iOS 4 software update now available for iPhone, iPod touch


The final release version of iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod touch has just gone live and is now available via iTunes. It weighs in at 378MB. Remember, you need iTunes 9.2, and if you're running the GM you need to hit Restore as Update will think you already have iOS 4

We're downloading now, and we assume you are too. So we'll be back with more news asap and in the mean time, sound off in the comments and let us know how it’s working for you, how you like it, and what new goodies you're finding.

If you need help, check out our iOS 4 checklist for links to everything from how to upgrade to our video quick-start guide to our massive iOS 4 walkthrough or dive right into the TiPb iPhone Forums.

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iOS 4 software update now available for iPhone, iPod touch


.. and you wonder why all the servers get pegged.
P.S. I ran the upgrade and am already forced to restore my phone due to a failed upgrade. This is going to be interesting.

Even tho I'm on the gm candidate and it's working fine with pandora while I'm using safari I still can't wait to get home to download it lol

OK, found the 3.1.3 problem - unplug and plug in your phone again...mine just showed 4.0!

The GM won't update... might have to go back to 3.1.3 to get it.... not sure if there is a difference or not.

Hey Rene, I noticed that your article announcing iOS 4 is available is date stamped but not time stamped.

Figures I would be at work when this got released. Guess I'm gonna have to wait a few more hours. :(

For all those running the GM, if you'd read the article you'd see that you must RESTORE your device in order to get iOS 4.

Yeehaaa! It's available in South Africa as well.. downloading now :) Speed is good so far! Well done Apple!

Post on MacRumors is indicating that the version on this download is the same as the GM version (ie. 8A293). Has anyone with the GM version downloaded this and file compared them?

Sitting at work, waiting another five hours or so till I can get home.....just like when they try to deliver my new phone on Thursday. Maybe by then the rush will have slowed to a manageable pace and won't have delay problems.

WOOHOO! Will be downloading right when I get home. Question though, is there a chance my iPod Touch could get wiped completely during this process? I dont have all my music on my computer and its a library of 6500+ songs...anyone know? or does it work the same as with the iPhone back up stuff?

Yeah I knew this would happen, I'm stuck in a cubicle while everyone else is gonna be busy playing around with their "new" toys!

Timed out at 224.7 MB - $#%#$%@^! Have to start the update from scratch.
This was to be expected... hope this second attempt works.

I have a question.
I am currently on OS3.1.3 and jailbroken with Spirit. My itunes is still an old version on this computer I think. I was wondering if I need to do anything before updating to iTunes 9.2 and downloading iOS4? Do I need to restore to unjailbreak or anything now that I still have the old iTunes?

First download attempt failed about half way through with error code 9006. Trying again now. 378MB download coming in between 4-7Mbps.

Lets make sure all the blogs out there are advertising that 4 is available so we do our best to make it impossible for everyone to upgrade.

Downloaded the new OS just fine. Backup seems to be taking forever. Anybody else having this problem?

i did update my phone the whole process toke less than 10 minites
apple server where very fast i downloaded the update in 3 min only (i have a 50 Mbits connection).
good job Apple
waiting for JB now

backup taking forever cancelled it and gone for full restore and update let's just hope that it will put all my data back

Update failed. Restore failed. Error 29. So, now I'm bricked. Trying to restore for the 5th time. Have unplugged, rebooted computer, turned phone on and off. All I get is a "Your Iphone is in recovery mode, you must restore", which then leads to failed restore. FAIL!!! Now what.

dl worked fine, stuck on "backing up". I am at my work computer, which isn't my usual for syncing...hope this works okay.

i am going to wait until i get my iPhone 4 on Thursday... savor up the excitement of a new device and ALL new features

I'm right there with ya Tommy. Halfway done with backing up. I have the iPhone 4 coming on Thursday but I could wait to check out this new OS! I'm know, I know...............

