iOS 4.3 beta 2 reveals iPad 2 Camera, PhotoBooth and FaceTime apps

The latest iOS 4.3 beta 2 released to developers yesterday, reveals a Camera app, PhotoBooth app and a FaceTime app will all be included in iPad 2.

The evidence comes from an image found in the latest beta. The image (homeScreenOverlayFaceTime~iPad.png) is used to preview home screen wallpaper changes, and clearly shows icons for the Camera, PhotoBooth and FaceTime apps. The current image found in iOS 4.2 does not have these icons.

The PhotoBooth app is an interesting addition, PhotoBooth is a Mac OSX app that lets you take photographs and video. You can then apply filters to create fun images and videos with different effects and backdrops and email them straight from the app. FaceTime will allow iPad 2 users to video chat with iPhone 4 users, latest gen iPod Touch users and Macs.

So that pretty much confirms the camera story, not that we needed any further confirmation; what is still left up in the air, is how many cameras the next iPad will have. One or two, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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Reader comments

iOS 4.3 beta 2 reveals iPad 2 Camera, PhotoBooth and FaceTime apps


You can make FaceTime calls to the new iPod Touch right now. I did it just after Christmas. The basics of it is that you place a FaceTime call to the e-mail address that is their iTunes account e-mail address. It worked just fine.

You were doing so well for a bit there Tipb! Good title. Article was good until the last paragraph.
Confirmation is an Apple press release, an announcement from an Apple press event, labeling on the box, or you using it with your own hands.
Anything other that is evidence of a camera on an upcoming iPad, not confirmation. ;)

has nobody thought about how weird people will look walking around holding an ipad up like a video camera trying to record little jimmy's soccer match?

No weirder than someone with a Bluetooth ear piece walking around and talking to the air. On second thought, less weird.

I think that if Facetime will be present as it is suggested, it is quite obvious that the ipad will have two cameras... otherwise is useless... even if you could just make a call without video, it doesn't make sense... Facetime inherently implies that you see the FACE, and that's only possible with 2 cameras... Am I missing something? Maybe you could make a call and only see the face of the Iphone or Mac user, but again, it's not the idea with Facetime...

Well, all you "need" for FaceTime is a camera facing the user. Except almost all of my FaceTime conversations take place using the camera facing AWAY from the user. Me and the person on the other end showing each other things. Unless one us just got a new haircut or something, we generally can get by on voice alone.
Of course it will have two cameras.

I suppose that it all depends on each person... I personally talk with my family, which is far away, and we all look at each other's face... but its personal, I agree...

Actually, as I just read from Crunchgear, wouldn't it make sense that the ipad only has a front facing camera? Maybe the article tried to convey that idea...

I think one camera is fine. I would hope for the FaceTime camera to be a better quality than the ip4 FaceTime camera. It's a little grainy.