iOS 4.2 GM for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad released to developers

iOS 4.2 GM for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad released to developers

Now we know why Apple didn't release an updated iOS 4.2 beta for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad last week -- they just released the GM (Gold Master) for developers. This is the typically the final version given to developers ahead of time so they can test it on their apps and make sure everything is working before the release goes public.

No word yet on what if any changes or new features might have snuck into this iOS 4.2 build, but if you come across any let us know in comments or drop us a line.

Check out our complete iOS 4.2 beta walkthrough for the features so far.

UPDATE: AirPlay is still audio-only to Apple TV. Maybe iOS 4.2 for Apple TV will be required to enable that? There's a new AirPlay icon, however, and the multitasking dock has even more functionality than before. Pics after the break!

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iOS 4.2 GM for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad released to developers


try as I might I just can't get excited about 4.2 for iPad, I was, until I found out about the mute switch change. Now, Meh, Folders and Multitasking, great. Folders cannot come quick enough. But all this extra functiuonality I'm not going to use, in exchange for crippling a switch I use repeatedly... I dunno.
Airplay though, I'm completely unimpressed with AirPlay, I want to be able to stream things from my iTunes to my iPad, not the other way around! I'm giving up a hardware orientation lock for that?! Bum deal if you ask me.

Search the page you are viewing is great feature to have BUT where is the airplay option in YouTube app? I don't see any airplay option at all. Print is avail but no AirPlay. Is the iPhone getting it? Surely they wouldn't leave iPhone 4 out the loop??

Funny how the poll went out this morning, about when the 4.2 was going to come out and tada we have the answer.

I'm pretty sure this wasn't in previous versions. I might be wrong. I YouTube if you pinch open the video playing it will make it full screen. Also it will shring if you

Proximity issue stills sucks if it's on my shoulder it goes and call people or hang up. My 3GS never did that ever.

Does anyone know if AirPlay to an Apple TV would allow you to display all app output to your TV? Not just video and music? That would kick ass. I would buy an Apple TV just for that. Here in the UK there is no Netflix so one of the main selling points of Apple TV is gone.

There's nothing in for 3G users (as expected), but at least it finally fixes the incredible launch lag with Google Calendars enabled in Calendar, and iPod app launches faster (well, it doesn't, but it doesn't make you stare at empty screen, it shows a static picture of the state you left it in - sort of like with Notes).

Jay, that would be great but it'll never happen. Will just be certain apps, hopefully third party video apps will be able to though

@Bushido.....come on. This is Apple. We are on #4, and we still have the same "tones" that #1 had. Apple thinks this is not important to its' herd, so, NO NEW TONES FOR YOU!!. But, I'm sure that there will be lots of new, and completely useless, things it will be able to do. Just not any of the things that people have been asking for. Don't you get it? WE DON'T MATTER!! If Apple doen't want to do it, then WHY WON'T THEY LET SOMEONE MAKE AN APP FOR THAT? If you JB your phone, you can do it, so why can't we??

I'm really hoping that the final (GM) version of iOS 4.2 will finally restore 3G on my iPad -- but I kinda doubt it, after what I've heard and read so far…!? :(