iOS 4.2 - got problems or bugs?


So Apple has released iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV and that means old problems and bugs get fixed and new problems and bugs emerge. Hey there's no such thing as perfect code.

We here at TiPb are going to be doing our best to track any iOS 4.2 bugs we come across and offer whatever solutions and workaround we find so if you've installed the latest software from Apple and come across anything we should know about drop it in a comment below or head on over to our forums and start troubleshooting with us!


  • You need an AirPlay compatible device like AppleTV or Airport Extreme to get the AirPlay icon to show up
  • The new SMS Text Tones are only on iPhone 4. If you have iPhone 3GS or earlier, no text tones for you.

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iOS 4.2 - got problems or bugs?



No problems yet, just wishing the "Find My iPhone" feature worked with the 3GS! Anxious to try AirPrint when I get home...

I installed the iOS 4.2.1 GM a few days ago. For some reason, the auto brightness feature wouldn't work. I usually read on my iPhone at night and noticed that the screen was blinding me (which never happened on iOS 4.1). I reset all phone settings and that seemed to fix it.

I have heard that the new SMS tones are bot available on the 3GS. Is this true. Does the 3GS still get custom SMS tones for contacts? I am at work and haven't updated yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I also found that the iPod application said I had no music after updating, even though the "About" screen said I had 100's of songs. I just had to do a sync to fix it.

For some reason my sent SMS messages are making noise, even though I do not want them to. Come on Steve. This is not party-type stuff.

I've got one.
The new text-only ringtones aren't there. I've re-synced, rebooted, and verified in several ways that the new update is otherwise installed. Baffling.

My iPod app said it had no contact although iTunes on my PC showed it was fully synced. I had to sync again for them to appear.

@Farbod - I'm on the fence about jailbreaking the 4. I worry about it slowing it down like it did my 3rd gens. Yeah, I'd love to get the blacklist again. It was a handy little app

@Art: you have to sign up on an iPad, iPhone 4, or iPod Touch (4th gen) and then you can activate it on anyone of your other 4.2 devices.

Yea, terrible problem! I'm trying to update my iPad and it puts it into recovery mode only to be unable to update. Now, I can't get it out of Recovery Mode and it won't restore. What do I do?

Can we get an airprint walkthrough? I just can't figure out how to get it working. Windows specifically.

After the update the iPod app reckoned I had "No Content", but when i checked the settings, it clearly said that i still had music on the device. I had to plug it back in and do a sync to fix it.
Must have messed with the library database.
(and no, I dont seem to have the new ringtone / txt tones on my 3Gs, even thought some people seem to have them on the same model)

My problem was mentioned somewhere above in that opening iPod tells me no content on my iPhone yet usage stats show nearly 2000 songs! Weird. Will try a sync as suggested.

I've had 2 issues so far.
1. Said I didn't have any music until I synced again. Fixed.
2. I've gone through the email verification for mobileme/find my iphone and it has verified but the mobileme account on my phone won't realize that it's verified. I've deleted the account and added a number of times but nothing. :(

I tried to updated my Apple TV2, after if finish and reboot I saw iTunes icon and USB cable in the tv screen. Now the Apple tv is just blinking ( white light). I'm still waiting for apple to call me.

I downloaded iOS 4.2 and iTunes indicated all was synced. iPad indicates I have OS 4.2, but NOTHING IS DIFFERENT. The screens are identical to OS 3.2. I have nothing to indicate any of the new features. What's UP? Is there a trick to this? I have shut down and restarted twice, but there is nothing new on my iPad, except for a game center icon. iTunes says I have the newest system.

@Brent - it took me several times for it to go through on mine. I kinda figured it was a server capacity thing? Who knows. But after about 6 times it worked

@Leo, do you have a microUSB cable? If you do, just connect to computer and iTunes. If not, you need to take it to Apple Store.

Does the current version of the iMac count as an Airplay device? I'm not quite sure if it has Airplay.

I am having problems with smart playlists. They appear as empty on the iPad but iTunes shows them correctly. These playlists were working before I updated to 4.2.
Any ideas on how to fix these playlists? I already tried deleting and creating them again.

Quick question.. Is it not possible to view video you've recorded from your iPhone (4) on your Apple TV? I can view pictures but no option for airplay on video.. Is this correct or am I missing something?

After installing iOS 4.2.1 on both my iPhone 4 and iPad, my photos which I synch with iphoto are no longer in alphabetical order, so the album names are all jumbled up!

For the people who have been thrown into Recovery Mode. Delete firmware from itunes library, and restart computer. Then try restoring device. Let me know if that works.

Just upgraded my wife's 3G, had 2 problems others are experiencing, no content in iPod, and no visual voicemail. Syncing with iTunes again fixed the missing music, and trying to go into visual voicemail a few times finally prompted me to enter the passcode, so both are working now.
Seems just as fast as 3.1.3 if not faster - I had downgraded back from 4.0 because it was SO STINKIN SLOW. Waiting to upgrade my 4 until jailbreak is available.

@joshua I'm running 4.1 jailbroken on my iphone 4, only thing i'm running is LockInfo, and doesn't appear to be slow. It does however chew up a bit more battery. YMMV, good luck...

A F*****G disgrace This update is useless to anyone having a 3gs
Why could we not at least have the new text alerts.
This is disgusting i will never buy another iphone again
Shame on you Apple

Still unbearably slow on 3G. Calendar still takes a ridiculously long time to display. Oh, and none of the new features work, not even the simple ones like find in a web page... Very disappointing.

I didn't have Visual Vm either just hit the icon let the message play and then exit. Then give it a minute and it will ask for your VM password and type it in then hit the voicemail icon again and it will show up

There's something up with iBooks. Maybe it's not ios 4.2, but it was one of the 6 or 7 flag poles or tent spikes or whatever. It's now sluggish in the iphone 4 and ipad. On the iphone 4 it takes about 4 or 5 seconds to just change orientation. Changing orientation on the ipad is also slow, but not as slow- this with lesser hardware.

