iOS 4 GM jailbroken one day within release

The Gold Master of iOS 4 that was just released yesterday after Steve Jobs WWDC keynote has already been jailbroken by msft.guy. This was accomplished by using some hackery along with the Dev Teams's existing Pwnagetool.

The Dev Team has stated that they do have a working jailbreak for the final iOS 4 but we will not see that until June 21st or shortly there after so it may be wise to hold off on this particular hack. But if you are feeling brave and just have to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS running the iOS 4 GM then feel free to give it a try using these directions here.

Video after the break!

[Redmond Pie]


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There are 15 comments. Add yours.

Mitchell says:

Wow, so quick. I won't jailbreak iPhone 4 in July!

Fafafoooey says:

Took way too long you guys. :D J/K!

chris p says:

The authors site should be included in this article :

Jimbo says:

Just a ? So is the os 4 out for upgrade?

deadp1xel says:

ha ha! suck on that htc evo fanboys.

Shlov1 says:

I am really hoping the Spirit team gets their JB out really soon. I don't want to have my new phone without a JB. COME ON TEAM SPIRIT!!!

Hugh says:

@Jimbo. Only for developers at the moment I believe

Mr Nelson says:

Wow that was quick...somebody call Steve jobs, I'm sure he's not happy lol. I jailbroke my iPhone 3G a while back before I sold it. Now I'm a evo user, more freedom less hassle. Good job hackers, we love you!

shollomon says:

The level of motivation should be high among jailbreakers because the best ever potential reason for jailbreaking now exists: blocking iAds.

rknowlt says:

Anyone know if an unlock is accomplished as well? I'd like to jailbreak/unlock this 3GS before I sell it on the 24th, and unlockability will be calling the shots for me on this phone. I'm still on 3.1.2 myself.

Redshirt says:

I know these guys always want the glory of being first. But to be honest, I wish these guys would wait till after the release and the OS/Phones are in people's hands.

Cryptic1 says:

This does not use any new exploits so a release is not an issue..there are still exploits waiting for the new phone

miked says:

Unbelievable. Well done. I hope it come out with Spirit. JB both my iPhone and iPad with Spirit.

OmariJames says:

that was quick .... for some reason i think i wanna wait and not jailbreak.