If you cancel the backup, it won't update at all. I recommend canceling the backup, backup in iTunes if you haven't already done so in 9.2, and then trying again. This is what I'm doing.

Apparently, this is the same build as the GM one which SUCKS because my 3GS is lagging!!! When I've got my ipod running my music randomly skips like skipper!

Update process is slow going. While it's supposed to be a 55 minute update process, the download gets stuck along the way. Half-way there...

Worked great! Updated the (company's) ipod touch, left the 3G at 3.1.3 and looking forward to the FedEx guy pulling up on Thursday!

My 2 cents on this based off iOS 4 GM:
1) My backup for my 3G on Windows with iTunes 9.2 took 3 hours. I've seen people say it's working fine for them (maybe they have macs), I don't know. If you are limited in the time you have to do the update, I would wait till later on loading iOS 4. Backups went back to normal quick pre-itunes 9.2 speed when I loaded iOS4 GM.
2) I was not able to load iOS4 GM without completing a full backup.
3) It wiped all the data from the phone, restored some settings, then resynced the data from iTunes. So if you are not at your normal syncing computer, don't load iOS4. Also, if you have items that are only on your iPhone, you will probably lose them unless you get them off.
4) I haven't had any problems with my pictures on the phone, but I've seen some people complaining that iOS4 screwed them up. So you might want to copy them off if you are worried about losing them.

Located in MO, update took around 40 minutes and almost completely installed as I type. ;)

My update took a total of about 20 minutes, thats for download of software and install with backup. Love the new folders feature, I can now finally put more apps on my phone!

I downloaded it and its amazing! Responsive too! But fkr skme reason my network isnt workkng edge or 3G so i. Have to use wifi

2min's to download the os on 20mb internet
5min's for os to go on phone
19min's for 11gb of data to go back on iphone 9gb where apps
all using 2009 macbook pro

Update failed too, error 21. Can't restore, can't do anything. It wasn't jailbroken or anything..

Got the iOS4 GM version. I would say it's a pretty decent upgrade from Apple considering it's now free for iPod touch users. It's pretty fast update on a MAC without any issues. The only thing that I have noticed with the GM version was the folders is only limited to 12 apps if you maxed it out you have to create a another folder if you have some more apps that would fall under that the same category I just don't know if this will be the same thing with the final version. Multi-tasking is impressive I didn't noticed any changed in battery consumption at least on my unit.

itunes had to re-optimize all my photos coz the update distorted them... i have 3321 photos and its been 10 min and its only on 412 photos...

Am At work, cant wait to try it, So i just did, its updating now, can I Upgrade without the couputer am synced wit? it told me something about my library will be erased, which is fine as long as it dont mess with my apps.

Running windows home xp. The ios seems very fast only thing I have noticed was I tried "mmsing" a video and it will not send hmm...

Just finished the download and it went without a hitch. The first thing I noticed was that text appears smoother and clearer. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this? The system was a little jerky at first, but after a reset, it's now running very smoothly. I love the multitasking. I'm all confused trying to figure out what to do next. So very exciting!

Hour and a half into the install, and I just got my 4th pixel's worth of backup progress on a 1080p screen... This might take a while...

Mitchell, it was in the GM for the developers to work with. It apparently isn't in the release. Apple's still working on developing it, so probably later in the year.

Redshirt, that's a bit stupid. The Gm had a full version of Game centre in my eyes. Nothing wrong with it. Might aswell go back to the Gm. Should I?

Anyone know why the backup is taking so long!!!
What happens if a phone call comes through while it is backing up? Is that going to screw up the process?

How do we change our background for the phone? Or is that not supported with 3G. I thought I saw a pop up explaining it but I was too excited and didn't bother to read it.

@mitch I couldn't get past the backup either. Had to do a restore and then install it. Lost all my data.

If you don't backup your phone regularly, that part of the install will take longer.
It shouldn't matter if it's Mac or PC

Colors/display is definitely different. Colors are much more dull now than they were before.

