iOnRoad augmented reality driving assistant app for iPhone, iPad

Rather than banning iPhones from the car, the way the National Transportation Safety Board recommended, iOnRoad by Picitup aims to use mobile technology to keep you safe and sound behind the wheel. It uses the live camera stream and image detection to monitor for tailgating, cars slowing ahead of you, or lane drift, and sends visual and audio alerts to get you back to the proper distance, speed, and lane where you belong.

With a big, easy-to-tap interface iOnRoad has a bevy of features to help you with everything from your daily commute to occasional road trip. Check out the video above for our live interview from CES 2011 with Pictitup CEO, Alon Atsmon.

Already available for Android, iOnRoad is coming soon to the App Store for iPhone and iPad.


iOnRoad augmented reality driving assistant for iPhone, iPad

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iOnRoad augmented reality driving assistant app for iPhone, iPad


Seriously. I couldn't finish watching the video as it was nearly impossible to hear.
Next time, bring some better mics :P
I normally use an iPhone with a good mic connected to it (which I had to hack together an adapter myself to support the iPhone 3.5mm plug) and then add in the audio track during editing.
Much, much cleaner sound.

Hmmm. I'd expect Apple to release a massive improvement to Maps in iOS 6. And that would include Siri-powered audio driving directions, augmented reality maps overlaid on the camera image, etc. We'll see...