iOS 4 Ping social music network gallery

After a few hiccups, Ping, Apple's new social music network, is up and running on iOS 4 devices. Yesterday we took a quick look at how Ping worked in iTunes 10 and while computers have some advantages, I think I'm preferring it on iPhone right now.

Putting it in the iOS iTunes app is strange of course, until you realize Ping exists primarily to encourage people to buy more iTunes music, so having all those shopping carts handy is in Apple's best interests. I'm not convinced it's in mine, especially since load times in iTunes have never been as snappy as they feel in the dedicated Twitter or Facebook apps. And since the outer chrome has to include ways of moving to different iTunes store content, they can't be used to make navigating Ping any easier (not that there's much to navigate yet).

Lastly, while it still doesn't look like anyone but recording artists can share real status or post pics or video, we dull normals can share music, like activities, and comment on likes.

Gallery after the break.

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iOS 4 Ping social music network gallery


It's a lot of bouncing around, especially, like you point out, for a web portal app. And it's missing functionality, like the ability to search for people and edit profile. Looks like it will provide limited utility for me as most of my music discovery/purchase happens outside the iTunes ecosystem; eMusic, Amie Street, and Amazon for music purchase and, Pandora, NPR Music, Amazon, and Grooveshark for music discovery

I hope that in future iterations it will add in podcasts. I would love to see other people's podcast recommendations while recommending my own.

I haven't checked it out yet on my iPhone yet but, is there a "#nowplaying" feature that can be integrated with facebook or twitter? If not, it would be cool to see it.

Since getting a Ping button on my phone, my Top Tens button doesn't work in the iTunes music store. Anyone else? Just me? Temporary fault?

This looks pretty bad since it doesn't Facebook connect. What are you supposed to email all your friends??? Would someone mind following me so I can mess with it some more. Just search for Kurt Cobain. What you think I should have become the 6th Justin Bieber???

Can't get my Ping to show up on iPhone. Setup profile on my laptop. Works fine there. Perhaps iTunes 10 not on iPhone? I gave IOS 4.01. Very sucky situation.