I updated my iPad and it doesn't seem to have spell check anymore auto correct still works but it seems whenever in safari the spell check isn't on. I looked in settings but haven't seen any where to turn it on or off.
Does anyone know what's up with that?

I finally got the update to work, but now all of my apps are gone and so is all application data. How can I fix this? My backups seem to be too recent.

Lack of safari video airplay to apple tv is a huge disappointment for me. Nice to include audio but feels like half a feature.

Find my iphone is not working on my ipad (wi-fi) or iPod Touch (4th gen). The help section states that for both of my devices they must be connected to a wifi network, which they absolutely are, and that they must not be asleep, which they absolutely are not. When I try to locate them within the app, it says it cannot locate my devices. Any ideas??

Really like the folders and multitasking. Multitasking slows things down a little on the iPad. I noticed the mute switch (which I like since I don't have to readjust the volume level after muting) doesn't mute Pandora or the iPod app. I discovered the problem with iPod app after the mute didn't work on Pandora. I synced again and got rid of the message "cancelling sync" in the iPod app. Biggest disappointment is the Airprint doesn't work with my Brother wifi printer. I sure hope they fix that soon.

after update all music is gone in ipod app but all need to do is play a song on your iTunes with your device plugged in. happened on my iphone 3G,3Gs and some ipods

I just updated to iOS4.2 on my 3rd generation iPod and I have discovered a couple issues. 1. As posted above many times, all my music was gone until I resync'd the device. 2. I can not access the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section in Settings. I click it and it just sits there like its frozen and will not enter into the settings.
Sometimes... It's just not worth updating!

I also found when trying to air play tv shows to the apple tv I don't get any audio although movies work just fine, I've tried turning both off and it still doesn't fix it

I saw that the update was to include the "Facetime" option while in an SMS.. mine doesn't have that option. Has anyone else had this problem?

After updating my iPhone 4 to 4.2 the iPod app showed that I didn't have any music. I tried syncing iTunes again, but no luck. Had to do a reset of the phone for my music/videos to show up.
Also noticed that the message sound for Facebook has a different sound. Not sure if it's 4.2 related but I noticed it was different.
Speaking of sounds, I can't stand the new text tones that Apple has put in 4.2. The only one I found useful besides the "electronic" sound I used to use is "telegraph." All of the other ones are way to long to even be considered a text tone. Now if Apple makes these new tones ringtone-eligible, then I might be sold.

I dont have compatible printer for Airprint to work, even though it is a new HP wireless printer. Other than that, what else did the update do?

Don't get all the problems? I updated my phone and, first thing I did was check my music and that was fine and then just random things. Everything seems fine but I did notice when I went to take airplane mode off (I turn it on so nothing interferes with update) and I noticed under notifications a Carrier option was there but then disappeared? I'll be messing around with my iPhone 4 more and comment if I find anything but my HP ENVY 14 Beats Edition has just came in, so I might not be messing around with phone very much tonight.

My 3G still wants iOS 3.x back, cause 4.2 velocity doesn't bring any improvement as Apple publish.... :((

Videos will not airplay from photo album. So you will have transfer the video to your video folder then back to your iPhone for sync. I tried what tipb said by double clicking the home button and accessing the airplay icon. I see my apple tv but will not switch to it. U can only play videos from your iPod application.
What a dissapointment apple !!!! That was the main reason I bought apple tv. So I could record my daughter and instantly stream it on tv. Now I have to sinc to iTunes first.
The manual for release 4.2.1 page 121. Does not say anything about video playback from photo album. You would need a cable. No thanks.
I'm not happy with this result.

I didn't realize that my Epson printer had to be AirPrint compatible. Hopefully Epson realeases a new driver for this soon. Update worked with no problems.

Mute switch doesn't work -the icon flashes up on screen to say the speaker is muted but sound still heard! Doesn't work at all.

Podcast broken, I have downloaded a few podcast and they never show up in my iPod. This is very annoying.

So can we print to a printer that's on the same network as my iPhone? Or does it need to be the HP compatible printer?

Some bugs that were reported in the comments of a German blog:
- Photo events aren't sorted according to the iTunes setting anymore, but completely mixed up.
- In the German keyboard layout, there are no more special characters when pressing and holding the "E" button anymore (like é). The special characters on the other keys ("O" for example) are still there as usual.
- Some people STILL (!) have proximity sensor issues.
- AirPlay can only stream to one single speaker at a time.
- And of course the "Find my iPhone" feature only being offered on 2010 devices is widely considered a bug ;)

Tried to upgrade iPad but it bricked. Forced to do a restore of 3.2 but when it cam back up, no apps, music etc. Upgrading first of 2 iPhone 4.1's now...almost 2 hours into process and bar is to halfway point on apple logo. Took over 2 hours for iPad to come back in a shadow of its former self. Afraid iPhones will do the same. Anyone else taking HOURS to complete?

I cannot update. Weirdly, when I click Update, it just tells me that iTunes is up to date. Itunes does recognize that an ios update is available, but the Update button no funciona.
3GS, 4.1, iTunes 9.2.1, OS X 10.4 Tiger.
Not broken up about this at the moment.

Phones is working great with update, Sorry you guys/gals are having problems. I would be heated if I bricked one of my devices by just updating. That stinks :( but the good thing is that the train horn Choo Choo is pretty cool for text message. I forgot I put it on and wasn't paying attention and got a text and nearly had a heart attack, lol. Its awesome! Thank You TiPB for the guide to get locate me phone. How awesome is that. Just set it up on phone and then login to and BAM! Finds your phone in a second and then you can have a message pop up or lock it and even clear out the whole phone, Kudos!!!! I'm Pretty sure the Voice Memo icon has changed as well?

@Anthony, hate to be the one to tell you but...... they did use guys (3G/3GS) wrong. Text tones are only for the iPhone 4. Sorry man :(

Photos in portrait format streamed via AirPlay to an AppleTV2 are displayed rotated when streamed from a 3GS. Works fine from an iPhone 4.