I tried backing up my 3GS last night starting about about 2am. Wake up this morning at 11am and only 90% complete. I waited until after 1pm today, and no progress. I feel like smashing my iPhone AND Steve's new liver!

Mitchell, it was a developer preview. I wouldn't expect much out of it until they get further in the process. It's your choice on going back to 4 GM or not. I don't know.
Courtney, no backgrounds or multitasking on 3G.

For those stuck on backup during the update. Cancel the update, do a regular sync including backup. Then hit restore and update. Took five minutes.

Running a mac here. Download was fast, but backup absurdly slow. I had literally just backed up my phone before downloading, but now, after about 15 minutes, the progress bar is less than 10% full. And of course I forgot to put it in airplane mode, so I hope nobody calls for the next couple of hours...

I have been trying to update my phone for 2 hours now. I downloaded the new iTunes last night and backed up my phone. It was taking so long to backup while doing the upgrade today that I stopped it and backed up my phone again. Now for the 3rd time I am involved in a very LONG backup process. What's the deal????

I gave up after hardly any progress of backing up the last 2.5 hours. Stop the backup, make sure you have normal backup from a regular sync, restore to factory (it'll upgrade to 4.0), and then just restore from your backup. Everything should come back, and it took about 10 minutes to restore my 8GB iPhone 3G (which had just a few hundred MB free).

I'm currently running the iOS 4 GM seed. After restoring, will I be able to use my backup even if I performed it after putting the GM on my iPhone?

I updated and everything went well untill I tried to use data and get an error that says "could not activate cellular data network". It says I have 3g. Any help would be great!!!

@ Mitchell, Bite me. I'm paying Apple buttloads of money for their new phone and getting raped each month in service fees from AT&T, and they can't even make iTunes backup 25 Gigs of data in a reasonable amount of time?!?!? I mean, seriously, this is pathetic.
I've been trying to back this thing up since yesterday, it was "backing up" ALL night, and didn't even finish after almost 12 hours. THAT IS EFFING PATHETIC!!!
On TOP of THAT, I can't even copy off all of the old photos and videos from my iPhone. Whenever I try (I'm using Windows) it copies over two copies of each photo or video, and then about 20% of the photos and videos are randomly missing. I mean what the heck is going on here??? I've got 3 different albums, and it seems to be taking images from each album, but is missing some of the newer images from my camera roll. WTF?!?!
I'd opt for a sync option first, but I'm too afraid that I'm going to lose all my photos first, which will REALLY piss me off even more than I am now. Why the heck don't we AT LEAST have file system access to all our photo albums?????? Oh, and Yes, I'm using Windows Explorer and it see's my iPhone as a camera, but it only shows one folder, and not all of my albums.
For as easy as Apple is supposed to make things, this has been nothing but a monumental pain in my arse!

Curious here about one thing... iTunes tells me there's an upgrade available (3.1.3), so... is it possible that iOS4 is incremental upgrade and needs something from 3.1.3?

Why the hell is it taking such a long time to back up the phone when I backed it up last night? It's been 20 min and green bar has barely moved.

same w/ me... download is fast... backup doesn't seem to be moving. it's been more than the hour apple said it would take, and i'm only about 10% done w/ backup... getting impatient. :[

My broadband is absolutely fine. The backup shouldn't even use broadband. Do you even know what you're talking about?!?!

@Tuddyy - Yea, I got the same message to upgrade to 3.1.3 and not 4.0. I REALLY hope I don't have to upgrade to 3.1.3 before 4.0. With as slow as my backup, sync is going right now, I'll have my iPhone 4 before I ever get this backed up.

It took 10 min to restore by shift restoring using the downloaded ipsw file. You can find it at username \AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
use chronus to backup individual app data and wait for the jailbreak to come out then restore using chronus

@Brad - How often do you backup your device? I do it daily so all backups are fairly quick. Once when I first setup my 3GS on a fresh MacMini it took a while.
Unfortunately I won't be upgrading my OS until solid jailbreak instructions come forward (don't wanna waste the money I paid on PDA Net) so I can't report on backup time taking during iOS4.
Just curious if there is any confirmation regarding the upgrade of 3.1.2 => iOS4.

