Zenchat offers combined chat and task management across multiple platforms

Zenchat Desktop
Zenchat Desktop (Image credit: Zenkit)

What you need to know

  • The free tool is available now
  • It combines chat and project management
  • A paid version is also available.

The team behind Zenkit, the popular project management solution, is out with its latest product. Zenchat is a collaboration app that combines task management with chat. The new tool promotes a complete communication experience. Zenchat is now available across multiple platforms, including iOS/iPadOS and macOS.

In announcing Zenchat, Zenkit noted that chat apps have been growing in popularity in recent years and even more during COVID. As Zenkit CEO Martin Welker explains:

People love to chat. It's human nature. But chat apps don't provide the structure needed for sustainable productivity as lists and Kanban boards do.

Zenchat is the first chat app that includes a task management component. In doing so, you can quickly turn any message into a task, then assign or edit it within your chat. Never switch apps for routine task management again. Better still, Zenchat has been designed with flexibility in mind. For example, you can elect to show all of your chats or only those related to a specific project. You can also connect to the larger ZenKit Universe and see your tasks in advanced views like Kanban and Gantt.

Zenchat Mobile

Zenchat Mobile (Image credit: Zenkit)

Like other Zenkit products, Zenchat is enterprise-ready: SSO, SCIM provisioning, admin tools, identity management & more.

Welker notes:

So we have a catch-22: People don't want to leave their chat, but they have to track their work. When you use an external app to manage tasks, you lose all the valuable commentary and feedback related to that task because—let's face it—you'd always rather have a quick chat about something than use the comment function in a task app.

Zenchat is free and available now. An optional paid plan is also available that's designed to be used on its own and includes more advanced task management tools.

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