@Farbod - I already had upgraded, but ended up doing a full restore and now 4.2 works.
@Glenn - Yes, I already had iTunes 10.1, so I don't know what happened
All works now except AirPrint. Can't seem to find two different printers on the WiFi network. Not sure how to make that happen.

nothing works at all.. iphone 4 wont even update been trying since 12 oclock. ipad is updated but find my iphone wont work it says cannot use this apple id. airplay and airprint is a complete chaos i don't even want to talk about that.

The update bricked my iPad. I'm now going through the grueling process of a restore. It's already tried twice and about 15 mins into it, I get a error message! I'm sure I'm in for an all-nighter reloading music, books, etc.!

hello. in order to have a fully functional idevice (iphone, ipad or itouch) do a restore, not an update. to clarify things a little bit: when you see in itunes that you have a new software update for your device, press the ''download only'' button. after the download is complete, use de shift+restore button and find the downloaded update. or you can download from some mirrors posted on different websites. and that will assure you that you will have a fully functional updated idevice. also it is better if, after the update/restore is complete, to set your device as new, and not to back it up from an older backup and especially not if the backup was made on an older software version because can appear some problems, as some of you have reported. i've done my updates using the shift+restore and set as new iphone (or ipad or itouch) and all the thing went well. nu problems, no bugs, no headaches. trust me, the device will be as new - faster and with no problems. it is true that is much simpler to hit update button and than restore from an old backup, but is safer with shift+restore.

oh, and i've forgot something VERY important. do not do the updates using a usb switch or something like that. plug the usb cable directly to your usb port of your pc. it will do faster backup, faster os installation and faster sync.

Album Art gets all screwed up when buying music from iTunes.
Seriously who tests all these Betas & GMs for Apple b/c they really suck at picking up new bugs & issues with the OS. Just saying.

Sounds like apple yet again screwed things up. But of course the steve job worshipers will find some excuse for all the issues. Like magical improvements in the next version.

My 3GS didn't show a music play list until I selected "fill up free space with songs" and did a re-sync. The songs were there the whole time but didn't show up until the re-sync.

@darwinfin: Try "re-doing" it again. Had the same situation too. I tried to verify it again & again. But I learned to go back to the beginning of everything where it asks for your Apple ID & password, then it will give you the option to turn on your Fin my iPhone or not.

@Ann.... My First PROBLEM! NoOoOoOoOo!!!!! WHY, oh lord? WhaaaNnNn!!!! My voice mail is back to the old way. NoOoOoOo, I want my easy and conveit voice mail back. Oh.... wait? Nope, just ask me for my password and back to normal. Ugh, lord answered back fast on that ;)

U should do this..... I don't know if it matters or not but when I plug my phone into my computer. No matter if its for a update or if i'm just plugging it in. I turn it on airplane mode so that a text/call/email doesn't interrupted it. Just saying.

No issues with the upgrade, which went without a hitch. But I should probably call it an "upgrade", because for a 3G owner, the sum total of the "improvements" seems to be that I can finally get rid of Marker Felt. Big whoop. No AirPlay, no AirPrint (!!!), no text tones, no find text in Safari (!!!!), really not much of anything. Not sure what the 3GS people are getting, but if you're on the 3G and running 4.1 already, there's hardly any point in getting this update.

Why would you release airprint if it only works with 11 printers (HP)? A post from PC Magazine notes that six more HP models, including Officejets, will be available after Dec. 27, and that Apple will support other manufacturers "down the road." Apple did not immediately respond to questions about which manufacturers would be supported, or when.
Things that make you go hmmm.

Have an older HD TV (no HDMI input) and have used HDMI:DVI cable to connect my ATV2. Unfortunately, after the ATV2 software upgrade the it will only display at 480 resolution. It worked just fine and displayed at 720 perfectly prior to the upgrade, now it does not. Have seen forums where people have had the same issue both with an HDMI:HDMI connection and my own situation with an HDMI:DVI connection. Seriously want to downgrade back to 4.0 until this is resolved.

Installed update to iPad and Touch 4 with incident. US Bank mobile wallet nor Mobile Banking will start on either device.

Is there any update on proximity sensor issue, I think it is the biggest problem with iPhone 4. My phone was running fine till I upgraded to 4.1, hopefully 4.2 fixes that , always have problem with either mute or FaceTime button getting activated during a call.
Would appreciate if someone has got a solution.

I have a 3GS and a Mobile Me account. to get the update i did a Update and Restore 4.2. I did the mobile me setup an for some reason i get my Notes but something is wrong with my Contacts because they don't get downnloaded

Updated iPad to 4.2 now orientation lock switch is mute, actually showing the mute icon. Cannot lock orientation

I was reading on engadget even apple tv boxes are having pink screen issues with the update. Does apple actually test or did they use the same team as the antenna in the iphone 4?

All my tv shows that didn't come from the itunes store (currently all of them) lost their sorting - they all got jumbled into one heading, seemingly picked randomly. It seems they changed the way tv shows are sorted - adding more tags via itunes fixed it.
Also I can't get the verification email for the free mobile me account to go through - apple's servers are probably just slammed right now.

Bricked my ipad, and is not restoring yet. Just getting a bar that says time remaining but with nothing there.

@Leon. I know on iPhone check settings>general>keyboard, and the options are there to turn on, or off auto correct.
@Wes, my wifi is in a back room, and the microwave in the kitchen will stop the signal.

The Orientaion lock switch and been changed to the mute switch on your iPad with 4.2.....
You will have to lock screen the way you do on the iPhone w/ 4.1.... bouble tap home button, then slide mutli page to the right to get to ipod controls and you will see a oriention lock icon....

My apps didn't open anymore on the iPhone 4. Had to restore the whole thing :-( first bad update in years!

I am still waiting for my iPad to finish backing up. It has been going for 9 hours so far. And this is after I removed the majority of my apps and data.

