iOS 4.2 for iPad in 10 minutes [video]

Apple is set to release the long -- long! -- awaited iOS 4.2 for iPad any day now and the video above has everything you need to know about it in just 10 minutes. We're talking AirPrint, AirPlay, multitasking, folders, Game Center, unified inbox and threaded email, Find in Safari page, and much, much, more.

So hit play for the highlights and when you're ready for more head on over to our complete iOS 4.2 for iPad walkthrough and we'll take you step by step through all the changes -- what's new and what's improved.

(We've also got iOS 4.2 for iPhone in 5 minutes, and a look at iOS 4.2 on iPhone 3G performance, so check those out as well.)

Rene Ritchie

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iOS 4.2 for iPhone in 5 minutes [video]

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Ctunn says:

OMG 4.2 is out! Started downloading it anyone else see it yet ! What the hell.

Fonzman1984 says:

Don't see it. are you being serious? Where are you located.

Rene Ritchie says:

It's not out yet and location makes not difference :)

Marcus says:

With this update the Portuguese language will be available?