iOS 4.2-compatible iPhone apps beginning to appear in iTunes App Store?

Looks like Apple has begun to release those iOS 4.2-compatible iPhone and iPad app updates into the iTunes App Store. Or so our App Store update would have us believe.

Ally and I have caught DropBox so far. Have you been alerted to any iOS 4.2-compatible app updates in your App Store? Let us know which ones in the comments below!

(And yes, this is another sign that iOS 4.2's release could come any time now.)

Rene Ritchie

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Charles Zink says:

Flight Control HD for iPad rolled out a 4.2 update today with Game Center support.

Martin Hasenbein says:
  • iTeleport has been updated weeks ago
  • NebulousNotes
mark says:

why is this article's subject posed as a question?

Sean says:

As far as I know 4.2 stuff has been dropping in all week. Especially iPad stuff, as already mentioned, Flight Control HD updated recently. Today Photo FX and T3 mag. Sure there have been more but can't recall which

Fonzman1984 says:

Photo Transfer App updated for 4.2

lawls says:

Harbour master HD and labyrinth for iPad both have updates for 4.2 multitasking. Hopefully this comes out very sooon, my iPad is laming some key features

Bec says:

TED update has 4.2 compatibility

AppleCentric says:

My local NBC affiliate just updated their weather app, and it listed iOS 4.2 support as one of the features. It's the first one I've seen, but I'm sure more are on the way!

Sagar Pruthi says:

Ted app also has ios4.2 support

Shappe says:

Samurai II vengence got 4.2 also

Hakala says:

Cro-Mag Rally so far. Still love the game!

Misiu Kolorowy says:

Air Video it doesn't say it but it is

Webvex says:

@mark, indeed. I assume he's hinting that maybe 4.2 is about to drop, although he doesn't state that. Lots of 4.2 compatible apps have been in the store for quite some time now, and this is hardly news. They're just trying to whip up the impatient crowd, and perhaps give some of the devs a little opportunity to plug their wares.

Webvex says:

OK, now I see a direct statement at the end. It's still nothing new.

Phil says:

Dropbox and Voice Memos for iPad.
I'm on GM tho, so I don't know if it makes a difference.

Dave P says:

River of News dropped the other day.

John says:

That's great. iProtest doesn't support this yet, but it's still fun

Michal Frankowski says:

Update to 4.2 of my weather application has been approved last Friday. As a developer I have noticed huge improvement in approve time, last two updates in less than a week

FutureDHughes says:

IOS 4.2 Updates: Fring & iHandy Carpenter