Up and running on a 3G. My backup took forever as well - at least an hour or more. I got an error message at the very end, but all seems to be fine. Weird. All data, contacts, music, etc. In tact.

Downloading but wonder whats the purpose since im getting the new iPhone 4 in less than 3 days.

It's been updating the iphone software for an hour now! Is it taking that long or everyone else??

Remember if you have lots of photos in your camera roll it will significantly increase the backup time. I had about 600 in there and backups were taking hours. Deleted them all, normal (pre sync) backups now take minutes instead.
I certainly can't explain why this should be, it's not a lot of data but clearly this is a bug (which has been there since the beginning) that Apple doesn't care to fix.
For those who haven't found it, there is a way to mass delete photos from the camera roll instead of one at a time, you just have to press the "forward" icon in the lower left when you're looking at the thumbnail view of the camera roll, then tap photos to select, then press delete. I know, press the forward icon to delete, nice UI.
Even though this will make normal backups quick, the backup done as part of the upgrade process must be different. I did a sync before the upgrade which (including backup) took 30 seconds. The upgrade process has been stuck for an hour now at the "backing up iPhone" stage.

Thanks for the tip pyroguysf. After two hours with almost no movement during backup - I stopped and did a restore. iOS 4 installed in less than half an hour. Then when I synced from backup, that took another forty minutes (standard sync time and at least I could see progress happening). Far cry from the two hours I had already waited for nothing and everything seems to be working.

Start to finish (start of OS d/l to backup completion) was less than an hour. I have ~800 pictures on my phone.

I jumped straight from 3.1.2 to iOS4. My prompt was to update to 3.1.3 first, but when I clicked update it jumped right into 4. I know I'm losing my jailbreak, but hoping to utilize new backgrounding feature instead of backgrounder (although I think backgrounder works much better). Same with Winterboard, etc. Anyone know if Apple will allow themes or just background changing?

Yo yous lot, I tried just updating da os-didnt work, got stuck on backup ~10% for hours, so i gave up. I restored, it automatically installed da new os, den i restored from last weeks backup. works like a charm!

I deleted about 150 of my 300 camera roll photos and it helped tremendously. During my previous 3 attempts, I was stuck at 3 bars for over an hour each time. After deleting photos, my backup only took a few minutes. Thank you for the tip, JohnB!

Nope, gave up. Did a restore, and now backing up. That was way to long. 3 hours, and still 4bars on the backup. Should be ok in about 30min seems 4.0 and the 3G don't like each other too much. I had to restore, restore , restore. I was able to get all my apps and ringtones back on my phone, but when I try to move music and movies it tells me this...."iTunes could not copy (movie or music title) to iPhone because the file could not be found." I've played the music files through iTunes and problem there. I synced my iPod with no issues. Any Wish I would have stayed with 3.1.3 till I got a new iPhone.

attempted update and got stuck at backup 3 times. Tried to follow Voltik (#21)'s advice but unable to locate the file when shiftclick restoring..... meanwhile deleted all 300+ photos and attempting again. still looks like it's not moving.....

Ok...I turned my phone off and turned it back on and it is now syncing the movie. STRANGE!! I think 4.1 can't be too far away...this has to be the buggiest software update for the iPhone ever. I never had a software update issue till today.

When everyone mentions abandoning the backup (4 hours for me so far) and restoring...are you referencing using the restore button on the summary page of itunes? It seems that would restore it back to day 1 and you would lose all of your data since then. Do you restore and then do something to get your backed up info?

decided to just let it sit and now it's moving! up to verifying iphone software. i dont know if it's because i deleted images or not.

20 minutes, start to finish. 3.13 to 4 with a 3GS and a Windows 7 machine. The software isn't the issue people.