Bricked my 3 week old iPhone 4. Had to use my friend old computer with iTunes 9.x on it to restore back to 4.1. Spent 3 hours on the phone with apple and they want me to send them the phone.

I thought Safari on our iPads was supposed to have a new search feature... I have not been able to find it... Anyone else wondering where it is?

Me iPhone/iPad keeps assigning itself an IP adres. I need to re-enter me WPA2 key over and over again. Sometimes is won't even work the first time. This is getting really annoying.

iPhone 3GS
no new text tones
no change in notes fonts
can't "find" text in safari
airplay? airprint? where?!
mail is still the same

WTF!!Where is HDR in 3Gs, i thought it was comming?! Where are ringtones?
Where is find my iphone? New fonts?Don't tell me that the hardware can;t support it!
Aaahhh! I'm so dissapointed as well as furstrated with Apple right now!!

Help! I have 3GS and just upgraded to 4.2. and...the screen is "too large" , the start screen acts like it extremly zoomed in, - I see only a small portion of the screen. This I cannot do any swipe moves, so I can only do har reset, - since I cannot make a full swipe to turn it off.
A hard reset does not help, -and i cannot unloch the sim, since I cannot make the swipe to get to the interface to enter my sim-code...
All in all it is like the screen has become extremly enlarged and is too big for the phone..
When I restart, - everything looks OK, for maybe a half second, befor the phone "adjusts itself" and the screen becomes too large.
During that half second the screen does not recognize any touches.
When it has become too large it does too large, it does recognize inputs, swipes and touches, - but since i can make only "half a swipe" that is useless. I cannot even get to the input sim code interface..
Anybody else heard of this?

I have a 3GS, Airport Extreme (a couple of years old) and the old Apple TV (3.0.2). Does anyone know if I can use Airplay? The icon doesn't seem to appear on my phone.

On my iPad, VGA out doesn't work in Good Reader any more with 4.2.
Air Video shuts down on attempted playback.
An old bug is still there: component video out still will not play in widescreen.
To the person saying there's no orientation lock: double tap the home button and swipe right to get the new software orientation lock button.

Have had problems with the ios4.1 in that when you plug in the audi usb for the car and put on ipod it flickers between showing the music title and accsessory connected screen .. was told that iOs 4.2 would fix this...... nope exactly the same even tried it in a brand new audi and it still makes no difference.... I left windows based products to get away from all of this C'mon apple

pretty happy with the upgrade although i wish i could change the default notification alert away from tritonem - i'm so sick of that sound.

Started upgrade 18 hours ago... It's still trying to backup. I want to stop and try some of the fixes from the forums, but I'm 3/4 down. Arggg

So far, so good! No issues to report. By the way, it looks like I can see all of my thumbnails in the camera roll again! So, they fixed that issue!!! Oh, and I am on a 3G...

The upgrade broke my Lotus Notes Traveler account. I had to erase and re enter the password.

Activating the "Delete/move apps" function now takes much longer than before... same for deactivating.
Seems to only be an issue, if you have lots of apps

anyone who tried to update a 3G - any improvement in speed, is it worth doing it? some new functions will not work I know. any hints please

Whenever I go into twitter or a few other apps it says to log in to a wifi network. (Like what pops up for those xfinity/cablevision wifi hotspots) but I am not connected to wifi.

iOS 4.2 doesn't show your contacts picture fullscreen like previous versions when you ring or get a call. Why? It was a lot better before.

3G seems to be working just fine after update, speed improved and my photo thumbnails are finally back. No complaints here so far :)

Installed 4.2.1 on a 64Gb 3G/Wifi iPad. Installation went ok but after moving all of my 10 pages of apps into folders, the mail application seemed to hang. I did the old "two button reboot" (holding down side and top button until reboot) and instead of rebooting this put the iPad into Restore Mode. Had to restore from the last backup. Not nice. Beware the reboot keys that used to work ok under 3.2.2. Has this key sequence been modified to put the ipad into Restore mode now instead of Reboot? I am hesitant to try again....

Only one small issue, with my visual voicemail. Had to end up changing my voicemail password to get it to work. Not a huge deal. Also, like others got all my thumbnails back in photos.

I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 4.2 right before bed last night; Had 100% battery when I unplugged it and brought it to bed. When I got up in the morning; my phone was dead as a door nail with no batter life left. Anyone else have this issue?

Some keyboard behaviour on the iPad is broken. You used to be able to tap-and-hold the shift key, and move to your target letter, then release, as this was faster than two discrete taps. However, now you get the wrong character most of the time. The same method with the punctuation key works fine.

I use the Audi AMI system in my Audi Q7 for connecting my iPhone/iPad to my car's audio system, and while the iPad and iPhone with 4.x connects and plays with no issues, i am having an issue with multitasked audio with the system.
With iOS 4.0 i was able to connect to the AUDI AMI and control/play my iPhone music. Additionally, with the new multitasking functions in the OS, I was able to launch Pandora,, or the NPR app and the respective apps audio would supercede the iPod audio and stream/play with no issues.
With iOS 4.1 that multitasking audio function stopped working, and if i tried to play Pandora audio, the Pandora audio stream would play for 1-2 seconds, and then would revert back to the iPod audio.
With iOS 4.2 the same issues have remained from 4.1. I am still unable to push app audio into the Audi AMI -- the iPod audio remains the dominant stream and no other app audio can gain focus to play thru the car system.
I have reported the bug to Apple and they have asked for the devices Log reports to figure the problem out - hopefully they are working on it for 4.2.2

Every time I send a text message now using an iPhone 4 with text tones set to NONE, I get an annoying woosh sound when sending an SMS text message. There seems to be no way to turn this off?

After I installed iOS4.2.1 on both my iPhone and iPad, I noticed that my photo albums which I sync with iPhoto are no longer shown in alphabetical order, and cannot seem to order them in anything but the random order they are in. In iPhoto the albums are listed in alphabetical order as normal..
This only happened with the latest update, beforehand the albums were all listed correctly..

I have a 3GS phone and was looking forward to the extra text tones in iOs 4.2, but I still only have the few originals I had on 4.1... Seriously...

