iOS 4.2 features: Game Center for iPad [gallery]

iOS 4.2 will bring Game Center to iPad and yes, it will take advantage of the full screen. You'll get a double column-view instead of single like on iPad, and that means your lists (like friends) will on the left and the detail view (like stats) will be on the right.

What's interesting is that beta 1 currently shows a number of icon-shaped outlines "dealt" card-like across Game Center's game table like UI. They don't show any apps yet, but tapping them does indeed take you to the App Store, and each one to a different game.

UPDATE: The outlines are now icons. Looks like they it just took a while to fully populate them.

Everything else looks to be there and be fully operational, from achievements to leaderboards to games.

November can't come fast enough.

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There are 18 comments. Add yours.

Geo Coldz says:

I think the card slots could be sort of like a "Featured" game.

johncblandii says:

I'm just curious [not hating] but why is it so ugly? I'd expect more from Apple.

dloveprod says:

I agree John, the first version of Game Center in beta looked way better, then came this.

Kick Butt Applications says:

I guess that's why it's called Beta

Buffdaddydeluxe says:

Actually game center is not in beta. Hence it being avail for iPhone 4.1 complete. They will not change the look, it's finalized. Only the iOS 4.2 is in beta, mo game center.

TrueEddie says:

I can barely look, it's so ugly!

johncblandii says:

@Kick Butt
As @Buffdaddydeluxe pointed out, this isn't beta. Apple doesn't roll like Google [releasing lots of beta apps, etc]. :-)

Geb says:

Why are their games populating on the game center start page that do not have game center support. That doesn't make a lot of sense.... Unless support is coming to them. Are those games on your device?

B says:

How do I add an email to my game center account on my iPad

Victor says:

Apple really needs to redesign this app. It looks horrible. Worse than notes even and that's saying a lot because notes is a JOKE from a design perspective.

Mitchell says:

@Victor so what will look better?

Nicole says:

Looks like you need to mnllaauy enable the notification centre for email or at least I did and it's a double press of the menu button to reveal the camera.(sheppy99 has made 32 comments)

Jacqui says:

How do I get game center on my iPad? I did download the latest version of farm story

Zaxsta says:

@Jacqui - read the article, nimrod. It isn't out yet. Comes out in November. Additionally, downloading Farm Story has nothing to do with game center.

EW says:

How do I get Game Center off of my IPad I it is useless to me I don't use it and never will. I don't care what other people are doing and I don't care if they know what I am doing.

Bill dee says:

I can not get it to stop coming up when I turn on apps. It is deleted. What to do?

Bone fletcher says:

"Demessify HD" is a must have addictive game guys. Trust me even my friends who have played it couldn't stop. It's so dam good. You can check it out in "App Store"

Bob says:

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