@ronr not so fast. I have verizon fios that is as stout as any other isp. Its obvious that there are other things at play here.

Downloaded the software like 10 times in less than 3 minutes, but in the end I got network timed out. WTF

Ran the update this afternoon. Only one issue so far, my phone favorites - all the name tags have been replaced with phone numbers. Have to recreate the list. A real pain - anyone else have this issue? Hopefully that's the only one!

Also just noticed that all my Google contacts and calendar events have to be re-sync'ed. The database appears to have been deleted in the update - probably the reason for the phone favorites to have been replaced with phone numbers.

byebye bb - yes - use the restore button on the itunes summary page. You should back up your iphone first then after the restore it will be factory settings on iOS4 and when the update is complete it will ask if you want to use a previous backup. My 3G is running great.

Wow, getting timed out all the time. Isn't it pathetic? Come on Apple, I want my folders and "multitasking" so my iPhone will finally have the functionality of an old Berry...

Anyone else getting really bad battery life after updating to iOS4? I'm watching my phones battery go down before my eyes in a matter of minutes. Its even worse if I play a game.

This is bloddy crazy. I backed up my iPhone 3G yesterday in preparation for iOS 4, yet now i'm stuck at home today waiting for stupid iTunes to backup again. And it has hardly moved in 2 and a half hours. Have a look at the screen dump from my computer: For those who want to check if their progress bar is moving, attach a piece of paper to your screen and line the edge up with where the loading bar currently is, then leave it and come back to check how much it has moved to ensure your computer has not frozen. I'll be home all day at this rate and I have things to do today!

Dude, I tried backing up my phone last night. Ran for almost 12 hours. Now I started backing up AGAIN at 2:30pm this afternoon. It's 8:55pm now. still has about 15% to go. Apple sucks!

For those of you having problems with network timed out try disabling watheveer firewall/antivirus you have.

I backed up my iphone, then restored it...once restored there was the option to use the old back up phone..clicked on says that version 4.0 it's just adding everything to my iphone..about 7 more minutes. :)

Things are better now, but i'm surprised that this is the first OS update which actually wiped my phone and is loading the backup onto it automatically. I have never seen this happen before and I can't remember it happening when I upgraded to 3.0. 22 minutes until backup finishes loading onto my phone!

installed 4.0 flawlessly, very smooth and easy. the server was "timed out" the first time i tried downloading but i retried it immediately and it downloaded twice as fast as the first time so…yeah…sorry for all of you having troubles

10:25pm, still 10% to go on the backup. THIS IS RIDICULOUS STEVE JOBS!!! 8 HOURS AND STILL NOT DONE??!?!?!

@ pyroguysf - Thanks for the advice to restore to default settings. I did what you said and everything went well except for one problem. Obviously when my phone reset to the default settings it took me out of airplane mode. I didn't realize this until I received a call during the process. After the call I went back into plane mode and restored from my backup complete with the upgrade.
In my opinion this upgrade was a bit frustrating to load but it's done and I'm sure I'll be pleased.
Again, THANKS!

I got the update in around five or six after getting home from work. I've got the 3GS, and while it seems to work as advertised, everything is as snappy and fast as it was when Jobs did his demo for it, the call volume on the phone has went way down. Before I updated it, it was fine. Has anyone else had this happen?

@ Zenna-la ...Yup, the call volume and speaker volume went way down .. even when playing music. Kinda annoying.

I have an iPhone 3GS; downloaded the update
with no problems, took less than 30 min.
Love all the new features, especially the multi-tasking and folders. Voice control now supports the question, "what time is it?"
Biggest problem I am encountering is horrendous battery performance. Like someone else commented, I am watching my battery percentage meter going down continuously no matter what I do, typing emails, making calls, etc.
Anybody else experiencing this on their 3GS model? Hopefully, this battery issue will resolve itself, otherwise I will be recharging my iPhone
every few hours. Just used up 15 percent on my battery indicator while typing this post.