@John Fischetti - Contact Audi as well. They have occasional software updates for AMI which fix bugs.

Seems that all the numbers in favourites are screwed up. I have to press the one below I want to ring to get the correct one. I've deleted them all but it still happens when I put them back in.

This response is to John Fischetti
November 23, 2010 - 10:18 am.
Hey dude, I've had the same problem on a different vehicle tho. Try clearing out the iPod playlist first. For example, say iPod has 2-3 songs ready to play; well then clear them out so that theres nothing left to play. Also make sure you don't have repeat on. Try that it worked for me. I was able to overide iPod and use pandora or pocket tunes and hear it through the car stereo system.

Updated my iPad to 4.2.1 last night and broke out in a cold sweat when it stuck 95% of the way through the last part of the process, after taking almost two hours including the time to backup the iPad and download the update. Rebooted after 10 minutes of inactivity and it went through the updating part of the process again at lightning speed but stopped again at 75% this time. Googled to find that lots of others had the same problem but that the best advice was to leave it and wait for it to finish - which it did after around an hour. All seems well now and multitasking is the biggie for me.
Next I updated my Apple TV (2nd generation) - complete disaster. The process completed but it started acting up almost immediately I tried to play a video from the iPad. Eventually, it dropped the network connection and wouldn't respond to the remote. I called Apple telephone support and, an hour later, it was fixed. The support guy, who was very helpful, figured that something had been corrupted when it was updated and took me through the restore process, which sorted out the problem.
As bad things happen in threes, I expected to lose my iPhone 4 for a while but it updated without a hitch in about 15 minutes. Haven't noticed any difference with it.

Hey. I was on 4.1 last. My iphone 4 is factory unlocked and I jailbbroke it using limerain... All was fine until I decided to upgrade to 4.2.. I plugged in my iphone 4, opened iTunes and upgraded.. It downloaded fine but my iphone stays in restore mode.. gives error 3014 !!!! Tried it several times.. restarted my pc.. ports r open.. I have no idea what to do... Please help !!!

iPad bugs after 4.2 - Mute switch does not work for any application I have tested so far. Battery went from 60% to 100% after the upgrade (never even charger it) and is staying @ 100%. Not sure if this battery thing is good or bad.

white balance issues and "the blue blob" on photos taken in fluorescent lighting still an issue in iphone 4 cameras (both front and rear). could really use a white balance switch like the htc tilt had.

I'm having issues now playing my movies i bought in iTunes to my apple tv or over airplay. It's giving me an HDCP playback error.

My phone signal strength has gone to sh*t. Where I used to be able to send SMSs I now get searching or no signal. I'm going to try and go back for the time being.

I'm having all kinds of Bluetooth problems from upgrading 4.1 to 4.2.
While I'm using my bluetooth headset to voice dial someone, the volume is really low until the call is connected. When I deleted all my profiles and re-paired it took a couple times to pair and after I did, if I initiate the call I can't hear anything. It works fine if someone calls me.

I tried to install the iOS 4.2 update from my MacBook Pro to my iPhone 4 just yesterday and it failed sometime during the update process, leaving my iPhone a "brick". The error said I needed to "Restore" my iPhone. The Restore failed 5 consecutive times (error 10). I restarted the MacBook and iPhone, but it continued to fail during the "Verify" process. I have NEVER had a problem with updates before and no, I don't jailbreak my iPhone. I got it working by using my wife's iMac for the Restore. After that succeeded, I was able to sync all my data back to my iPhone. I'm not sure what the problem was, but many others are having the same problem as judged by Apple's support discussion groups. My advice:
Hold off for the next point update unless you're a glutton for punishment.

Ok I figured out the problem why my iTunes kept saying restore failed and my iphone showed connect to iTunes logo... While using Tiny Umbrella I edited the hosts file adding a line at the end.. Deleted that line saved and restarted my pc.. Updated easily.. Although all my music is gone !?!?!??

Anyone having screen lock issues? After update, the screen lock is now not functioning. It shows rather that the volume is being muted, but the sound keeps coming out.

Biggest problem is changing the screen lock button to mute! Now 2 of 4 (or 3 of 5, depending on whether you count volume as 1 or 2 buttons) hardware buttons are dedicated to somewhat redundant sound control, and screen lock, which I do dozens of times a day, went from a mindless operation to a giant PITA.
There's a petition at Gizmodo to get Apple to restore this:

Is this a known or new security issue?
On an iPad with multiple email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo & Exchange Active Sync) you are able to forward an Enterprise email received in Exchange Active Sync out through a personal email account. This has been reproduced multiple times with the following configuration. The order of operations does not seem to matter.
a. Setup a personal account with Gmail, Yahoo, etc. & sync email
b. Setup Exchange Active Sync on the iPad & sync email
c. Go into your corporate inbox on Exchange to view email
i. Select a message
ii. Forward that message
iii. Double click on the from field – you will be able to select the email address that will be sending the message out
iv. Select an external mailbox address and send it to your corporate email address.
v. The forwarded email will be received with the external address (gmail) as a sender
vi. Looking at the message options you see that it routes through Google
With all of the focus on DLP (data Leak prevention) I believe that this is a big issue that enterprises will be concerned about.

guys !!
it seems that only 3G ios devices dont have any problems after update ,all of them are happy , only 3GS & iphone 4 people has issues ,
guys is the problem of switching between data 3g and wifi still there ?? they fix it or not !??
on 4.1 it hangs when you switch to data connection !!

All text messages disappeared from my iPhone 4 after update. Any ideas of how to recover them?

The upgrade to my iPad turn the switch that stopped rotation into the mute button. There is now no way to prevent rotation when I move my iPad

The Rotation button is now like on the iPhone, double push home button. Instead of swiping your finger to the Right to see more apps, swipe it to the left for iPod controls and on the far Left is the Rotation button.

