iOS 4.2.1 GM seed for iPhone, iPad released to developers

Apple has just released iOS 4.2.1 GM (gold master) for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (build 8C148) to developers.

iOS 4.2 GM was originally released a couple weeks ago leading to speculation that a general public release was coming soon. However, last Friday Apple instead released a second iOS 4.2 GM for iPad, and now with a 4.2.1 GM it's anyone's guess what the internal schedule looks like (or why the update servers are going up and down today!).

If you're a registered developer go grab it now. If you notice any changes, drop us a line or let us know in comments!

For more see our complete iOS 4.2 for iPad and iOS 4.2 for iPhone walkthroughs.


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Reader comments

iOS 4.2.1 GM seed for iPhone, iPad released to developers


Can't wait to get my grubby hands on it. I am curious to see if this is the AirPrint issue on network printers that mad them go to 4.2.1

But if it is like you guys say, that it will be 4.2.1 instead? will it come a jailbreak for that one any then?

@Petter We will not know until someone tries to JailBreak it with the existing tools. As soon as I get my hands on it, I will try.

@Andrea. I would say no 4.2 for us. but 4.2.1. Download the gm. There's mirrors of them everywhere. Obviously not quite yet for 4.2.1 but by tomorrow there will be.

With each new release I'm kinda hoping this would finally bring back 3G reception on my iPad but I guess I've lost that for gopd…!? :(

@Petter, Remember they still have SHATTER waiting to be used and the existing tools should JailBreak ALL existing devices. Its going to take a hardware change for preventing a JailBreak.

Okey , That's nice.
Do you think 24 is the date or when do you think the release will come to public?

This makes me think the release will now be 11/30, which will give devs 12 days with this new GM. I've had iOS 4.2 GM1 on my iPad since a couple of days after it came out and have not noticed any issues at all (felt no need to upgrade to GM2, since there were no bugs and I'm not a developer).

Downloading now. Will post if any issues arise.
I did have intermittent dropping of WiFi signal on my iPad on 4.2, which disappeared on GM2 (been running it since it came out last week with zero issues).

@Al- obviously you need to do a better job of testing because somebody found something that necessitated 4.2.1

Apple is getting as bad as "Motorola" Keep the GM coming. Were already on the 18th day of November! Your deadline is comimg up shortly(12 More days)

Another possibility is that Apple is getting 4.2 out the door and letting some things fall off to a 4.2.1 update shortly after.

I have my iPad and iPhone4 on 4.2 GM 2 and havent noticed any problems but some must exist. Glad to see Apple getting it right before they release unlike other platforms

I tried 4.2 GM de day it came out, i needed to be at less than 5 metter from my wifi router to keep connection, GM2 has grealty imrpoved this, now my ipad has better wifi than mi old laptop inspiron 1520. But i did noticed it to be a little more laggy overall. i will try GM 4.2.1 as soon as i can get my hands on it, since i am not a developer.

Thanks for the link. The FAQ there doesn't talk about the risk of installing this no non-jailbroken users. I'm wondering if it's safe to try.

It looks like this does a wipe and restore rather than an update. Am I right? Would all config and apps need reinstalling? I'm googling but not sure where best to look to ask my dumb questions.

@richchestmat: If you're on an Mac, backup your phone and while pressing option, click on check for update. That will update your iDevice instead of restore. If you're on windows, I think it's shift + check for updates.

@riChchestMat. The overarching theme behind the GM updates. If you jailbreak, don't update. You always wait until it's been tested out with the jailbreak developers first. Perhaps this a vote against Team Jailbreak?

@riChchestMat, the last few have done wipe/restores for me. The apps get reloaded from iTunes. Can't speak to Cydia apps, since you were talking jailbreaks before.

Updated my wife's 3G and it's running a lot faster then before. Noticed that the import photo's have changed now. Still holding off on my 3GS until Cydia is updated and we know we have a working JB. Updated from Windows 7 also.

Sorry for the typo earlier but I am NOT jailbroken. What I'm reading is that Shift-click on Update and not Restore will preserve data.

I believe that all the GMs have that issue in which you have to do a wipe and restore instead of an update! i've yet to get one to get one of them to update without having to restore data and apps.

Meh... they never gave a date, but I hope it comes out before thanksgiving so i can show off airplay and see if it's all the hype that's talked about.
PS: I have some other good APPS from Aneesoft want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it

I updated my iPad to Gm2 on my mac using
Option + Update without losing anything on my iPad. Only issue I've noticed so far is copying images from the web or email, for some reason I cannot copy just the image. I shall be downloading 4.2.1 as soon as I'm sit down with my Mac again...

Yesterday, the update server was down from time to time. Today, I don't get the "server unavailable" message anymore when checking for updates, but it doesn't display any app updates in iTunes (on Windows) either, even though I know there are some available (the AppStore on the iPhone displays some updates). My question: Do others have that same issue (which means it's probably related to the server outage) or ist it rather a local problem with my computer? Thanks for any input!

@Scott T thats not true, just hold the shift key down (on PC, I think its command or alt on Mac) then click update, navigate to your ipsw file, and rock it!

I used update and not restore. I have all my apps and settings. Nothing was lost. Except my rotate lock. Wow that mute switch is useless. It doesn't even mute everything!

I have downloaded and installed IOS 4.2.1 on my Ipad 64 wifi and Iphone 3GS very easily ( using shift update , which kept all my data and settings) All is really great except the mute button does not now work on my iphone 3GS OR Ipad ( i.e the new lock switch function) .It does show a graphic Icon of the speaker crossed out but does not shut off the sound. Maybe a bug?
However it had been working fine with the earlier 4.2.0 GM ??