Flawless smooth update. Everything works well. Somethings work better then they did before. Thank you apple

I likle the fact it scrolls down quickly after a few swipes- got to the bottom of these comments much faster! Nice...

2nd attempt and 7 hours later and I'm still waiting! iPod Touch 2g 32 gb. WTF Why so LONG!

ahhhhhhh wtf!! why is is taking so long to back up my phone??? I have been trying to do this since 11 oclock last night! i dnt evn know if its progressing anymore because the little green bar stop running across the screen. does that mean that i have to start all over and wait another hour??

Major battery life problems here after the 4.0 upgrade. I knew I was in trouble when after 6 hours on the charger overnight (with no usage) I woke up and the battery was only charged 89%. By 9:00 a.m. after 2 hours of regular use, I was down to 35%. In comparison, with OS 3 at 9:00 a.m. I would probably be at 85-90%. I like the new features, but they do not outweigh the battery life.

@Luke, @Brad - mine is actually doing the same thing. I wonder if any push notifications are impeding this because I have several that are displayed on my screen, but it still shows that syncing is in progress. However the stupid green bar has been in the same place for the past 2 hours. Damn. Did you guys really wait that long? I'm afraid to cancel and start all over again. Arg.

iOS4 is a battery hog for sure...hundreds of people already complaining about it on various blogs. My 2G iTouch completely discharges within 12 hours while in sleep mode! Tried the full backup and restore but it didn't help.
Funny how Jobs was so afraid about Flash draining the battery -- looks like he has bigger problems with iOS4 and the WiFi alone! They really need to fix this quickly.

i am really glad i'm not the only one having these battery problems. I updated my ipod touch to iOS 4, and ever since the battery has been dropping like crazy even just leaving it in sleep mode. this is very unfortunate, because i like the new additions (folders etc.) and dont want to restore. please fix this apple! :(

I,m still having problems downloading. I'm about a day into this and the bar only seems to move so far then stop (using 3G). I have restarted my download twice now. Does anyone know how to stop this problem?

Well, I didn't have a problem with the download - but I backup daily so that's probably why it didn't take long. I DO have a major problem with the battery life - hence the reason I came online today. I wanted to see if anyone knew of a fix. I thought maybe I had done something wrong in the download process but I guess not. Guess I'll have to wait for the fix that will have to come since so many people are having this problem. Oh, for those of you who have experienced speaker volume decrease, try either a soft reset - or totally shut your phone down. That seemed to work for me. I use my ipod in the car so I was not happy with the 50% volume capacity I was getting! But I shut down and now it's back to normal.

I have Problems with my battery life dropping as well... Anyone knows if Apple's been made aware of that issue yet?

Killing My Batterie with my all those appplication left running in the back every time you come back to the home menu you have to double click to close every application 1 by one even if they are not OS 4 compatible. You should be able to have a max number of application running in your setting. Don't check your charger @ the airport cause you'll have no more phone the next day if they loose your luggage

My iPod touch 2g's battery is being drained after the update. From 100% the next day I see it only has 50% left without doing anything. Does this check emails more often?
There is no multitasking support so that's not an issue. Bit it is now even slower. ios 3 was slow too. I miss the 2.1 version, but then apps are not compatible.

I had issues with updating at first ( 12 hours backing it up and wasnt half done ) but i was told to back up my ipod, then restore it. the software was added in 15 minutes. and you get everything back..

Did you ever see a woman coming out of New York City with a frog in her hand?
Jimmy Greaves
I've just noticed I lost all my songs during the download. The playlists are still there, and thankfully one of those playlists contains most of my thousand or so songs, but if I click on the actual 'songs' part on the iPod section, there's nothing there.
Anyone else lose anything? Any ideas how I get them back? Ta.

Erm, obviously ignore the first couple of lines in the above post! It was copied and pasted wrongly from another forum I post on!! But yeah, the question still remains....