Upgraded to iOS 4.2.1 on my 3GS. My Bluetooth voice dial's volume is messed up now. It is too low. I can increase it by changing the volume while voice dialing, but it jumps back to the too low setting after each call. Feels like a volume bug.

I have an ipod touch 4g. I am having trouble getting the device to rotate in apps such as mail or photos. Rotation lock is off and it still does not change orientation when i rotate the device. Another thing I notice is in the Music app, songs in albums are numbered by their # in the album, not just 1, 2, 3, 4. It could be 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, if you don't have some songs in between. There really isn't too much in this update for ipod touch.

i updated to 4.2 and my ipod icon was missing so i re restored and im stuck on the connect to itunes screen tried restoring several times and still stuck on same screen i even tried tiny umbrella to kick out of the mode and still nothing HELP!!!!! Please

Let's Golf 2 HD crashes when trying to play online!!! Worked perfectly yesterday pre iOS 4.2 update!!!

Just updated my 3GS to 4.2.
Movies that previously played (all of them) when select to view now have dialog box pop "this movie could not be played". iTunes will play the movies. Re-booted phone with no effect.
Also, no music was initially shown on iPhone. Played song within iTunes then sync'd with iPhone and all music, videos were shown.

My voicemail required a password when I went to check it tonight. I also lost a call when I was talking to my mom. Everytime I called her back, it said it was dialing, but there was no dial tone. I tried calling my wife's cellphone and it did the same thing. There was no sound coming from my end. I didn't even her her voicemail message.

Updated my iPad to iOS 4.2.1 yesterday. All was well until just a few hours ago when it just decided out of the blue to go into DFU mode. I rushed home to see if I could restore it. Thirty minutes later I'm still waiting. It is restoring from backup but I don't think my folders were preserved. It's reinstalling all of my apps one by one in alphabetical order. If I have to reconfigure all of my apps I'm gonna be pissed. This update has been a total disaster based on my experience and the others I've read. Where's the QA at Apple?

I have an iPhone 4, noticed 3 different issues so far following the update :( So very annoyed that apple released this to the public, I would have lost my job in IT if I had let that many bugs out in a major release !
1) ipod library gone (now fixed)
2) podcast weird behaviour (some not showing up in itunes on the device, but the device will happily list them and play them)
3) TV show ordering is all random now... even thought the TV show field is populated...
These alone are annoying enough, bad job apple... steve jobbs, wake up or get someone else to look/watch over everything... and i would be happy to be paid as a beta tester... I would have found those 3 alone in the first 10 mins :( shame shame shame

I had to install 4.2.1 twice
after JB with redsn0w, installing aptbackup and restoring my cydia apps, I suddenly received an 1034 (not sure) error in itunes and wasn't able to sync anymore.
So I had to reinstall everything, now I can't see on the iphone the apps i purchased in itunes...
(I see them in itunes, I redownloaded them, resynced, they still don't appear on the iphone).

since upgrade had the old call that never ends, and doing a call swap with the hangup + answer button ended in me hearing no audio and the other end going funny. never happened once on 4.1 but used to happen on my old 3g all the time under 3.x.

After updating, whenever there's an update for any of my apps & I choose to update, all of my folders get deleted & my 314 apps are placed in alphabetical order ! Very frustrating... : (

iPhone 3G (ios 4.2.1).
I have issues getting into my network settings under general settnggs.
I do not know if roaming is on or not, can´t switch between 3G net and normal etc.
Needs a fix ASAP.

3G ipod Touch is now a brick after the update failed. Managed to get into restore but then restore failed with "unknown error" (1604). It shows a USB lead with an arrow pointing to itunes
Hosts file doesn't have any apple references, iTunes was removed & reinstalled with a fresh version, tried forced restore using the home button - failed. Powering down using both buttons doesn't give the slider and restart just brings back the USB / itunes picture.

Since I have updated all of my text messages have now vanished! After the update I noticed that everything came back except for all of my text messages as well as my main ring tone which is the NFL theme. So since all of my songs were gone like everyone else, I restored my Iphone4. Upon restore all of my text messages returned yet still no ring tone. So I connected my phone and put the ringtone back on it. Well after that sync my text messages were gone again! So for the second time I restored the phone, and once again the messages came back but no ring tone.
So I just said forget it atleast my messages are back. Well this morning I notices that my phone keeps restarting itself and flashing the apple. After a few seconds it comes back. Well this morning I got a text message, it flashed the apple and once again all of my old messages were gone!!! The only ones that are there are the new ones. Yes I know that they are on a backup, but this is highly annoying, and at this point there seems to be no fix for it!!
The good thing is my Ipad seems to be working ok at this point! Apple needs to fixe this like NOW!!!

After upgrading my iPad to 4.2, my movies will not play. I choose Videos, but just get a black screen. 2 of my co-workers are having the same problem. What a way to enjoy the holiday travel season!

Anyone having trouble with the Folders feature. After organizing all my 520 apps into folders they suddenly restored to no folders at all and made a mess spreading all my apps in whatever way the iOS suited like. That happened twice! So I'm not willing to loose another two hours to try to reaorganize that again, but now it's even worse then before because now I don't know where is any app...

Bly yeti no longer works through the USB connector. It appears Apple reduced the power allowed through the USB port. On the up side, the Blue yeti and Eyeball now work if you use a powered USB hub.

On my IPad, the "new" mute button does not work and worst, mail does not thread.
Things looks fine otherwise, until I find something else tomorrow!

IPad movies won't play after downgrading to 4.2.1. Message appears about canceling sycn. Apple are incompetent buffoons to release software that destroys primary functionality. That comment is not inflammatory it's factual. I'm sitting at the airport reading about problems with Apple software instead of watching the movies I paid for.

I bought a Yeti Blue microphone for my iPad about three weeks ago, I have been happily recording bands with amazing results, yesterday I Istalled iOS 4.2 and went out to record a band today, the microphone was not accepted, it's now an expensive paper weight, it has been pushed like crazy as a great mike for the iPad, the Yeti people are probably not very happy, the funny thing is they sell these microphones in Apple stores.

