iOS 4 Gold Master seed available today

Apple has announced as part of their WWDC 2010 keynote that iOS 4 (previously iPhone OS 4) will go Gold Master (GM) today. That means devs should be able to get it via and begin testing their apps for release... alongside the new iPhone 4.

More as this develops!

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iOS 4 Gold Master seed available today


Ok, I guess I will just have to let go of all my folders for now cuz I'm updating when I get home this evening.

Well, at the moment, as of 1431 CST, it is not available. So no torrents yet.
And to Andrea, you are never getting updated with an iPhone 2G (1st generation).
And to Dionte, if you install the latest SDK beta, then backup, your folders will be preserved.

You can't touch the apps tab until the new iTunes is released. Make a folder, connect it to iTunes and sync your iPhone without touching the apps tab.
All the dev's do this. Dumbass.

So just like last year when 3.0 was released and you could download it from a torrent it should be the same this year with 4.0 so if your not a developer you can get it a little early?

boys now in Cupertino is 2 pm when it relased my mean what time ? and what about itues 10 ? not any word in wwdc tonight next week 21 when ?
i have udid and mac and im now in beta 4

So if i download it off a torrent and I dont have my iPhone registered under a dev account will i be able to put iOS 4 GMC on my phone without bricking it?

If I have a developer account and my phone is registered (Currently on IPhone iOS beta 4) will I be able to install running windows? Or is it still Mac? For the GM release?

To everyone above, I recommend you just wait until the 21st and pick up the official release. It's not that far off. Even though it's the GM release, it still has a few problems (mainly battery life and slower loading times) when running on my development iPhone 3GS. Apple will most likely address these last minute issues before the update goes live to the consumer base.
Installing developer releases is never a good idea, because they are meant for us developers and aren't necessarily stable for everyday use. Also, when using a torrent they will check your phone for a developer id, so be careful if you decide to go that route. (Or just contact a developer and ask them to register your phone.) It won't be that long, and none of the third party apps currently support multitasking anyway. You aren't missing much. :)

So I updated and now I get this:
"iPhone cannot be used because it requires iTunes 9.2 or later."
In other words, I'm screwed. I have a developers account and my phone is registered. Is iTunes 9.2 beta available?

Hey is a dev account required for this to work ?
I remember that I was able to install 3.0 GM on my 3G back when it came out without my phone being registered.

can i install this on my 3gs on windows with out itunes 9.2 beta for mac or do i need a mac to install ios4 gold

This GM version works with any carrier? Can anyone confirm that for me pls? Thanks.