Jessica was absolutely right about iphone 3G. In order to update ur 3G u will need to
1. backup ur iphone 1st
2. hit the RESTORE button
3. it will automaticALLY UPDATE TO 4 os version
4. after download or update has completed it will ask if u want to setup a new iphone or use ur backup iphone. Choose backup iphone.
5. Once thats complete then u will be all set.

I also had the same battery issue. Disabling cellular data in the settings has sorted this problem out, so it would seem that my phone is either trying to send or receive a lot of data thats causing the battery life to deplete rapidly. Could it possibly be an app that has a gremlin or rather OS4?

Having the same problems with the battery going down quickly on my iPod 2nd Generation since the so-called upgrade to version 4.0. Whereas I previously could leave it in sleep mode for several days and have plenty of battery life available, it is now depleted overnight!! Is there any way to revert back to the 3.02 version (or whatever the previous version was)? I had done a backup before I d/l'd the 4.0 which only took 50 minutes on Saturday, June 26th, around noon time.

i downloaded the update fine and everything and it didn't take longer than an hour to backup and restore my iphone 3g but everything's done and finished and nothing's actually changed on my phone... no folders or multi-tasking or background, not sure why?

Updates to OS 4 and battery life now SUX, will die overnight when it used to last for days. WTF?

I was wondering if the new iOS 4 software download doesn't allow setting a homepage in Safari? If it still

oh come on i see everyone on here complaining about the download going to slow and yet you have yet to think that there are millions of people on trying to get the update as you...And as for the battery life thing turn off airplane mode when not using WiFi.... that will fix it.

Just downloaded 4, and it took about 20 mins. it seems to be working o.k. the look changed a bit, but don't yet know if it is really working as intended.

Downloading the upgrade wasn't a problem, but the battery life is a joke. Come on Apple, get your heads from up your arses and sort this issue.

battery life is absolutely horrible on 3gs post-update. it used to last for several days.. i wasn't even using it today and within 5 hours, the battery was down to 35% from a full charge.

i updated my ipod but had troubles with error (-9812) right in the middle but then i got it working again and it finaly updated. but my ipod doesnt have all of the features the update discribes such as organizing apps or using multiple apps at the same time i have an 8G doesnt not get some of the update's features? please help

i downloaded the new update last night on to my 8g ipod at 11:00 it took 2-3 hours and when it was done it said that it was ok to remove my ipod from the computer so i did and i cant put a background on my homescreen :( can anyone help?

I have been trying all day to update my ipod to iOS4 literally all day. i woke up at 10 and my cousin was over and told me about it so i started the update around 10:30. It is now 6:00 and the update bar has barely moved. i hope it starts loading soon.

Was a nightmare to download. All functions on my 3G have slowed down considerably. Very disappointed--would not download this new software again. I think they are trying to force you into buying the IPhone 4. I may never buy another IPhone.

To KazM and other w/battery life issues:
Ihave iPOD Touch 2G - 16.
Talked to a local Apple rep who says new push setting for iOS4 is to look for WiFi all the time. This really zaps batt. He said to put it in "airplane mode" (do not look for WiFi) and that seemed to do the trick for me. Only downside is I have to remember to switch on WiFi manually. Still a small price to keep batt life. Hope that helps

Does anybody know how to download apple 4.0.2. on second generation i currently have 2.1. and every time i try to download it it always says network timed out please check you internet settings but like my internet doesn't even go out i dont know what to do please help me.

what is it with apple always problems. i have exactly the same problem says network timed out, begining to think i should have stayed with 3G, as am unable to update my iphone4 any ideas ?

Hi Again
I have just updated my Iphone4 from a MacMini.
I am not sure if it will work through a PC or not
but my update was perfect.

Thank you for another informative website. Where else may just I am getting that kind of information written in such an ideal means? I've a venture that I am just now running on, and I've been on the look out for such info.