Somebody said to use a powered USB port to power the Yeti Blue mike, that is a pain having to carry more cables etc, it's not portable any more, that's useless to me!

Hi Barrie again, I have been checking loads of stuff on my iPad to see if all is well after the upgrade, apart from my mike problem it's seems to be OK, I had an annoying bug with the old system, when I scrolled through my photographs as soon as it got close to the end my iPad would shut down and go into a long re-boot, it does not do that anymore and I have tried it several times to make it works all the time, I want to keep my iPad as it is now as I only have one page of apps with all in folders, as far as the mike is concerned I will quickly have to buy the 16gb IPad just to do recordings on.

Hi Barrie again, I have been checking my iPad looking for problems since my upgrade, all seems to be well, I have one bonus, with the old system when I scrolled through my photo albums when I came near the end the iPad would shut down and go into a lengthy re-boot, it was a pain, it has stopped doing it, I have done it a few times to check and all seems to be well.
I want to keep my iPad as it is now as all my folders are on one page, as far as the mike is concerned I will quickly have to buy a 16gb just to do recordings with.

Maps on iPhone 3G on 4.2 has more lag/freezing problems than on 4.0 or 4.1. Almost unusable.

Hi, I have looked over the internet and cant find appropriate solution for this problem. This happens after updating to ios4.2 both on iPhone 4 and the iPad.
i have a Gmail Exchange activesync set up. (Calendar, Mail works perfect, but contacts scrolling becomes laggy). Please read on.
Everything is OK until i turned off all internet data connection (Wi-Fi, cellular data, 3G). Then, when I start adding a new contact with data off, the contacts scrolling becomes laggy, AND THE SMS APP is unable to delete any sms. you are able to press edit and the – button, but then the “delete” button will appear and disappear itself before we can even tap on it.
Tried on an iPad 64 GB wifi, and iPhone 4 32GB. Contacts slow scrolling is exactly the same problem, except that iPad doesnt have an SMS (messages) app.

On iPod Touch 4th gen, there are some screens that feels more lagged, like the wallpaper setting screen and the setup menu in general. I'd like to know if someone else has the same experience.

Upgraded iPad to 4.2 having the problem with the mute switch that others are having. First I'm mad they moved orientation lock to a software button, then the physical mute switch doesn't even work AT ALL!

Updated on 3GS. It struggles to connect to wireless network. I have to be within 10 feet to connect. Also am having issues with the phone losing connection with Bluetooth if I put the phone in my pocket or am a few feet from the phone.

Updated on 3GS. It struggles to connect to wireless network. I have to be within 10 feet to connect. Also am having issues with the phone losing connection with Bluetooth if I put the phone in my pocket or am a few feet from the phone. It is also having issues with 3G. The phone will drop 3G and the blue e lights up until I turn phone off and restart. It will then drop again in a matter of minutes

Since I updated the operating system today, my Ipad stays in portrait mode, it will not flip.
I've made sure the lock switch isn't on, I even restored factory settings. Still its stuck.

All Volvo owners using the Volvo USB audio link will find that following upgrading to iOS 4.2.1 their iphone will not be a recognised unit and will not work. This is really annoying!

Updated to 4.2.1 on a carrier-unlocked, not-jailbroken iPhone 3GS. Album art (and song information, according to other users) does not show when device is in lock mode. Solution is to reboot device (Turn off device, then turn it on again).

Updated iPad to 4.2
My classic apple. Tv is not compatible with any of the streaming features and I see no apple tv icon on the iPad
Since installing 4.2 I have lost the ability to physically set the orientation of the iPad frame. The physical switch now contols volume off and on and there is a new volume icon which replaced a screen icon.

Since downloading IOS4.2 on my iPhone 4, the phone will not cgarge via a USB cable.
I also have a problem that my phone shuts itself down completely after a period of non-use regarding a hard reset.
Any ideas?

IOS 4.2.1 is INCOMPATIBLE with all VOLVO Audio systems (which have a special iPod/iPhone interface). The message on the car's display reads: iPod unreadable

Since installing IOS 4.21 on my iphone 3GS, the device no longer detects wifi networks and the battery runs down quickly. i have reset factory fittings but this did not change anything. Anyone else having similar probs? Any solutions?

Since i updated my 3GS to IOS 4.2, the battery last half as much as it did with IOS 4.1. Something else I noticed is that in Settings->General->Usage, the "Usage" & "Standby" time are the same (they are practically both showing standby time). Is there a way to get back to IOS 4.1?

Just updated the 4.2 on my ipad every time I try to back up and sync after about 5 mins the ipad starts to re boot it self and nothing gets done. Also have being trying to get all my folders sorted works on my mac but never transfers to my ipad.

i updated my 3g but it was locked and not usuable .what shall i do?do they already have the jailbreak and unlock so that i can use my mobile again?i need some helpppppppp plssssssss....tnx..pls email me..

The other "upgrade" that has been denied to the users of the iPhone 3GS is the free "Find your iPhone" Mobile Me service. Please add it to the "Note:" so other 3GS users can learn about the features that we seem to have been promised by Apple on the iOS 4.2 information page but actually are only for iPad or iPhone 4.

iOS 4.2.1 reduced power on the USB cameria kit port from 100 ma to 20 ma, which many devices that Apple sold iPad users such as the expensive Blue Yet mic, will no longer work unless you stick a powered USB hub between the mic and the iPad. Way to go Apple! I just love being a beta tester for 4.2.1 beta version. Fix it ASAP or I'm going to Samsung Galaxy, this is ridiculous.

I have not heard some one having this problem, but after I updated to iOS 4.2 every time I arrange my icons on my home screen it takes like five seconds for the icons to start giggling and when I'm done arranging the icons and I press the home button it takes also like 5 seconds to stop giggling. I have quite a bit of apps. it will be nice if someone could help

I got 2 bugs since installing iOS 4.2.1 on my iPad.
1: TED crashes when I try and play video
2: The clock is about half an hour out when 'update automatically' is on. I had to set the time manually.

