iOS 4.1 coming September 8? Here's your video quick start guide

While Steve Jobs and (the main US version of the site) say iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod touch is coming sometime "next week", is cheeky enough to put a date on it -- Wednesday, September 8.

Download the iOS 4.1 Software Update. Available on 8 September.

New highlight features include Game Center, iTunes TV rentals, Ping social music network, HDR photography, HD YouTube video uploads, and AVCRP stereo Bluetooth support (see our quick start video up top).

[ via Engadget, thanks Phil!]

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iOS 4.1 coming September 8? Here's your video quick start guide


Rene small error .... Sept 8 is on Wednesday ( not Monday ) . I think it will drop on tues or Wednesday. Steve said next week( so that would fit what he said at the iPod event).. We shall see soon(not soon enough I suppose for peeps having proximity sensor problems and peeps with 3G iPhones )

Really wanna know something... AVRCP (or whatever it's called), that bluetooth track skipping functionality which was to be FINALLY implemented with the 4.1 update... has it been added?? Been holding on purchasing a bluetooth headset because the iPhone's bluetooth doesn't support track skipping... Can any 4.1 GM owner confirm this for me please... thanks

Apple UK doesn't say anything about 'Monday'... they simply say 'Available on 8 September.' If you take a look at various EU Apple sites, that date is featured on them not just the UK.

Jeez, the jailbreakers round here are getting be as much of a pain in the arse as the Fandroids.
Yes, you've managed to jailbreak your phone. Whoop diddly do, give the man a fish.
Nobody gives a crap mate, go and play in the Jailbreak forum...

Rene, do you ever sleep?! A huge thanks for all the stirling work you do - especially keeping us up to date with developments on this side of the big pond :)

I think its the other way around. This site doesn't cater enough to jailbreakers..especially on the frontpage & podcasts. You do realize this is the sister site to other platform sites that do focus more on modifying smartphones. Especially, homebrew central.
Frankly, if you don't jailbreak, I wonder why you need an iphone forum. If you view us as a pain, imagine how we see you. Good thing Rene usually has some good insight in his blogs along with a few regs in the forums.

@Cardfan We've brought Ally on to do more Jailbreak coverage, as you'll see in a second. Jailbreak is core to the community.

Why does everyone love iPhone my cheap nokia phone can play music too I even have tetris! T-mobile all the way

I've been using the 4.1 GM for a about 3 days now and i must say that for Iphone 3G and Sec Gen Ipod Touch there is a very marked improvement here. it runs smoother and mor stable and it finally has FULL BLUETOOTH controls. I can skip tracks and pause and stop. it's coming out on the 8th of Sept! which is the same date that the new ipods are suppose to be in Apple Stores here in the States.

No disrespect to ally, but how is she the person that is supposed to be covering jailbreak stuff, when in her last jailbreak vid, which was well over 3 weeks ago said she wasn't jailbreaking her 4??? The 3GS and 4 are on totally different level of performance after jailbreaking, so what gives? She does more app store reviews then cydia/rock reviews...she's cool in all, just saying..

Look at the third device. The status bar says "iPod", but the device has a receiver like the iPhone. Just an observation.

With all due respect to everyone, why do people with no iPhone or iSomething (or with a T Mobile nokia) get on this site to whine or bash iPhones unless they are a iPhone wannabe and for whatever reason don't have one and want to try to hurt the people who do? Come on non iPhone users. Let's all strive to be better people.

I have noticed that the sound quality when I use my Bluetooth speakerphone is horrible. The people I am talking to can't understand anything I am saying. Was never a problem on my 3G.... Anyone else have this problem, or more importantly is this part of 4.1?

@jtz5: the sound quality of the bluetooth audio was also improved at least for me! I had to do a full restore to install the update! The one on Wednesday will probably be quicker than the 30 minutes it took me! some apps may be broken in the iOS 4.1 until they patch them up! all in all, it's a good update! I'm definitely getting the Ipod Touch 4 since my ipod is 2 years old and nearing the end of life!

I've been noticing crackling on my cheapie Sony Ericsson Bluetooth earpiece but now i wonder if it's from iOS 4.0.1. Curious to see if 4.1 solves my problems. Course I'll have to wait for a jb first...! :)

i've been getting location errors, puts me 30 miles away from where I am ! only way i can fix this is to open maps (where it shows the incorrect location) and then wait for it to find me - this then pushes the correct location to the rest of my apps. Is anyone else getting anything like this \? i was thinking it was a change from skyhook problem. ?

Ping integration is not part or the 4.1 update. You can already find Ping (if you have activated it)in version 4.0.2 in the "more" section of iTunes.

Eu realmente adoro este blog, que me impede de ficar entediado no trabalho. Continuem o bom trabalho: P