gives you access to up to 100 collections, with a limit of 500 items per collection. For those, you're limited to 1GB attachment space and up to five workspaces. A Plus account, which is $9 per month for each user, features unlimited collections of up to 50,000 items each, a 6GB attachment space limit, up to 20 workspaces, and unlimited paid members. Enterprise pricing is also available.

Worth considering

zenkit macOS

If you or your organization are looking for a project management solution that works across multiple platforms, including mobile, Zenit is worth considering. The most significant advantage of using Zenkit is its approachability. For the most basic tasks, it's easy to get started, regardless of platform. However, as you begin adding more advanced features, things can prove dicey without proper training using Zenkit's online documentation. Therefore, you should implement new features slowly to find the most success.

You can visit the Zenkit website for more information and to sign up for the service. The Zenkit app is available on the App Store.

If you have further questions about Zenkit, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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