For #15. I encountered the same thing with my 4.2.2 IPAD. The IPAD would lose network connectivity unexpectedly. I could get it back temporarily by resetting my router/WIFI unit but it would lose connection later. After three incidents (and encountering significant problems getting 4.2.2 to load..but that's another story) I restored the unit back to 3.2.2; no problems since. When will I learn?

I've updated my 3G iPhone to 4.2 and it's soooooooo slow again, just as it was with the 4.0. It takes ages to text messages, letters takes too long to be typed and it seems to block in the middle of your texting. Another thing which is intriguing me is that when I take a photo while I'm texting an MMS message, it records the photo in the Photo Gallery (it didn't use to be like that before... you had an option to do that but it wasn't automatic). Is it slow with other 3G phones?

I recommend draining completely your battery, then fully charge your iPhone. It solved some of my problems: the battery is lasting longer now and it started to make some difference between usage & stand by time :).

My iphone 4 worked flawlessly with my Alpine iDA-X001, then the last update came, and I got the common distortion issue. Hoping for the promised fix in 4.2, I dl'ed it with no issues, but now the car stereo doesn't recognize it at all. "IPOD Error". They sure did fix the distortion. And all other audio from the phone to the car.
If you have an Alpine iDA series, I'd wait for the next update. I wish I had...

Just updated my sim free iphone 4 to iOS4.2, since then I haven't been able to swithch on/off any of the settings (flight mode, wifi, bluetooth, etc...) under the settings menu!

Since m'y update, springboard has been laggy, having a greater number of apps showcasing instabilities and light wifi connexion problems...
Looking forward to 4.3 'cause this one won't be thé most memorable

Since updating my iPhone4 (Telus), antennagate reared its ugly head again, springboard has been uncharacteristicly laggy (moving, editing apps, typing), having a greater number of apps showcasing instabilities and light wifi connexion problems appeared…
Looking forward to 4.3 ’cause this one won’t be the most memorable iOS version in m'y book.

I am having the same problem as Adam, I tried to undo but I was going to lose all my contacts.
If anyone has a solution please publish.

second gen ipod touch here. Updated to 4.1 and started to have random lockups and resets. Sometimes powering up would freeze.
4.2 made it fully brick, unable to even boot it up. It freezes in the apple logo screen at the start every time. Going to revert back to 3.1.2 and ditch the 4.0 trash entirely. Hopefully that will give me back my useability. Right now it's a shiny little black screened brick.

Like others, since the update to OS4.2 my iphone 3GS is unreadable in my Volvo XC60. Is there any timeline for a fix on this?

when updating to 4.2 version, i getthe message 'connection to the server has been reset', and also unknown error 9006 has occurred. This is on a 4th generation ipod touch, pliz tell me how to solve this problem.

Since I upgraded my iPhone 3g keeps freezing and has a long lag....any ideas on how to fix the problem??

I have seen that the time display on the status bar become a giant red rectangle covering the time. IDK what it is but i think it is a bug in iOS 4.2

When I try to forward an SMS to a number of contacts, after I use the little blue cross to add the 2nd contact, it disappears so I cannot add more than 2 recipients to an SMS......
This is a poor release...

The camera app now takes over 5 secs to launch and the keyboard lacks responsiveness on web pages...

My iPhone 3GS was updated today to 4.2 and I now get a white screen when my phone locks you have to power down and restart you can't lock your phone without getting a white screen anyway of rolling back to 4.1 or earlier?

I've had 2 problems sicce updating my IPad to IOS4.2.2.
Every time I try to lock the screen to vertical or horizontal with the switch it switches my volume from mute to non mute or vice versa but it does not lock the screen position. This means the screen is constantly switching from portrait to horizontal.
My second problem is with contacts. When I try to add a new contact I can enter the data but hitting "done / save" does nothing so I have no way to add contacts.
This is the first real problem I've had with my iPad, although it does shut down occasionally.
I worked for IBM for 30 years so I'm accustomed to software problems. I just hope Apple does a better job of fixing their problems.

Getting an "Incorrect Voicemail Password" pop-up and keypad after every phone call. T-minus 330 days until I bail for Android...

Not sure if any one has noticed this bug. I update my son ipod touch 2gen 2 days ago and now songs listed as "clean" in itunes will not sync to his ipod. I have parental controls enabled to exclude explicit songs. When I turn off parental control the "clean" song syncs. I have tried syncing with parental controls off then turn it on and the "clean" song went away. Tried the tips for lost music with 4.2.1 and this did not work. Any ideas TiBp world?

I updated my software to 4.2.1 on my 3gs and my apps wont sync. Did restoring from back up and nothing. Did a restore and nothing. Apple store changed my phone to another one and still same problem, it wont sync my apps. Anybody else having this problem and anybody with a solution please. Thank you.

Updated to IOS 4.2.1 and have experienced the NOTES app when selected displays notepad for less than three seconds then disappears. Cant access the notes app. worked fine before this update

My iTouch 4th gen was working fine after the IOS 4.2 update until it turned off for no reason(full battery). I had to force reboot it and restore it afterwards. It never crashed before until I downloaded that update.

After upgrading to iOS 4.2 on my iPhone 3GS I notice that I can be typing away in a forum and suddenly they keyboard will vanish like I hit the Done key. I have to re-select the keyboard it's so frustrating!

Since upgrading to iOS 4.2.1, skipping tracks when listening to music on the iPhone is no longer reflected in iTunes after a sync (ie the "Skipped Count" field is not incremented, and the "Last Skipped" field is not updated). A few other people on the Apple forums have also reported this. It's very annoying as many of my smart playlists are set up to not include tracks that have been skipped recently.

Since the 4.2.1 update for my iphone, when I have a 3G signal and pass through an area with Edge it connects to Edge. Then, when I pass back into a 3G area, it will not auto switch back to 3G. I then have to turn airplane mode on/off to get it to connect to 3G service. I've never had a problem until this update. Maybe a coincidence..